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Madcow Rocketry Black Brant (Kit)


Brief: Large, all glass single stage high-power scale model of the Black Brant. The kit came from Apogee, and it arrived quickly and free from any defects or damage. Construction: 2 4-inch fiberglass body tubes, one fiberglass tube coupler, fiberglass and steel hardware for an avionics bay ... [More]


Madcow Little John Extended Dual


First flight of a Shockwave Rocketry production fiberglass nose cone; 4-inch 6:1 Von Karman drag optimized. Nice flight, but shear pins on main gave way at apogee so all chutes came out. - CESJ400-ALTIM - Tripoli Colorado [More]


Scratch-Green Eggs on the Lam


Nice flight, must be 20 or so with this egg lofter. - F24-7 [More]


Rosa Roc D helicopter from plans w/mods


First try with a booster motor. It worked fine, with the burnstring consumed at motor burnout, the rotors don't deploy until apogee because the air rushing past the rocket holds them down. Nice, slow untimed recovery. - C6-0 - COSROCS [More]


Madcow Little John Extended Dual


The paper version of the kit. A great flight. Perfectly straight, both drogue and timer events occurred close to apogee, twin mains deployed nicely. 20 people certified Level 1, 22 did L2, and 2 did L3 at NARAM-52. - CESJ330-ALTIM - COSROCS [More]


E Dual Egg lofter


CATO at ~50 feet. Blew through the forward closure. One of Aerotech's new LMS-style single use motors with the molded-in rear bulkhead. Rocket and eggs were toast. - E15-7 [More]

MPC Delta-Katt


Two pod separations in a row. Wow. - 1/4A3-2 [More]

MPC Delta-Katt


Pod separation on boost. Only happened once before, here it is again. At NARAM. - 1/4A3-2 [More]


Scratch-B streamer


Good, straight, high flight, good streamer time, but no thermals. - B6-6 [More]

May-Mania Parachute Minimum Diameter


Great, high flight, but parachute never opened. Lots of baby powder, packed loose, shroud lines packed inside chute, but too light to open. - 1/2A3-4 [More]

Estes Alpha


Very light build Alpha, but not light enough to get good altitude. Very late ejection, chute again did not open. - 1/2A3-4 [More]


Modification Patriot Missile (38mm) (Kit)


Brief: This is a Quasar Patriot kit with 38mm motor mount instead of 3 x 24mm, through the wall Microlite fins instead of surface mount balsa, lightweight tape-together clamshell electronics bay for dual deployment recovery, shortened nose cone shoulder, and deleted large metal eye bolt for weight ... [More]


Quasar One Storm Chaser (Kit)


Brief: BT-50 storm research style sport rocket with 3 main fins and 3 canards, plastic nose cone, plastic parachute, and extreme waterslide decal coverage. Construction: BT-50, plastic nose cone, 6 surface mount balsa fins, thick fiber board centering rings, BT-20 motor tube, ... [More]


Quasar One Iced Up (Kit)


Brief: 3FNC parachute recovery sport rocket with fin tip tubes and large full-color decals. Construction: 1 BT-50, elliptical plastic nose cone, BT-20 motor mount with fiber centering rings, metal motor hook, and thrust ring. Balsa fins, launch lugs for each fin tip, large sheet of ... [More]


Semroc Magnum Sprint (Kit)


Brief: Simple 4FNC rocket with parachute recovery. Chan's review is complete and my experience was pretty much the same, so I'll just try to add a few comments and photos. For instance, the marketing people at Damon/Estes borrowed the Magnum moniker because it equates with "over ... [More]


Semroc Magnum Hornet (Kit)


Brief: Chan's build experience exactly fit my own so I'll try not to repeat. The Magnum concept is simple: large motor, small rocket, and it actually makes more sense today than it did when originally marketed. I got my kit from Apogee, and it was damage-free. Construction: It is ... [More]


Quasar One U.S. Army Patriot Missile (Kit)


