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Madcow Frenzy XL L3 Certification Flight, M1297W
Tripoli Central California (TCC) October Skies High Power Rocket Launch 10/21/2017 Helm, California This is my Level 3 HPR Certification Flight. Rocket: Madcow 4" Fiberglass Frenzy XL Motor: AeroTech RMS 75/5120 M1297W The flight was picture perfect. Straight up with apogee drogue deployment followed by the puff of smoke from the backup apogee charge. The drogue descent rate was a respectable 79 ft/sec. The main parachute deployed at 1,300 ft as configured, and the backup main parachute charge fired moments later. The descent under the main parachute was slower than expected, likely due to a thermal rising from the ground near the landing site.
Author 2101Striper
Duration 07:59

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