Low- and Mid-Power Rockets and Rocket Launches

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DynaStar Snarky LaunchesKPInvestigation2013-06-192013-06-19
I built a DynaStar Snarky years ago. It was just gathering dust on display until today.  The motors used were D12-5 and I used a smaller Estes 'chute to compensate for the stiff breeze.
DynaStar Sky Torpedo LaunchKPInvestigation2013-06-192013-06-19
A successful launch of a DynaStar Sky Torpedo a model rocket kit from Apogee Components. The motor used was a Estes D 12-5. The rocket also sported an Estes parachute that was about half the size of ...
"Green" Arreaux by Aerotechclubjuggler2011-07-132008-05-30
Video of my Aerotech "Green" Arreaux from the National Association of Rocketry's National Sport Launch 2008 at Orangeburg, SC, Memorial Day weekend. I flew it on Sunday with an Aerotech F37W-M 29mm ...
2003-03-08 Roborocketry Rocket LaunchRoborocketry2011-05-312008-03-09
Roborocketry launches the following rockets: Estes X-Prize Lucky Seven, Estes X-Prize Guachito, The Wasp, Snitch, Semroc Hydra VII, Alan's Espresso I, Estes Big Daddy, Semroc Aero-Dart, Estes ...
2009 Happy New Yearcdmdjd20072011-07-052009-01-04
Model rocket launches.
3 model rocket launchesdanleggymail2014-01-182009-09-20
3 model rockets. First one catches fire. Second one fly to about 150 feet in the air. Third one even better flys strait up to about 250 feet plus.
4-30-11 A smaller But Very Powerful RocketProfessorVonDart2011-07-042011-05-03
This Little Powerhouse Armed with a good size Aerotech Engine really roared off the rod. And I mean roared, my ears were ringing for around an hour or so after this blaster shot out of the cannon.
5 1/2 Feet BT-80 Rocket Launchtjthev2011-05-292007-06-04
This rocket was launched on June 3, 2007 with a Aerotech G80-10T rocket motor. The entire rocket was custom built from scratch. It had straight flight with slight problems in recovery as the 'chute ...
6ft Rocket On E15-4Wjmmaroli2011-05-292007-09-03
A 6ft model rocket made of estes parts with an E15-4W Aerotech motor. The rocket went 900ft. Sorry about the sound but I will have better quality videos posted shortly.
A8-5 Home made RocketConorsev2011-06-172009-06-11
Home made body with A8-5 estes rocket engen
ACME Rocket - 1st Flightkrustyclown422011-06-272008-05-09
ACME "Wile E. Coyote" styled rocket. www.rocketreviews.com
AeroDart - E18 - Midland Rocketry April 2009
Aerotech Barracuda Rocket Launchjb06ix2011-06-202008-03-31
Aerotech Barracuda with an Aerotech G79 motor.
Aerotech g force on a G40-4W white lightningericdamexican2011-06-032010-07-13
By far my favorite rocket in my collection (for now)! Launched on an aerotech G40-4W on a day out with my family. Recorded by Falon my 11 yo son.
aerotech initiator (blue and yellow)tommieshoes2011-09-092010-08-26
Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA) 18 Apr 2010 (date WRONG on video portion) MPR Aerotech INITIATOR Engine G76-7W, Apogee altimeter read 1763 feet
AeroTech Initiator Model Rocket Launch #2smpltechnologies2012-03-152012-02-07
Aerotech Initiator on a G76-7Gmattieshoes2011-09-222010-06-28
Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) June 27, 2010 Tom Shoemaker's Aerotech Initiator on a G76-7G
Aerotech Initiator on Econojet F20 4Wkitmastercentral2011-06-032006-11-02
Aerotech Initiator on Econojet F20 4W
AeroTech Initiator Rocket Launch 4-29-2012Doug Clark2014-01-172012-04-29
AeroTech Initiator Rocket Launch April 29, 2012. First launch. The rocket was powered by an AeroTech F50-6T. The weather was perfect. The launch was perfect ...
Aerotech Mirage First Flight on AT F40Wsschnege2011-06-262010-11-22
First flight of a stock built Aerotech Mirage kit (29mm motor mount, 7' 3" tall, 2lb 6.5oz without motor). Running out of daylight due to the many launches that day and also a prior failure to ...
