Modification - U.S.S. Deuce's Wild Modification

Contributed by Justin Cartisano

Manufacturer: Modification

The following article was a submission to the FlisKits, Inc Deuce-Bash Contest and is archived with permission from FlisKits. Some of these designs are not actually kitbashes, however, all come from the basic motor design feature of the FlisKits Deuce's Wild.

FlisKits Deuce-Bash Contest

(Deuce's Wild) U.S.S. Deuce's Wild


Here's my entry, The USS Deuces Wild. This is the bash I started in November and posted construction pics of on The Rocketry Forum. It's a Star Trek deep exploration vessel, done in the style of the origional series (I worked up a whole fictional history for it). The deflector dish is a cut bobber from my tackle box and a Dremel bit. The main bridge is made from the cut off sections of the original Deuce nose cone and the rest is balsa and plastic bits. I did the decals myself on Appleworks 6.

If your are curious about anything else, feel free to mail me or check out the "USS Deuce's Wild" thread on The Rocketry Forum.

(Deuce's Wild) U.S.S. Deuce's Wild(Deuce's Wild) U.S.S. Deuce's Wild
(Deuce's Wild) U.S.S. Deuce's Wild

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