Brief: The Patriot is Quasar kit that's transitional. It has a high power body tube and nose cone but clusters three 24mm motors and has surface mount balsa fins. I got the kit from Apogee and they say it's one of their best-selling Quasar products. It's a great looking kit. ... [More]


Quasar One Bio Hazard II (Kit)


Brief: The Bio Hazard looks like a two-stage but it's single stage rocket. It's kind of a transition kit. It has a high power body tube and nose cone but clusters three 24mm motors and has surface mount balsa fins. It's intended for people who want a no-pain try at mid and high power in ... [More]


Scratch Upscale Grasshopper (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Jeff Lane - 09/22/08) Brief: This is a 3x upscale of the Sunward Grasshopper. It is a single-stage 29mm motor mount, 3-inch body, parachute recovery rocket. Construction: One 12.5 inch long 3" airframe tube, One Mercury Engineering blow-molded nose cone, ... [More]


Sunward Aerospace Solar Eclipse (Kit)


Brief: Large BT-80 based two-stage sport rocket. Construction: Two 18-inch BT-80s for main body, one 4-inch BT-80 for booster, two BT-50 sized motor mount tubes, four laser-cut plywood centering rings, balsa nose cone, rubber shock cord, screw eye, 3/16" launch lug, laser-cut ... [More]


Recovery Technologies Nylon Parachute (Kit)


( Contributed - by Jeff Lane - 05/27/08) Brief: Recovery Technologies econo parachutes are attractive, inexpensive recovery devices for your rocket. Construction: We had one TARC team that went to finals in May 08 and one of the reasons they were able to finish 5th is because of the ... [More]


Scratch Los Alamos Chicken (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Jeff Lane - 04/19/08) Brief: A large plastic Easter egg with nuclear waste-colored legs bustin' out. Since it's from Los Alamos, it's a mutant with three legs. Construction: The parts include: 1 8" diameter Easter egg ($1 post-Easter sale at Hobby ... [More]


Centuri Saturn 1B (Kit)


Brief: This is a smaller vintage Saturn 1B than the Estes version and has vacu-formed wraps. It clusters two 18mm motors and separates into an upper and lower section for recovery under two parachutes. Construction: The instructions are intricate, clear, and excellent. The ... [More]

Estes Semi-Scale Saturn V (Kit)


Brief: The Estes Semi-Scale Saturn V is a highly desirable vintage collectible that sells for hundreds of dollars on eBay and is very rarely seen in its original packaging. It's a simple BT-60 rocket with an ingenious fin can that is a very reliable flier on Estes black powder 18mm ... [More]

Scratch Saboteur (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Jeff Lane - 01/26/08) Brief: The Saboteur is a payload rocket designed to launch from a 6" tube instead of a launch rod. It has through the wall fin mounts for its five fins, a 29mm motor mount and parachute recovery. The motor tube is open inside, and it uses ... [More]


Scratch Cymech Armageddonator (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Jeff Lane - 01/21/08) Brief: The Cymech Armageddonator is a 1/24 scale model of the existing classified stealth reconnaissance aircraft. The full sized craft is powered by two regenerative air-turboramjet (RATR) engines and carries a crew of two. It uses a synthetic ... [More]


Scratch Tarnation Flaming Breakfast of Doom (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Jeff Lane - 11/14/07) Brief: Rocket made entirely from recycled household trash materials. Construction: External body is a stack of ten paper-walled Carnation Instant Breakfast cans. Parachute tube (inner) is a 48mm diameter Christmas paper core. Motor mount ... [More]


Scratch Estes S.W.A.T. 1.38X (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Jeff Lane - 07/18/07) Brief: 138% upscale of the Estes S.W.A.T. The S.W.A.T. is a low orbit interceptor-style kit Estes produced in the early 1990s. When kids see my original S.W.A.T., they actually scream with delight, always asking “how high?" The ... [More]


Scratch Saturn-Komarov (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Jeff Lane - 04/01/07) Brief: It's the year 2015. Hillarycare has caused the economy to go belly up, IRS computers have become self-aware, the United Nations is in charge of sub-dermal implants for our identity system, and NASA has been absorbed by the Russian space ... [More]

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