Flight Log - 2023-03-11 - Wes Munn's Cheetah Cub

Scratch build for my son with ring fin.

Flight Date: 2023-03-11
Rocket Name: Cheetah Cub
Flyer's Name: Wes Munn
Motors: D12-5
Wind Speed: 10.00 mph
Launch Site: Dalzell, SC

Good flight, but had trouble getting igniter to fir eup the motor. Lesson learned: invest in a small power drill to drill out clay in Estes E12-6 motors to get to the black powder. After John Wade and Mike Mckeon loaned me drills, motor ignited just fine. :) Ring did suffer a crack, which can be repaired easily, from a hard landing near one of the fins.

1Estes D12-5


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