Flight Log - 2021-11-13 - Wes Munn's Courier

First rocket I built by myself to develop skills as a rocketeer getting into some serious  stuff. My main goal with this build is to be able to successfully paint a glossy, white body tube. This goal was attained, but I learned that I needed to go ahead and put the balsa wood fins on before painting the tube to avoid scraping excess paint from the places where the fins need to be glued. Decals were placed on the fins and body tube and look superb. This rocket was designed to be a payloader, launching an egg. My goal is to launch a flight computer recording altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, and a real time clock to record to a microSD card conditions of the flight. This was all developed from an Arduino Nano board.

Flight Date: 2021-11-13
Rocket Name: Courier
Kit Name: Quest - Courier {Kit} (2011)
Flyer's Name: Wes Munn
Motors: C6-5
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: Dalzell, SC

Too tired to launch anything else. Busy week. Payload included three small pieces of granite my son found on the rocket launch site.

1Apogee C6-5


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