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Upscale Estes Solar Warrior maiden launch J350W

Maiden flight of my scratchbuilt upscale Estes Solar Warrior. Construction was with Madcow 4" cardboard tubing, fiberglass nose cone, Madcow avbay, and Midwest 1/4" plywood sourced from Tower Hobbies. The rocket has a 54mm motor mount, dual Missileworks RRC2+ altimeters, and a Recon 50" parachute for the main. Decals by Stickershock and the harnesses are OneBadHawk. Finished weight is 9 pounds 4 ounces, length is 66", and I'm running two 2-56 nylon shear pins on the nose cone. Maiden flight was at Tri-Cities Rocketeers field near Pasco, WA on 9/9/17. I used an Aerotech J350W and was expecting to reach 2,000'. The rocket had an excellent boost, and the altimeters worked perfectly, however the main chute stayed wadded up and never inflated. The rocket landed pretty hard, but fortunately the sod field is relatively soft and damage was limited to a small wrinkle in the body tube, which I am in the process of repairing with some fiberglass. Overall I'm very pleased with this rocket and am looking forward to flying it again soon.

 Rocketry Product: Missile Works - RRC2 (Rocket Recovery Controller) {Accessory}

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Solar Warrior {Kit} (3225)

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - J350W Reload for RMS 38/720 {Motor}

 Rocketry Club: Tri-Cities Rocketeers

Author flyfalcons
Duration 62 seconds

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