Flight Log - 2021-10-10 - Wes Munn's Doorknob

Build complete on August 1, 2021.

Flight Date: 2021-10-10
Rocket Name: Doorknob
Kit Name: Estes - Doorknob {Kit} (9720) [2020-]
Flyer's Name: Wes Munn
Motors: E16-6
Wind Speed: 10.00 mph
Launch Site: Dalzell, SC

Weathercocked pretty bad due to high winds even with this four-fin design. This was due to my own fault as I was used to rockets with one launch lug, and this had two. Forgot to secure second lug, and it kind of tugged the rocket on its way off the launch rod. High winds also did not help. Six second delay was too long for the bad start/decrease in altitude, and rocket ejected chute charge just before touch ground. Rocket was dented at the top, but repairable and reusable. The lesson learned here is to be sure to connect both launch lugs, and use higher power impulse motor to punch through winds to reduce weather cocking.

1Aerotech E16-6


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