Two Stage Wac Corporal Rocket On Board Video

Maiden flight of my 1/3 scale two stage Wac Corporal flown January 16, 2010 at MDRA's Eastern Shore Launch #140. Booster flown on an Aerotech J460 Blue Thunder staging to a Censaroni I255 Red Lightning. The sustainer flew to a hight of 3201 feet, reaching speeds of 424.32 f/s The sustainer flew perfectly but the delay on the booster was a tad too long with the booster reaching the ground before the chute deployed. The video is courtesy of my new Boostervision GearCam DVR

 Rocketry Product: Booster Vision - Gearcam

 Rocketry Club: Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association

Author qzpm150
Duration 202 seconds
Rating Best

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