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Tri-Cities Rocketeers June Swoosh Launch 2019 Part 1

Tri-Cities Rocketeers/Tripoli Southeast Washington kicked off the summer with another great multi-day launch! This is the flying from Friday and Saturday. While we saw threatening skies on Friday, Saturday's weather was much better and we got a lot of flying in. This video contains some good flights, some great flights, some mishaps (including one of my own), several cert flights, and a few very cool night launches! Also, don't miss my first launch with a 75mm L motor on my big Black Brant! I will have Sunday's video up as soon as I can get it edited. Thanks to the Tri-Cities Rocketeers and thanks for watching!

 Rocketry Club: Tri-Cities Rocketeers

Author flyfalcons
Duration 00:43:54

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