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PML Patriot Rocket Launch #1 at OROC Summer Skies 2010

A video taken from an on-board key chain camera that was flown aboard my 1/4 scale Public Missiles Limited Patriot Missile at the OROC Summer Skies event in Brothers, Oregon. This flight took place on June 26, 2010 and the rocket was flown on an Aerotech I-300 engine with a medium delay. The ejection charge went off slightly before the rocket reached apogee, so next time a longer delay will be in order. There was not damage or zippering to the rocket. My son's stuffed animal, "Tiger", flew in the payload bay.

 Rocketry Product: Public Missiles - Patriot (1/2 Scale)

 Rocketry Club: Oregon Rocketry

Author rbbremer
Duration 230 seconds
Rating Best

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