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The Kerbal Screamer - Estes Patriot on a F26- 6FJ

So we started with an Estes kit, which flies pretty well with a C6-5. I've got another video on here where we put in a D10 composite motor and that thing screamed. So if C's are cool, D are awesome, how about an E? I don't know, we skipped that and went straight for an F! This thing has roughly 6-8 times the amount of power the kit was designed for... I hoped to get it back, because I had a bigger engine I wanted to fly... but no luck. The deployment charge was too much, plus it need a lot longer delay. My boy Bryson named it the Kerbal Screamer and we put a picture of Bob enjoying his flight on the outside. In our typical KSP fashion, the flight was very enjoyable (to watch,) and resulted in the demise of our courageous yet stupid Kerbonaut...

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Patriot {Kit} (2056) [2003-]

Author brandondrm
Duration 81 seconds

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