Flight Log - 2019-09-21 - Richard Holmes's Uff Da

Flex wing boost glider from a design by Tim Van Milligan.


Flight Date: 2019-09-21
Rocket Name: Uff Da
Flyer's Name: Richard Holmes
Motors: 1/2A3-2
Launch Site: Syracuse Rocket Club (Weigand's Field)

Then back to the Uff Da. This time I used Uff Da Glider C, liberally dusted with baby powder. I’d had only one 1/4A so this time I used a 1/2A. It went up, the glider ejected, it opened. It started gliding, going in slow circles. Yay!

Only no one told it it was supposed to come down.

Six minutes later it was still up there, still circling, but it had drifted off to the northwest until it was just a speck, and then it was lost to sight.

1Estes 1/2A3T-2


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