Tripoli Cert 2 flight TTRA Tampa, Florida

Aug 21, 2010 Tripoli Cert 2 flight, 2nd attempt. Previous cert 2 flight attempt flew excellent with great recovery, post flight inspection, however, revealed the lower fin can/body coupler had failed and would require repair to be flight worthy. Aerotech J800T-L 1.6 sec burn Rocket wt 15 lbs w/engine fuel wt 1.3 lbs/Bates 3 segment pushed her up to 4500 ft from sea level ...per Public Missiles alt V.2 Rocket is a scratch built I've flown many times on KN03/SU/SB. Tripoli Cert1 and 2 now achieved with this rocket.

 Rocketry Club: Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association

Author jetmanflyhigh
Duration 06:31
Rating Better

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