Two Stage High Power Airstart Onboard Rocket Video Dec. 19, 2009- "Airstart 1"

Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. Maiden flight for "Airstart 1" scratch-built 61" tall rocket from PML and Aerotech parts. H180-4 booster motor and G80-10 upper stage motor. Drogue and main parachutes for upper stage were custom-made by Phylachutes. Booster contained an Aerotech parachute. PerfectFlite staging timer and PerfectFlite Hi-Alt45K Altimeter. The rocket contained an Aiptek HD-1 camcorder. Successful airstart with approx. one second delay between booster burnout and upper stage ignition. Rocket achieved an altitude of 1835 feet. Upon landing, high gusty winds dragged the upper stage rocket along the ground, breaking off a fin (an "epoxyable" repair).

 Rocketry Club: Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association

Author jmomenee
Duration 137 seconds
Rating Best

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