LOC/Precision - V2 (3.9") Kit

Diameter: 4.00 inches
Fin Material: Plywood
Length: 33.75 inches
Manufacturer: LOC/Precision
Model: PK-57
Product Type: Kit
Recovery: Parachute
Style: Scale
Tags: Family:LOC/Precision:V2, Scale:V-2
Weight: 41.50 ounces
  • LOC/Precision - V2 (3.9") {Kit} (PK-57) By Gary Smith (September 11, 2020)

    LOC Precision V-2 Kit 3.9 v2 on 38 mm. This rocket experienced a Cessaroni Pro-38 in and H100. The second attempt was with an I170 14a. It launched with no problem but tilted and shot horizontally. It was never recovered. After two drone recovery attempts, the rocket was deemed lost. Lost was altimeter, and Bluetooth Tile receiver.  Components Standard parts that are ...

  • LOC/Precision - V2 (3.9") {Kit} (PK-57) By Peter Lam (April 4, 2010)

    This is a scale V2 MPR/HPR kit using parachute recovery The kit comes with four 5 ply fins and two plywood centering rings that fit the shape of the pre-slotted boat tail for a 13" long 38mm motor mount. A single 11" length of 4" body tube and a large plastic nose cone, 1/4 inch launch lug and a bag of lead shot for nose weight. There was LOC's typical dinky chord you epoxy to the side of ...

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