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Rocksim 9 file

Rocksim Design


Velvet Ant - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - Bottom Section

Build Entry

I made the bottom section with two paper shrouds and two center rings. The centering rings had to be cut and fitted back around the body tube to get around the fins. Having them on beforehand would have interfered with using the alignment tool. The top shroud was easy enough to add, but ... [More]

Velvet Ant - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - Fins

Build Entry

I printed the fin tempate from Rocksim and cut them out on 3/32" bass wood. I attached them using the Standard Rockets Assembly tool (which is really nice btw). I attached the launch lug standoff between two sets of fins. I later covered the fins with card stock paper, and fiberglassed the joints. ... [More]

Velvet Ant - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - Rocksim Graphics

Build Entry

Here are a few views from Rocksim. [More]

Velvet Ant - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - Finishing

Build Entry

I used two coats of Krylon primer. I painted the body with Krylon gloss red, white and grey. I handpainted black around the pod points trying to give an illusion of depth, but didn't work as well as I thought it might. I coated everything with Krylon clear coat. [More]

Velvet Ant - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - Forward Body Section

Build Entry

The forward section is a conical shroud filled with expanding foam. The top fits around the top edge of the 2.6" body tube. The bottom fits around a centering ring on the 2.6" body tube. I figured the dimensions myself using a calulation in Tim Van Milligans Model Rocket Design and Construction ... [More]


Velvet Ant - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - Nose Cone

Build Entry

I started with the nose cone. I explored several ways to go about it, but decided to use a method similar to this article . I used a print-out of the nose cone from Rocksim, then created my parts based on that. I cut out the cross-arches from 1/16″ illustration board. I made 8 ... [More]


Velvet Ant - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry


This is my entry for the Design This Spaceship Contest. The dry weight is just over 2 lbs, and it is 27.5" tall. It has a 2.6" center tube which runs from the bottom up to the base of the nose cone. I flew it three times in June 2011 at Orangeburg SC. Each flight was powered with a G motor, twice ... [More]

Velvet Ant - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - Flights

Build Entry

I flew the Velvet Ant three times. The first two flights were on a G76-7. The third flight was on a G64-10. I used a Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo on each flight to record flight data. On the pad before the first flight. First flight video of Velvet Ant on a G76-7. The flight was awesome, ... [More]


Stellar Spartan


test - C6-5 - Orangeburg,SC [More]


Scratch Tube Lifter (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Peter Stanley - 08/16/09) Brief: The Tube Lifter is a two-stage fin, tube, and ring tail rocket. Sustainer is recovered with a 14" parachute, and booster via tumble recovery. It has a clear payload bay. Construction: The parts list: PNC-55AC Nose cone ... [More]


Quest StarBright (Kit)


( Contributed - by Peter Stanley - 07/28/09) Brief: The StarBright is a kit-bash of two single stage kits into one 2-stage rocket. The kits used were the Quest StarHawk and Quest BrightHawk. The Starhawk was used for the booster and Brighthawk for the sustainer. The booster uses ... [More]


LOC/Precision Iris (3") (Kit)


Brief: The LOC/Precision Iris is a 3" diameter single stage rocket. It can be built as 1/4 size sport scale Iris rocket. Recovery is via a 36" parachute. I modified it to use electronics for dual deployment. Modifications: I built everything stock except for the deployment/recovery method. I ... [More]


Sunward Aerospace Eruption (Kit)


Brief: The Eruption is 4-motor cluster from Sunward Aerospace. The motors are outwardly canted. Recovery is via an 18" parachute. Construction: The kit includes a balsa nose cone, one BT-70 body tube, two laser cut centering rings, four motor tubes with clips, parachute ... [More]


Scratch Hellion (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Peter Stanley - 06/03/09) Brief: The Hellion is a 'Goonified', squashed down version of the Hellfire anti-tank missile. It is almost nine inches long and flies on a recessed cluster of four 13mm motors. Recovery is via 9" parachute. Construction: The ... [More]


Scratch Chicken Hawk (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Peter Stanley - 05/27/09) Brief: My entry for the 2009 Design this Spaceship Contest is spaceship #4. I named it the Chicken Hawk because of the overall shape, and that it could probably kill a chicken if it lawn-darted. The Chicken Hawk has eight rear fins and 3 ... [More]


Semroc Tau Zero (Kit)


Brief: The Tau Zero is a Semroc original kit, which was designed by Jay Goemmer. It has an unusually shaped nosecone and forward swept fins that attach to a tube ring with additional fins underneath. It is designed for 18mm motors and uses streamer recovery. Construction: As with ... [More]


Semroc Magnum Hornet (Kit)


Brief: The Magnum Hornet is a Semroc Retro-Repro of a Centuri model. It is designed for 24mm motors but includes an 18mm adapter. Recovery is via 12" parachute. I ordered my kit from Semroc directly and had it within two days. Construction: The kit includes a balsa ... [More]


Scratch X-15 Experimental Aircraft (Plastic Model Conversion)


Brief: This is a plastic model conversion of a Revell X-15 kit. Modifications: The first thing I did was use a Dremel to grind out the wheel well in the bottom half of the X-15. This makes room for the nose cone. After removing the wheel well, I epoxied the nose cone/body tube in the lower ... [More]


Estes Javelin III (Kit)


( Contributed - by Peter Stanley - 09/30/06) Brief: I used the parts in an Estes DC Gemini to create a sport scale Javelin III. The design was based on data from Peter Alway's book, Scale Bash . The DC Gemini really has a lot more potential than what I did with it. I decided to ... [More]


Scratch PCR (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Peter Stanley - 09/16/06) Brief: The PCR is a scratch built parallel cluster rocket. It flies with a 24mm core motor, and 2 outboard 18mm motors in the attached boosters. The boosters pop off at burnout, while the central core motor continues to burn. Construction: ... [More]


Scratch Crazy Train (Scratch)


( Design this Spaceship Submission - by Peter Stanley - 09/03/06) Click for Larger Pic Crazy Train parts list 1 8" BT-80 body tube 1 .75" BT-80 coupler 1 .25" BT-80 coupler 1 2.59" diameter bulkhead 1 PNC-80BB nosecone 4 ... [More]


Aerospace Speciality Products WAC Corporal w/ Tiny Tim (24mm/18mm) (Kit)


Brief: This is a two-stage scale model of the WAC Corporal with Tiny Tim Booster from Aerospace Specialty Products. It has a 24mm booster staging to an 18mm sustainer. Construction: Tiny Tim Booster Parts consist of: 1 Body Tube (BT-55) 1 Engine Tube (BT-50) 1 Stuffer Tube ... [More]


Aerospace Speciality Products Sonda II B (Micro) (Kit)


Brief: This is a Micro-Maxx powered scale model of the Sonda II B from ASP. The real Sonda II B is a Brazilian sounding rocket first used in the 1970s. Construction: The kit contains 1 long body tube, 2 tube couplers, 1 styrene fin stock, 1 styrene launch lug, 1 styrene launch lug ... [More]


Scratch Hellfire 1.6 (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Peter Stanley - 04/03/06) Brief: This is a 1.6" diameter scratch built Hellfire. The design is based on measurements I took of an inert Hellfire training missile at an air show in October 2005. It has a 24mm motor mount and uses a parachute for recovery. ... [More]


Sunward Aerospace Eruption (Kit)


(06/24/08) The Sunward Eruption™ rocket caught my attention recently due to its cluster of four canted motors. Canted motors are not new and in my opinion FlisKits' Deuce's Wild two canted motor configuration made them popular these days. FlisKits also offers the Tres with ... [More]

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