Aerotech Strong ArmCanariasRocketry2011-05-292011-05-14
Aerotech Strong ArmIdRocketeer2011-06-242010-11-09
Launch of an Aerotech Strong Arm kit.
Aerotech Strong ARM on a G64-7W RMS motorlongshadow712011-05-292008-07-02
Here's my first G motor launch. Edited for your viewing pleasure!
Aerotech Strong ARM, 22 Aug 2010, G79-7W, MPRtommieshoes2011-06-262010-08-22
Aerotech Strong ARM on G79-7W Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) Launch 22 Aug 2010 Tucson, Arizona
Aerotech Sumo on a CTI 125G131 Smoky Samsigmarockets2011-06-042010-04-19
Watch as this Aerotech Sumo streaks skyward on a CTI 125G131 Smoky Sam rocket motor.
Ahh... the joy of Model Rocketry...Bangkids2011-06-242011-06-05
Ahh... the joy of Model Rocketry...
Alpha III Launch & Recovery (High Quality)shvancy2011-06-172008-06-06
More fun with Estes Rockets
Apogee IV Launch 04-Sep-2010jonny5992011-06-282010-12-28
Launch of Apogee IV high-altitude rocket on a single Estes D12-7. Estimated apogee was around 1500 ft. Flawless launch and deployment of recovery system. But, even with light winds (10 km/hr), drift ...
Apogee Rocket G motorpstick2011-06-262010-11-16
this was a scratch build 29mm using apogee components. It measured 17" and weighed 7oz.
Ashley's Estes Blackbirdcha05cat2011-07-292009-01-11
Astronaut Teddy Bear Launchsuperheadfreak2011-07-052010-02-23
That`s one small step for bear, one giant leap for bearkind!!! Boy Scout Troop 7 Shirley- launching a teddy bear on a rocket.
Automated Rocket Launch Pad v2.0 - May LaunchBrentStrysko2011-07-132011-06-15
Here is the video of three rocket launches MHS Rocketry Club held in May 2011. ARLP v2.0 uses a wireless computer to connect to the launch pad's onboard router which communicates with an ATMEGA88P ...
B-6-4 skytrak model rocket 1200 feet highmrmatt2525able2011-07-092010-10-27
matt b and his dad and his freind lanch a model rocket up to 1200 fett high and the landing included
B6-4 Model rocket launchchrismwpcs2011-11-192011-08-11
Thomas's first model rocket launch Port Hedland oval.
Bertha Rocketartamous2011-06-162006-11-19
Another Estes Bertha
Biff's Rockets (Original YouTube Version)WhiteSnoop442011-06-032009-04-04
Biff decided to go out & buy some model rockets to make so he can "send them into the atmosphere" which in the process he got gorilla glue on his lips so watch this entertaining video of his ...
Big Daddy on a D15-7qquake2k2011-08-212011-02-13
My Big Daddy on a D15-7 reload. Rockets make me smile! SARG launch, February 12, 2011.
Bobcat III Rocket LaunchPyroTimo2011-12-072011-12-04
FINALLY the launch of our Bobcat III rocket, 2 years of work, experimentations on motor, hard problems ... The trigger of the timer don't bascule at the litoff, so the timer don't start and the ...
Bullet Bill Rocket 2swe26002011-06-172011-04-04
My second version of a Bullet Bill-inspired model rocket. Used three Estes D-size engines. Flight-ready model weighed just a hair over 1 lb. Parachute problem was due to a silly, avoidable flaw in ...
Cherokee-G Mid Powered Rocket Launchericleejoe2011-06-262010-08-03
Upscale of the original Estes Cherokee-D rocket launched using a G77 engine. This was designed and built by my friend Roger
Closing Rocket Launch of 2010MAVproductions02011-06-262010-11-14
last launch of the year. two rockets were launched: my new estes skytrax, and the edmonds deltie upscale, the deltie b. will launch in the new year.
Crested Butte Callifornia Rocket Launchhoohoohoblin2011-06-202011-01-24
I went to the high desert, Crested Butte, California, near Palmdale, to camp, hike and launch Estes model rockets. We had an awesome time and hope to launch more rockets in the near future. I am ...
