Quest - HL-20 {Kit} (2008) [1994-2010]

Contributed by Alan Rognlie

Manufacturer: Quest
Style: Futuristic/Exotic, Glider

I had a Centuri MF-24 Bug years ago and the Quest HL-20 reminded me a lot of that kit.  

This lifting-body boost glider is based on Aeroshroud technology. Translated, that's a printed paper wrapper. ;-)

It looks to me like this model was strongly "inspired" by the old Centuri MF-24 Bug - with some "improvements". The only significant(?) differences I see between the two are: 

   The HL-20 cockpit is vacu-formed plastic rather than folded paper.  
   The tail weight is now two pennies enclosed in a 'weight box' rather than clay.  
   The HL-20 includes a pod for an engine streamer (makes it legal for competition? <VBG>) 

On every launch (so far), this model corkscrews nicely up into the air. Then, on ejection, it spirals down - some times more steeply than others. It flew beautifully on one of its launches at ECOF-97, but the next launch was almost a death spiral. I intend to keep putzing around to try to get it to glide reliably.  


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