Flight Log - 2021-10-10 - Wes Munn's AMRAAM

Building this to continue to develop rocket building skills. Continuing to test out primering/sanding/painting techniques. Just completed building my own large rocket fin jig to use to place fins on this rocket. Upon completion of this rocket kit, this will be my first introduction into mid-power with a modest start with a D12-5 Estes engine.

I am adding a 13cm 3D printed payload bay to carry an Arduino flight altimeter.

Flight Date: 2021-10-10
Rocket Name: AMRAAM
Kit Name: Rocketarium - AMRAAM AIM 120A {Kit} (RK-AMRAA) [2011-]
Flyer's Name: Wes Munn
Motors: E12-6
Wind Speed: 10.00 mph
Launch Site: Dalzell, SC

Last flight of the AMRAAM after about five flights. It was a very windy day, wind speeds up to 10 MPH. Rocket was properly constructed, but 8-fin canard-like design caused it to weathercock steeply into the wind, flying horizontally across field. Lesson learned is to not launch rockets in similar configuration on windy days more than 3 MPH. A minor fire did happen when engine delay fired ejection on the ground. Rocket club ground crews were able to put out the fire with no more problems or injury. A second fire started with another club member's rocket even though her flight was successful (four fin standard Estes rocket). thrust from her rocket motor, even with blast shield from her low power motor set fire to the grass. Again, fortunately, this was put out in time by club members.

1Aerotech E12-RCJ-6


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