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Modified Higher Performance Saturn V made from Paper Cardstock. Rocket Height = 27.75" Tall Rocket Diameter = 2.86" Weight Ready to Fly = 41.25 gm Outside Temp. = 19.5 deg F Rocket went to about 125 ft on the highest flight. Binding on the bent launch PVC Conduit reduced total height attained on most flights. Older version of this model only attained 40 ft AGL. The improvements made a big change. Newer system will soon be uploaded and available to all who purchased the Rocket set sold on www.ecardmodels.com. All rockets have a replaceable Capsule that repairs hard landing damage. Question: What are Paper Stomp Rockets? Answer: Paper rockets that use compressed air for flight. You supply the compressed air by stomping on a 2-liter soda bottle. Rockets are sold as downloadable PDF files that you print at home and construct using school glue, or any type of glue that works on paper. Launch system is really cheap and easy to make. Total cost is $12 for the 1/2" PVC conduit and PVC pipe fittings. All you do is cut the PVC conduit to the proper length. Once cut it is a simple process to slide the parts together, no cement needed. This allows easy take-down for storage or transporting to a launch pad. email: paperstomprockets@yahoo.com with any questions! Best regards, mbauer57
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