Daddy's Rocket Launch - August 2010Howare552011-09-182010-08-04
Launching Estes Rocket in Marymoor Park in Redmond.
Daemos MkII Launch VideoRatiko2011-06-282010-09-12
This was the 'crunch moment of all my toil, troubles and headaches for this Micro Hybrid. But thats not to say that I did not enjoy every second of it. The Rocket is my scratch built 'Daemos MkII' ...
DE-942 Model Rocket LaunchCaitlin Berchtold2014-01-182013-02-05
AFJROTC DE-942 Model Rocketry Club launches a model rocket after school. Model Rocketry Commander: C/Msgt Caitlin Berchtold.
Der Big Red Max Clone LaunchJason Orosco2012-09-192007-10-21
Just a better close up of the Der Big Red Max clone that I launched a few months ago.
Der Blue Maxorosco832011-07-022008-03-21
This a Estes Der Red Max kit. Just painted the rocket blue and bought the decals from Excelsior Rocketry
Der Red MaxFredrick7032012-09-192011-04-03
Model rocket launch
der White Max..........Estesspenceeee2012-09-192009-05-25
Optional white on der red max..................
Desert Heat 2009 Semroc AeroDartRoborocketry2011-05-312009-05-18
Great flight for RoboRocketry's Semroc AeroDart on an E9-6 motor!
DEVO Rocket launch videolauncheverything2011-12-312011-04-10
Launch of the Devo rocket I made, scratch build. Nose cone turned on a lathe, and balsa fins. Powered by estes d12-5
East High School launches a BIG Rocketmajrivers2012-01-112011-05-26
Master Sargent Luster and a group of East High School students launch a six foot rocket that they built. In all they have launced over 100 rockets! Model rocketry is NOT just a "fun" activity, it ...
EpicConspiracy presents Model Rocketry FAIL!EpicConspiracy2014-05-102011-06-06
Nice June day decided to launch some rockets, and two rockets destroyed,
Estes "Flash" first Launch!DrDave19112011-06-202009-09-26
This is a "snap together" model rocket. No glue required! I used the tiny A8-3 because this is a small playground. Still, it was a lot of fun. And, if you listen, you can hear a child that was ...
Estes (Semroc) Mars Landercdmdjd20072011-05-312009-08-03
Watch our Mars Lander take to the sky on a C6-0 motor. After a failed attempt a few years ago we decided to pick up the pieces and try again. This time it was mission accomplished!
Estes Amazon Rocket Launch #2 (SEE DESCRIPTION!)zeldasonicfan2014-01-172012-09-26
Okay, I did a lot of things wrong in this video. Here is a list of all of them that I can think of: -Launched on a windy day* -Many obstructions such as tree...
Estes Amazon Rocket w/B6-4harmsworth12011-06-222010-08-11
First flight on a windy day. Nice apogee chute deployment.
Estes Big DaddyKeithTX632011-05-312011-02-03
Launching my Estes Big Daddy on an Aerotech E10-4W composite motor. One of the boys from the neighborhood launched it, it was the first time he had launched a rocket.
Estes CC Express LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-09-202010-07-28
Multi-staging at its best! Using two stages for power, CC Express zooms through the sky at supersonic speeds while achieving high altitudes of over 1700 feet. A true modelers kit to build and a high ...
Estes Crossfire model rocket launch Tandem-X launch setEndeavourshuttle2011-05-292010-04-02
This little Crossfire model comes with the Estes Tandem launch set. The streamlined nose cone makes the model an awesome aerodynamic rocket. The red parachute assures a smooth landing. Let's ignite ...
Estes Der Red Max rocket launchjovinohernandez2012-09-192011-11-15
Der Red Max launch with a catch by Zain
Estes Eggscaliber LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-06-202010-07-29
"Wow" four different engine sizes using the same rocket! See just how high you can make this unique rocket fly without breaking the egg. With the soft yellow cushion in the clear see-through egg ...
Estes Gnome LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-09-202010-07-29
An eye dazzling chrome rocket that soars to 800 feet on Estes mini engines! The Gnome comes with a colored body tube and one piece fin unit for quick assembly. Be ready to launch in less than hour!
