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Super DX3 CTI Over-pressure CATO (2013-08-11)
Launch of a Madcow Super DX3 on August 10, 2013 at the Tri-Cities Rocketeers club launch (Pasco, WA), Cesaroni motor. Motor burns normally, then extinguishes, then over-pressures blowing out the ... [View]
Spent Labor Day weekend in the Tri-Cities Washington Area at Sod Blaster 2018. Perfect weather - low wind, sunny, and low 80's. Soft flat field and nice attendance. Lot of vendors and pads. Well ... [View]
Angry Daddy! Estes Big Daddy on a 54mm J315R (2019-12-17)
It has been some time since my last rocket video and I apologize for that. My preferred video editing software decided it no longer likes my camera's file format, and has given me fits while trying ... [View]
Estes Super Big Bertha (0000-00-00)
This is Bernard's new Estes Super Big Bertha, flown during our December launch on an Estes E16-6 black powder motor. This is a very cool rocket if you want to go low and slow at a smaller field with ... [View]
Level 1 HPR certification flight (2019-07-21)
Successful first Level 1 High Power Rocketry flight! Tri-Cities Rocketeers' Heinen Sod Farm launch site, Pasco, WA July 20, 2019. Fusion SBR Horizon, OneBadHawk recovery harness, Fruity Chutes ... [View]
Madcow Rocketry Sea Wolf Maiden Launch I284W (2017-05-16)
Maiden flight of my Madcow Rocketry Sea Wolf, on an Aerotech I284W motor at the Tri-Cities Rocketeers field near Pasco, WA. The rocket was built stock and weighs 6 pounds without motor. This was the ... [View]
Nuclear Sledgehammer flying on M Aerotech redline motor (2019-09-01)
Nuclear Sledgehammer flying on M Aerotech redline motor, flown by Rich Harshberger, approx 60 pounds on the pad ready to fly and flew to approx 5400' at sodblaster 2019 in Tri Cities Washington. [View]
Tri Cities Rocketeers June Swoosh Launch 2018 (2018-06-22)
Launching rockets with the Tri-Cities Rocketeers out of Pasco, Washington. This was their Father's Day weekend launch, known as June Swoosh. It was a bit of a tough launch this year, as we battled ... [View]
Tri-Cities Rocketeers high power rocket launch 5-13-17 (2017-05-21)
It was a beautiful day to fly with the Tri-Cities Rocketeers! Turnout was a bit light this month, perhaps a combination of the windy forecast and a couple big regional launches coming up soon, but ... [View]
Tri-Cities Rocketeers June Swoosh Launch 2019 Part 1 (2019-06-16)
Tri-Cities Rocketeers/Tripoli Southeast Washington kicked off the summer with another great multi-day launch! This is the flying from Friday and Saturday. While we saw threatening skies on Friday, ... [View]
Tri-Cities Rocketeers June Swoosh launch 2019 Part 2 (2019-06-18)
Sunday's flying at Tri-Cities Rocketeers/Tripoli Southeast Washington's June Swoosh event. Sunday had the best weather of the weekend and we saw many great flights, including long-burn motors, ... [View]
Tri-Cities Rocketeers September 2017 High Power Launch (2017-09-23)
Here's a compilation of the Tri-Cities Rocketeers launch in September 2017, held from 9/8/17 through 9/10/17. I was there on Saturday and Sunday, and as always the TCR club put on a fantastic ... [View]
Tri-Cities Rocketeers Sod Blaster 2019 Launch Part 3 Saturday Afternoon (2020-02-06)
Afternoon and evening flying at the Sod Blaster 2019 launch. Saturday wrapped up the Big Daddy Stress Test competition (watch for a later video featuring just the Big Daddy contest), and included ... [View]
Tri-Cities Rocketeers Sod Blaster Launch 2018 Part 3 Sunday (2018-09-22)
Sunday's flying at the inaugural Sod Blaster launch, held August 31st through September 3rd, 2018. This concludes my filming at the event, as I was unable to attend on Monday. This launch was ... [View]
Upscale Estes Solar Warrior maiden launch J350W (2017-09-12)
Maiden flight of my scratchbuilt upscale Estes Solar Warrior. Construction was with Madcow 4" cardboard tubing, fiberglass nose cone, Madcow avbay, and Midwest 1/4" plywood sourced from Tower ... [View]