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Location: Cincinnati OH

Certification Level: L2 NAR

Club Memberships: NAR-QUARK,Launch Crue

Favorite Rockets: Mars Lander, Acme Spitfire, Saturn 1b, Saturn V Pages:



Semroc Lil' Centauri


It arced somewhat and deployed very late; the shock cord separated and the nose cone returned under chute while the rest of the rocket tried to fly like the glider Carl McLawhorn based it on. A hard belly landing in the field broke two of the six fins. Will be repaired. - C6-5 - Fairfax Society of ... [More]



Scale Rocket Rivets and Bolts


I was knee deep in building a Roachwerks Nike-Hercules and noticed the amazingly intricate detail included on the fin patterns for rivet and bolt locations, based on the Mike Dorffler scale data. I thought it was a shame to waste all that juicy information by just building with plain basswood ... [More]



Checkered Flag Models Salute (Kit)


This is a fairly standard/conventional 3-fin 18mm BT-50-based model, but aimed slightly above the typical quick-build type kit. With excellent documentation, it offers an inexperienced builder the chance to slightly elevate the challenge and develop new skills as well as a better un ... [More]



Odd'l Rockets UP! Cup (Kit)


If you're tired of fins or sanding/filling balsa, consider this simple odd roc from Odd'l Rockets. Consider it an extreme downscale of the Fliskits Espresso, it's a flying single foam cup. Not only is it capable of entertaining flights, but it can hold about 16 ounces of your favorite ... [More]



Odd'l Rockets Wedgie (Kit)


A flying pyramid odd-roc with plenty of skin/decorating options... Components I'll take the easy road and just post a concurring/second opinion to Dick's thorough review. I purchased my kit in the fall of 2011, and the components have not changed. /h2 This is ... [More]



Semroc Trident (Kit)


This is a retro-repro (modern day reproduction and enhancement of a classic kit) from Semroc. The original Astron Trident was introduced by Estes in 1968 and was a Gene Street design. It introduced a ducted ejection system that eliminated the need for recovery wadding, and was an instant ... [More]



Fliskits Mako


- D12-5 - TORC [More]


Odd'l Rockets Sputnik


- A10-3 - TORC [More]


Odd'l Rockets Up Cup


- C5-3 - TORC [More]


Odd'l Rockets Up Cup


- B6-4 - TORC [More]


Odd'l Rockets Wedgie


- B6-2 - TORC [More]


Semroc Trident


- C6-5 - TORC [More]


Semroc Cherokee-C


- B6-4 - TORC [More]


FlisKits Corona-2


- B6-0/B6-6 - TORC [More]


Estes Comanche-3


- D12-0/B6-0/A8-5 - TORC [More]



Semroc Scrambler (Kit)


This is a Semroc retro-repro of the Estes Scrambler originally designed by Bill Simon in 1968. It's basically a stretched version of the 3x18 clustered Astron Ranger with a clear payload tube to accommodate an egg. The Semroc kit offers a few convenient upgrades--an ejection baffle ... [More]



Semroc Excalibur (Kit)


This is a retro-repro of the 1972 Centuri model of the same name which was later introduced as a two-stage version called the Excalibur 2. Semroc's version holds close to the original, featuring Centuri-sized tubing, but replaces the plastic nose cone with a balsa one and upgrades the fins ... [More]



Semroc Vector-V (Kit)


This is a retro-repro of the 1972 Centuri kit. The original featured die-cut fiber fins,which have been upgraded today to laser-cut mat board. Semroc has also supplied a beefier Kevlar/elastic shock cord and a balsa nose cone replacing the Centuri plastic cone. ... [More]



FlisKits Mystic (Kit)


Sci-Fi design of an alien troop carrier, with a pair of high aspect ratio wings (fins) and some eye-catching craftsmanship challenges. Flies on 18mm A8-3, B6-4, C6-5, streamer recovery. Components Parts were very good quality, and included: Balsa nose cone BT-20 body ... [More]



Rockets By Style / Scale Rockets


Saturn V-Apogee.JPG



Estes Solar Flare (Kit)


Note--this review is for the standalone rocket kit, not the starter set package referenced in the prior review. The rocket is a nifty 2-stage (18mm==>13mm) ring-fin design with a clear payload tube, with the booster so well integrated into the design this could easily be mistaken for a ... [More]



Semroc XK-23 (Kit)


This is #3 of 10 "ready to build" models released by Semroc at NARAM-52. The original was one of Semroc's best-selling kits (released in 1970). The original kit introduced an ejection baffle, eliminating the need for wadding and simplifying flight prep. For this kit, the baffle is not included. ... [More]


Semroc Start (Kit)


This is #1 of 10 "ready to build" models released by Semroc at NARAM-52. The design is a Semroc original, though inspired by a Bill Simon/Estes design intended to introduce new modelers to rocketry with a relatively easy to build kit. Parts were excellent quality, and the sealed bag ... [More]


Semroc Aphelion (Kit)


This is #4 of 10 "ready to build" models released by Semroc at NARAM-52. The original Aphelion was Semroc's 4th production kit, introduced in 1968 and included in their version of a starter set (with launch pad, controller, and engines). Parts were excellent quality, and the sealed bag ... [More]


Semroc Sky Hook II (Kit)


This is #2 of 10 "ready to build" models released by Semroc at NARAM-52. The design is an upscale of the classic Bill Simon/Estes design that was introduced in 1963 and sold for more than 20 years. For the collectors out there, I'll also point out that in addition to the standard kit, at ... [More]



Semroc Mini Hustler (Kit)


This is #8 of 10 "ready to build" models released by Semroc at NARAM-52. The Mini Hustler is based upon the Lee Piester/Centuri large scale series design but downscaled to fly on 18mm motors. This could also be considered the little brother of Semroc's SLS Hustler and Lil' Hustler models. ... [More]


Semroc Mini Explorer (Kit)


This is one of 10 "ready to build" models released by Semroc at NARAM-52. The Mini Explorer is based upon the Centuri larger scale Explorer, but downscaled to fly on 18mm motors. Parts were excellent quality, and the sealed bag contained: Balsa nose cone Series 10 slotted body tube ... [More]



Semroc astron (Kit)


Brief: Semroc is offering up this basic 3FNC as a free gift to new NAR members in 2010, or for a retail price of $11.50 to the rest of us. It's a quick, simple build well suited for beginners. Construction: Parts are excellent quality, and include Balsa nose ... [More]



FlisKits Decim8 (Kit)


Brief: For those that want a bit more of a challenge than the traditional 3FNC, consider the Decim8, which as Nigel Tufnel would say, goes to eleven, and that's better than 3, innit? This kit is a challenging build rated at skill level 4, but will reward the careful modeller with a ... [More]


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