Estes Gold Strike LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-09-052010-09-17
2 rockets for the price of one. It doesn't get any better than that! The Gold Strike is the first rocket in our Recession Fighter Series and as a bonus, you get the Silver Streak, a mini-engine ...
Estes Helicat Rocket Disasterwainzwhirled2011-08-232011-01-30
Winds were gusting up to 15 mph. We expected there was a good chance for disappointment and disaster. For awhile it looked like a perfect launch, but the helicopter blades and wadding were stuffed ...
Estes Loadstar and Spin Control LaunchMrThatsYe2011-06-202011-04-28
This is a launch of 2 Estes Rockets, the Loadstar and Spin Control. I launched them with C6-5 engines and they went well over 700 feet. Thanks for watching!! Please Like and Subscribe for more!!
Estes Mars Lander (Semroc) with Apogee D10-5Steelhorse19032012-06-122010-09-08
A great launch! using the Apogee D10-5 and a little weight in the nose.
Estes Maxi Alpha 3 Model RocketVT Boy2014-01-172013-06-18
Here is my first ever video recording of my rocket launch. This is an Estes Maxi Alpha 3 rocket using D12-3 engines. Thanks for watching.
Estes Model Rocket Launchpogiguy052011-06-172011-04-04
First rocket launch but should not have due to wind. got stuck in a tree but got it down. Needs some repairs to fly again.
Estes Mongoose with an Eggscaliber payload sectionsigmarockets2011-09-202010-07-23
We modified an Estes Mongoose slightly so that it could carry the egg nose cone from the Estes Eggscaliber rocket. With a B6-0 on the bottom and a B6-4 on the top this rocket takes to the sky in ...
Estes Pro Series II, Mega Der Red Max2xzess2014-01-182013-10-07
2 flights. First flight with a Aerotech G64W, second with a CTI G106 Skid Mark.
Estes rocket basic kit Onboard camera on launch padWIRLESSHOBBYZ2011-09-272010-05-06
Estes Rocket Launchastroboy4492011-08-072011-08-02
Jude & Bret setting off Rocket
Estes Rocket Launch - Spin Control Disaster (HD)MrThatsYe2011-08-192011-03-06
This video ALSO INCLUDES SLOW MOTION!! (1/8) and it is really sweet. It sucked though because it got stuck in a really tall tree (80 ft tall) and theres no way of getting it down. Thanks for ...
Estes Rocketsromanliver2011-06-172008-04-24
A launching session of Estes rockets I built with my friends.
Estes Sky Hawker LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-09-202010-07-29
A rocket that will prey on the clouds, this slick blue bird soars over 1000 feet! No finishing or assembly is required for the Sky Hawker as he comes ready to fly right out of the box. This means ...
Estes Speed Freaks Rocket RTF Launch Set Unboxingpsjdstu2011-06-202011-04-27
Estes Speed Freaks Rocket This is an unboxing video to show you what you can expect to get when you buy an Estes Speed Freak Rocket Launch Set. When you buy it, make sure you check exactly what you ...
Estes Spin Control Rocket Launch and ReviewNacojayProductions2011-06-162011-05-12
a launch and review of the estes spin control model rocket without the spin.
Estes Super Neon Launch ReviewNacojayProductions2011-06-172011-05-30
a launch review of the estes super neon model rocket.
Estes Yankee LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-09-202010-07-29
This Estes rocket is Yankee doodle dandy! The patriotic Yankee is a super performance model with a one-of-a-kind shaped nose cone. The aerodynmaic nose cone gives this patriot the extra push it ...
Excellence in Rocketryjaredforshey2011-08-232011-01-31
Estes Alpha III rocket with 15 year old C engine, plus over a hundred bucks in datalogging electronics as a payload in the nosecone.
First Flight of Public Missiles Limited Io Rocketrbbremer2011-10-052010-03-05
A Public Missiles Io Rocket is shown at it's first launch on February 28, 2010 at the OROC Rocknech Event in Tillamook, Oregon. The rocket was built and flown by Richard Bremer using an Aerotech ...
