Flight Log - 2012-11-06 - Wilfred Ashley McIsaac's Astrobee D IV

The Astrobee D IV 'Super Booster' is a reconfiguration of the Astrobee D rocket by Aerotech.  This new version has two integrated side boosters along with electronic packages in the nosecone and aft of the main booster.  The center payload section will carry Canadian mail with Gerhard Zucker stamps onboard.   This rocket will be the launch vehicle in the fourth and final flight of my Canadian rocketmail program which delivered mail with rare Gerhard Zucker 'First Canadian Rocket-Flight' postal stamps attached.   This launches are the first ones in Canada's history to successfully delivery mail by rocket using official Canadian rocket stamps and recovered safely. 

Flight Date: 2012-11-06
Rocket Name: Astrobee D IV
Kit Name: Aerotech - Astrobee D {Kit} (89015) [1989-]
Flyer's Name: Wilfred Ashley McIsaac
Motors: G80-7
Launch Site: Gananoque airport


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