Quest - HL-20 Kit

Manufacturer: Quest
Model: 2008
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1994-2010
Recovery: Glide
Status: Out-Of-Production
Style: Futuristic/Exotic, Glider
  • Quest HL-20 Lifting Body By Dave Sutter

    The Quest X-30 Aerospace plane caught my eye, and it was on sale at Magnum for $4. 50, but I was a little wary of the paper shroud construction.   Well, the Quest HL-20 uses paper shroud construction, too, and it was also on sale, for $2. 50, and it's supposed to be easier. I figured I'd try the HL-20 as an introduction to paper shroud construction. (I got two of each just in case. ) ...

  • Quest HL-20 Lifting Body By Chris Taylor Jr.

    Packaging and quality average; not spectacular but not bad either. I would have to say 4 out of 5 though because the Aeroshroud looks really nice and saves a lot of finish work. The package came as a bag with cardboard picture. The aeroshroud, tube, nose cone, and centering rings were inside with the directions. The directions were thorough and easy to follow (well written). The only part in ...

  • Quest HL-20 Lifting Body By Alan Rognlie

    I had a Centuri MF-24 Bug years ago and the Quest HL-20 reminded me a lot of that kit.   This lifting-body boost glider is based on Aeroshroud technology. Translated, that's a printed paper wrapper. ;-) It looks to me like this model was strongly "inspired" by the old Centuri MF-24 Bug - with some "improvements". The only significant(?) differences I see between the two are:  ...

  • Quest HL-20 Lifting Body By Eric Miller

    This rocket was a bargain. My wife got it for me on he clearance rack for $.99. I was disappointed, at first, since the entire rocket is made of painted construction paper except for the nose cone and engine mount. This kit included a paper shroud body, plastic nose cone and cockpit. Fins are paper also. There is a streamer include in kit and it is used to recover the ejecting engine. ...

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