Flight Log - 2011-04-09 - Matthew Bond's 2.34x Upscale Sonic Shark

3.1" upscale of the InFlight Sonic Shark.  38mm motor mount, dual deploy.

Flight Date: 2011-04-09
Rocket Name: 2.34x Upscale Sonic Shark
Flyer's Name: Matthew Bond
Motors: I195-ALTIM
Expected Altitude: 2,900.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 15.00 mph
Launch Site: ROC
Actual Altitude: 2,700.00 Feet

Wind picking up pretty good, headed downrange prior to launch to try and cut down the chase.  Great boost, smooth and straight.  Arcing over at the top of the climb.  Good drogue deployment at apogee, looked like a good main deployment at 500'.  I was able to jump on the chute almost immediately and keep the dragging to a minimum.  Thought I had logged another good flight, but soon dicovered a pretty healthy zipper in the booster body tube, right through the vinyl decal.  Will need to cut it out and splice in a new section.  Bummer.

1Aerotech I195J-ALTIM


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