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LDRS 2019 2 stage rocket, alternate view.

Thanks to ChuckH, an alternate view of my LDRS flight. LDRS 38 in Argonia KS. 2 Stage flight to +28k’ Booster CTI M1540 IMax Stratologger CF and EggFinder TX GPS 66” Spherechute main with Jollylogic Chute Release set at 1000’ with 24” drogue. Sustainer CTI M1230 IMax Raven Gen 4 Primary main and drogue with channel 3 for separation charge set at 1 sec after booster burnout, channel 4 handling staging and sustainer ignition. 84” Spherechute main at 900’ and 18” Spherechute drogue. Stratologger CF for backup drogue and main duties. Featherweight GPS in nose cone. Onboard RunCam2 and Mobius mini camera. Video editing done in RaceRender and iMovie.

 Rocketry Product: Featherweight Altimeters - Raven {Component}

Author Eye Doc Marshall
Duration 51 seconds

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