Flight Log - 2019-08-24 - Richard Holmes's Yankee

Built for NARTREK Bronze streamer and parachute duration flights. Estes shock cord was replaced with a Kevlar line tied to a fin and going up the outside of the body tube, allowing near-horizontal recovery. Estes streamer was replaced for duration flights with a wide pleated Mylar streamer and a Mylar chute. Rocket not painted until after duration flights.


Flight Date: 2019-08-24
Rocket Name: Yankee
Kit Name: Estes - Yankee {Kit} (1381) [1982-]
Flyer's Name: Richard Holmes
Motors: B6-4
Launch Site: Syracuse Rocket Club (Weigand's Field)

My entry in this year’s ongoing B Streamer Duration contest was… the same as it was in May and July, the Yankee with the big creased Mylar streamer, also on a B6-4. I got only about 49 seconds this time, 12 seconds off last month, maybe in part because it was tilted into the wind and maybe just less thermal luck. Meanwhile my competitors were getting better times than before. I still came out on top, but by a lot smaller margin.

1Estes B6-4


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