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"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." — Carl Sagan

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D&L Company Stomp Rocket Junior (Kit)


Brief: The D&L Company's Stomp Rocket Junior is a great way to get kids hooked on rockets at a very young age (recommended for children 3 years old and up). These are foam rockets that are powered by a small (but quite rugged) air bladder that you step on to launch the rockets into ... [More]


Fade To Black Rocket Works Mullet (Kit)


Brief: Fade To Black Rocket Works' Mullet offers a financially attractive, comfortable method of protecting a rocketeer's neck, shoulders, and ears from the harmful rays of the sun during an enjoyable afternoon of launching rockets. Construction: I ordered several Mullets from Cowboy ... [More]


PICO Altimeter PICO-P1 Altimeter (Kit)


Brief: The PicoAlt PICO-P1 altimeter is what I would consider to be the "thong bikini" of rocketry altimeters. I say that because it's micro-mini small and it barely covers the necessities. Don't sneeze with it laying around or drop it because you might never see it a ... [More]


Madcow Rocketry HoJo 31 (Kit)


Brief: Madcow Rocketry's Honest John Basic Style 31 is a premium priced mid power rocket kit. If you are looking for an excellent scale Honest John kit at any price, then look no further. Construction: Madcow obviously lives by the "you get what you pay for" sayin ... [More]


Giant Leap Rocketry Thunderbolt 38 (Kit)


Brief: The Giant Leap Thunderbolt38 is a minimum diameter "almost ready to fly" high power rocket. By keeping the parts list as simple as possible, this rocket could be built and ready to fly in a single, rather short build session--especially for a high power rocket. However, ... [More]


BigRedBee BeeLine Transmitter (Kit)


Brief: The BigRedBee (BRB) BeeLine Transmitter is a radio beacon rocket locator device. It can fit in tubing as small as BT-50 (24mm), can transmit on a user adjustable frequency in the 420MHz-450MHz range, and weighs less than 1oz with the BRB rechargeable battery. [NOTE: You must be a ... [More]


QuickBurst Cosmos (Kit)


Brief: Quickburst Cosmos are excellent ematches for use with electronics for dual deployment recovery in larger rockets. Construction: The Cosmos ematches come in a sturdy box. You can order them in quantities of 10 (I ordered 20) and I bet in upwards of 50 would fit in a single ... [More]

LOC/Precision Nuke Pro Maxx (Kit)


Brief: The LOC/Precision Nuke Pro Maxx is a simple, robust high performing 3FNC mid/high power rocket that can fly on motors as little as an F all the way up to a the largest 38mm J motor that you can fit into the rocket. My big reason for getting this kick is that I fly a lot of H and I ... [More]

Graphix & Stuff Graphix & Stuff Decals (Kit)


( Contributed - by Lance Alligood - 01/24/06) Brief: As the proud owner of a couple of BSD Rocketry kits, I was always blown away by how much the application of vinyl decals really dresses up the appearance of larger rockets. I had little luck though finding a printer who didn't c ... [More]


Loki Research 38mm Reload System (Kit)


Brief: The Loki Research 38/480 motor casing and I405 reloads are perhaps the highest performance to lowest cost ratio of commercial 4-grain 38mm motors available on the market. If you are looking for colored flame reloads, then Loki Research motors may not be for you. Jeff Taylor of Loki makes ... [More]


U.S. Rockets Sonic 3100 38mm (Kit)


Brief: The U.S. Rockets (USR) Sonic 3100 is a lightweight, super high performance high power rocket that can fly on most 29mm and 38mm motors. The builder must supply their own parachute for recovery. While built predominantly stock, I also added a few extra parts so that I can ... [More]

U.S. Rockets Berlinetta (Kit)


Brief: The U.S. Rockets (USR) Berlinetta is described in the instruction manual as a "large fantasy sport rocket". There is no doubt that it has a unique look to it. In particular, there are 4 elements that make this kit stand out: Large elliptical fins. Four 24mm ... [More]


LOC/Precision EB-3.90L (Kit)


Brief: The LOC/Precision EB-3.90L is a electronics bay for use with 4" diameter paper tubing. This design comes from LOC in 4 different diameters (3.00", 3.90", 5.38", and 7.51") as well as extended lengths in the 3.00" and 3.90" (designated with an 'L' ... [More]


Upscale FlisKits Deuce's Wild (24mm) (Upscale)


Brief: This is a 24mm upscale of the (justifiably) insanely popular FlisKits Deuce's Wild! All of the key parts used in this build (the motor mount, body tube, and nose cone) were ordered directly from FlisKits as well. It is built to use all sizes of available and popular 24mm motors. ... [More]


Thrustline Aerospace Mini Mike IX (Kit)


