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Tripoli Level 3 certification flight Wildman Interceptor AAD 98

Nicknamed "Weathercock", this was my Level 3 certification flight on a Wildman Interceptor  A.A.D. 98 with a 75mm 3.9" aeropack tailcone. The motor used for the L3 launch was an Aerotech M1780. Peak altitude was 14318ft and peak speed was mach 1.36. The launch pad was an 8' 1515 rail and 1515 airfoil launch lugs were used. The electronics on board consisted of: Primary Altimeter: Missileworks RRC3 Backup Altimeter: Featherweight Raven3 GPS Locater: Missileworks T3 All components were armed using magnetic switches from Featherweight. The build took approximately five months to complete. There are multiple videos stitched together here and some flight photos at the end. Please enjoy!

 Rocketry Product: Featherweight Altimeters - Raven {Component}

 Rocketry Club: AERO-PAC

Author Onawahya Jones
Duration 04:19

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