First Launchspacerock72011-06-282010-01-29
My first rocket launch at Camp Kennedy Space Center in July of '09. They were small, Aerospace estes rockets which were recovered by a streamer.
First Model Rocket Launch!FlashFireGeki2011-06-032010-02-27
Very cool!
First rocket launchcaptainschneiderman2011-08-182011-06-12
First Rocket LaunchesILoveMyABC2011-05-312009-01-25
This is my first attempt at model rocketry and the first launch was perfect. The second went southwith the nosecone and parachute floating away over a large fence into residential village. We did ...
Flanagan Rocket Launchdgaitan2402011-06-242011-03-26
Second rocket launch for Flanagan's 2010-2011 rocketry club. Almost immediately after lift-off, the rocket's trajectory began veering west towards a lake (hence my reaction of "shit") but apart from ...
Fly the SHYTE out of it!! Estes Rocket Porta-Pot shotwarderseeker2011-07-022010-08-31
This was just too funny and irresistable at the local hobby shop. I have an idea for another video with a row of them going off at once, and some other fun. This is a great start though, laugh the ...
First flight of my Flis Kits Frick'nFrack. For some reason it likes to fly sideways.
G Powered Large Model Rocket dropping "helicopters"generalripper19642011-06-222010-06-20
A large model rocket that had a "trap door" to deploy a fleet of small helicopters when at apogee. This was part of the National Sport Launch 2010 at Alamogordo New Mexico.
Grant's rocketTheSHARKHEADS2011-09-202010-08-01
The first and final flight of my 9 foot long "Halfway There", on an Aerotech F40 reload. Not quite sure what happened. The ejection charge did go off, but I think there was too much volume in the ...
HOLY COW ROCKET!!!benhardt572011-06-262011-01-25
10 ft tall, less than 2 lbs, styrofoam, F50-4T motor
Homemade RocketVinegaroon1002011-10-052010-03-03
A Homemade Rocket; will it fly or blow up? Watch to find out!
Hubley Rockets: First powered B launch of Hi-Jinksjohnbignell2011-07-132011-07-08
First powered B launch of Hi-Jinks. No wind at all and perfectly clear skies allowed the test. Perfect launch, perfect parachute deploy. Rocket drifted about 100 yards north. Keagan caught it as it ...
Initiator - First flightjaggiesjim2011-12-312011-12-12
First flight of an Aerotech Initiator model rocket. No eyes were lost in this production.
Launch of model TIN TIN moon rocketbiggles1312011-06-272009-09-06
This is a vid of a model "TINTIN" Moon rocket. flown on high power Aerotech E motor. plan came from the Tin Tin comic book and just scaled up. its made out of builders foam and plywood
LAUNCH VIDEO of "Woody" Rocketlauncheverything2011-12-312011-04-10
I thought this rocket was junk, but MAN it flew nicely. The solid pine nose cone I machined was nice and heavy, making for a straight flight.
Launching an Estes Der Red Max Model Rocketcorywright2012-09-192011-12-23
Launching my model rocket, an Estes 0651 Der Red Max Flying Model Rocket.
Lisa's pool noodle rocket - Lafayette Physics Club Rocket Launch Spring 2010kittycat54882011-09-242010-05-25
Lisa made a rocket out of a pool noodle and won second place in the physics club rocket launch.
LoadStar Rocket-trypiranhakillers2011-06-202010-12-02
LoadStar rocket by estes
LocIV on Redline1tgg2011-06-262008-10-11
This is LOC IV on G71-7R redline. Lauched to about 900'. 4 in. diameter. One of our favorites. It has been launched at least 7 times on G power, once on F52.
Lord Neville 3rd Rocketkrustyclown422011-06-202009-03-28
Scratch-Built Lord Neville 3rd Rocket 'flying' on an Estes C6.
Madcow MIM-23B HAWKtommieshoes2011-06-242010-11-21
Madcow MIM-23B HAWK Mid Power Rocket (MPR) 20 Nov 2010 Engine G76-7G Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc
March 2008 - Model Rocket Launch 1agbert012011-06-192008-03-24
Easter model rocket launches. Just having some safe fun.
