Scratch - 29mm Upscale Deuce's Wild! {Scratch} Upscale

Contributed by Mike Reese

Manufacturer: Scratch
Style: Upscale

FlisKits Deuce-Bash Contest

The following article was a submission to the FlisKits, Inc Deuce-Bash Contest and is archived with permission from FlisKits. Some of these designs are not actually kitbashes, however, all come from the basic motor design feature of the FlisKits Deuce's Wild.

(Deuce's Wild) 29mm Deuce's Wild!

I made this upscale Deuce's Wild! sometime ago. It uses two 29mm 180 cases. I have flown it on all of the AeroTech reloads for that case except the G-75J. Amazingly, it flew once on a single H165 accidentally and was stable but the delay was way late. It sustained minor damage and has since been repaired.

In a follow up email, Mike added:

My friend Todd Graves purchased a Deuce's Wild! kit from you last spring I think. I thought it would be cool to upscale it. I took your motor mount centering rings and scanned them on my computer and scaled them up to fit in a LOC 3" tube. I cut them out of plywood with a hole saw. The nose cone is a standard LOC 3" nose cone. The fins I cut from G-10 fiberglass. I built the rocket in RockSim with straight motor tubes instead of canted and balanced the rocket from that. Unfortunately, we lost the stock Deuce at an Iowa launch as I'd put 2 D13-10 reloads in it and a slightly bigger than stock chute. We had a problem with it breaking a fin loose with the stock chute.

(Deuce's Wild) 29mm Deuce's Wild! (Deuce's Wild) 29mm Deuce's Wild!

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