Brief: The Mini Mike IX is a downscale of the Thrustline Aerospace Mike IX. Aside from being proportionately smaller, the most significant difference between the mini version and the original is that the mini version flies on a single 13mm motor. Construction: The box arrived at ... [More]


FlisKits Corona (Kit)


Brief: This is an updated version of the FlisKits Corona. To prepare the Corona for the release of the optional Corona-2 booster, FlisKits now includes laser cut plywood fins instead of balsa fin stock and a pattern so the builder no longer has to cut out the fins. Construction: There are 3 ... [More]


FlisKits Nebula (Kit)


Brief: The FlisKits Nebula is an all paper rocket that can be flown on 13mm motors. The kit can be downloaded for free from the FlisKits website. I would consider it on a difficulty level comparable to the other free FlisKits paper rockets available. Construction: The kit and ... [More]

FlisKits Corona-2 Booster (Kit)


Brief: The Corona-2 is a separate kit that compliments the FlisKits Corona creating a 2-stage rocket. What also makes this stand out is that it takes the tube fin design of the Corona one step further. Construction: Before starting the Corona-2, you must have a built FlisKits Corona kit. If ... [More]


Impulse Aerospace Quad-Pod Launch Pad (Kit)


Brief: The Impulse Aerospace Quad-Pad and Quad-Pod Pro Launching Pads are robust, heavy duty, and practically indestructible launch pads that can handle rockets up to 225 pounds as well as rods/rails up to 1" in diameter. When not in use, they occupy very little storage space. ... [More]


LOC/Precision Weasel-29 (Kit)


Brief: The LOC/Precision Weasel is a simple, near minimum diameter 3FNC MPR that can fly as little as an E or absolutely tear a hole in the time-space continuum on a high thrust H. Construction: The Weasel is a basic kit with a minimal number of parts. The kit includes: 1 1.63"d ogive ... [More]

Scratch Hell Bent (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Lance Alligood - 05/19/05) Brief: Hell Bent is a versatile 3FNC SPEV (spare parts equipment vehicle) that can fly on a wide range of motors: anything from a high thrust E or break Mach (according to simulations) on a 38mm high thrust I or J motor. Construction: I ... [More]


Sunward Aerospace Sukhoi SU-47 (Kit)


Brief: The Sunward Sukhoi SU-47 Interceptor is another cool looking rocket that more closely resembles a fighter jet than a rocket. Like other Sunward kits, it relies on large pieces of laser cut balsa fins and a series of cardstock wraps to create its unique styling. There is also an ... [More]

Aerotech RMS 29/240 H180W (Kit)


( Contributed - by Lance Alligood - 03/30/05) Brief: The AeroTech H180W-M is a high power rocket motor reload. This is arguably the most popular reload used for certifying Level 1 with because of its general easy availability, low cost, and that so many rockets perform well with ... [More]

Aerotech RMS 29/180 H128W (Kit)


( Contributed - by Lance Alligood - 03/30/05) Brief: The AeroTech H128W-M is a high power rocket motor reload. This is arguably the most popular reload used for certifying Level 1 with because of its general easy availability, low cost, and that so many rockets perform well with ... [More]

Aerotech RMS 38/240 H123W (Kit)


Brief: The AeroTech H123W-M is a high power rocket motor reload. This is arguably the most popular reload used for certifying Level 1 with because of its general easy availability, low cost, and that so many rockets perform well with this particular motor. You must be Level 1 certified (as ... [More]


U.S. Rockets Stiletto (Kit)


Brief: The U.S. Rockets (USR) Stiletto is a lightweight, durable, and versatile high power rocket with a unique look and provides a challenging build for the advanced rocketeer. Key features are the transition, which is a shroud formed by the body tube and the Interchange Mounts TM ... [More]


U.S. Rockets Mosquito 2.2 (Kit)


Brief: The US Rockets (USR) Mosquito 2.2 is an easy to build ~4.5x upscale of the perennial Estes kit. (The 2.2 refers to the diameter of the airframe in inches.) While still lightweight--less than 5oz completed--it does come back on streamer recovery. It flies on smaller 29mm motors ... [More]


U.S. Rockets Weightlofter (Kit)


Brief: The U.S. Rockets (USR) Weightlofter is a 7-motor mid power cluster rocket with six 24mm outboard tubes and one central 29mm motor tube. This also is a great kit for someone that is looking for a challenging, labor intensive mid power rocket build. A 24mm motor adapter is ... [More]

U.S. Rockets El Lubbo (Kit)


Brief: The U.S. Rockets (USR) El Lubbo is unlike any other kit available. In an age where cones and transitions are made of plastic or balsa, an extremely challenging yet rewarding build has come along where these items are made by cutting and shaping body tubes. The end result is a ... [More]

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