Wedding Rings delivered via DJI Phantom Quadcopter
ATTENTION Haters! I am NOT a Professional Photographer NOR Videographer! My buddy asked if I could deliver his wedding rings with the Quadcopter, A Radio Controlled Helicopter. I said sure. I had the thing for 5 months at that point and feeling comfortable with the controls, i added the camera to get it on video, This was last May, they didnt even have gimbals for this copter yet and he didnt even know I did that. It didnt cost him a dime for me to do it, it was a nice gesture, and I hope this clears up a bit. As a NON Photographer I am NOT putting any money into a rig that takes PRO stuff. So quit it with the derogatory comments! A wedding to remember when the Ring Bearer was a RC Quadcopter. The rings were delivered to the best man without a problem and they lived happily ever after! Got some cool aerial shots of the wedding also.
Author Richard VanDeursen
Duration 95 seconds

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