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Published: 2017-01-18
Manufacturer: LOC/Precision


This was my first High Power Rocket.  I certified L1 and L2 with this same rocket.  It is very easy to build.  LOC"s "LOC-N-Fin" method of using fin tabs inside to air frame worked very well.  With the tabs installed the fins naturally fell into the proper perpendicular orientation.  With the big 5.5" air frame applying epoxy to all the interior parts was very easy.


The kit comes with all the parts for the air frame, motor mount, and nose cone - PLUS - 36" rip-stop nylon chute, nylon shock chord, and hardware to attach shock chord to forward center ring.  I added an Aeropak 38mm retainer, 18" nomex recovery blanket, a nomex shock chord protector sleeve, and modified the nose cone with a metal eye-bolt and modular nose weight system adding about 4 ounces to the tip of the nose.  I replaced the supplied launch lug with 1010 rail guides which I attached with T-nuts epoxied to the inside of the air frame.  For my first foray back into rocketry after 40 years it was nice to not have to find and buy a much of the recovery items needed for the build.


The only thing I think that I would do different would be to mount the rear center ring flush with the end of the air frame.  Mine was attached about 0.5" forward and the lower edge of the air frame is a little banged up but still useable.  With the large fin area the Minie Magg seems prone to weather cock in stronger winds and motors with slower speeds off the tip of the rail.


Lots of space on this rocket to get creative with the finish

Construction Score: 4



lots of room inside of the recovery equipment don't have to worry about folding things just right to make sure it fits.  The 36" chute is plenty big, if you expect hard surface landings you might want to go bigger.

Flight Rating: 5


This is an easy rocket to prep and fly

Overall Rating: 4
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