Scratch - Deuce's Wild Payloader {Scratch} Original Design / Scratch Built

Contributed by Allan Lovering

Manufacturer: Scratch
Style: Cluster, Payload

FlisKits Deuce-Bash Contest

The following article was a submission to the FlisKits, Inc Deuce-Bash Contest and is archived with permission from FlisKits. Some of these designs are not actually kitbashes, however, all come from the basic motor design feature of the FlisKits Deuce's Wild.

 (Deuce's Wild) PayloaderParts list:

  • 1 BT-60 body tube, 17.5" long
  • 1 BT-55 body tube, 8.5" long
  • 1 FlisKits TAB5560-01 transition
  • 1/8" balsa fin sheet (get fin pattern here)
  • 1 custom nose cone from BMS: shape #11 L=2.125 T=0.25 Q=1.325 I=1.283 M=0.750
  • 1 FlisKits EMK2-18-60 engine mount kit
  • 1 launch lug, 2.25" x 1/8"
  • 1 18" mylar parachute

(Deuce's Wild) Payloader (Deuce's Wild) Payloader

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