Mark 2.6 on Aerotech F24-4WThePbfanatic2011-08-072011-06-17
We launched this on Thursday, June 16 around 8:30 pm. This rocket is an upscale of the Mark 2 rocket.
Mars Lander on an Aerotech D13-4Wmjaxinnovation2012-02-042010-01-17
Watch as this Semroc (Estes) Mars Lander screams off off the launch pad on an Aerotech D13-4W motor.
Marsboy's Aerotech G Force Rocketkrustyclown422011-06-252009-03-28
Marsboy's Aerotech G Force rocket flying on an Aerotech G80-4T.
Mauslands Race Into Space 720pbonkYT2011-06-032010-07-11
Mauslands Space Program. Reaching for the stars with an estes patriot model rocket. A perfect launch!
Max Rebotechnodog142011-06-242010-11-06
Flight of rocket Max Rebo on a single use Aerotech G80-10T motor. Rocksim extimated a little over 1200'.
mean machine rocket launch and parachute failurewatchalewknat22011-06-032010-09-11
the attachment of the nose cone and the parachute failed and the parachute attached to nose cone flew over 3 miles away and was never found
Mid Power Rocket Launch w/ Slow MotionUnboxTechnology2011-07-022011-02-10
I launch the Aura on a G-80-10T. This rocket with this engine goes about a mile high.
Missilefits 2010keaggy2011-07-092010-07-28
The 11th annual launch festivities of the Missilefits Model Rocketry Club, St. Louis, Missouri. Oh yeah. It was a good one. For you, Andrew. www.keaggy.com
Model Rocketbearcat778992011-08-282011-01-03
Launching Estes model rockets up to 500 feet.
Model Rocket - My homemade version of Mercury AtlasNinjaAlien1002011-08-072011-08-01
My new homemade model rocket I build from the estes designer's parts assort.
Model rocket flight - Canberra Rocketry GroupCanberraRocketry2011-06-192011-04-10
Estes 'Big Daddy' on a D12-5 motor
Model rocket launchFredrick7032011-06-202011-02-16
Estes Athena and Shuttle Xpress
Model Rocket LaunchTakuto Kenshin2014-01-182013-01-06
Sorry you don\'t see it go all the way up my mom was taking the video when it was made.
Model Rocket Launch - 3/17/10 [HD]jonrev2011-06-172010-03-18
My return to model rocketry after a nearly 4 year absence, at a new and much larger flying site! Flown: Mercury Redstone [CRASH] Fat-Cat Executioner [DESTROYED] "Canadian V2" Eagle Boost Glider ...
ELKFILMZ: Shooting more Estes rockets with my pop, but now in N.J. 1st. Rocket: Estes Swift 220 mosquito 2nd. Estes Star trooper mosquito 3rd. Estes Amazon w...
Model Rocket Launch: Estes Guardianlandsurfer662014-01-172013-07-21
Alex launching a model rocket we built together. The conditions were excellent with a wind speed of 5 kph (3 mph). We used three engines for this session: B4...
Model Rocket Launch:The ArcasTheRocksRocketGuys2011-05-312009-09-15
Our Aerotech Arcas' not so successful flight. The result of an incorrectly installed igniter in our RMS motor.
Model Rocket Launcheshomeservershow2012-09-192011-09-06
This is a series of three model rocket launches. The first one performed perfectly. The second rocket is Mini Max which takes the smaller engines. I put in a 1/2 engine because of wind and it was ...
My daughter her friend my dad and I were launching some rockets at the Billerica soccer field the other day and we had a BLAST no pun intended.
Model Rocket Launching Part 2Tytybandit_SN!P3Z2014-01-172012-04-04
Launching a model rocket at my house.
model rocket part 2-blast offawesomemohawk2011-06-252007-04-29
WARNING! Loud profanity. I'm sorry, I was startled by the blast off and i can't edit (don't know how or if it's possible). Apogee Aspire model rocket, with an Aerotech G 80 supersonic, 850 mph motor ...
Model rocket testAidan Barrett2014-01-172012-07-23
Model Rocket with Onboard Keychain Camera.jromeo20002011-06-202010-10-24
This is shot from a keychain camera taped on the side of a small 2 foot rocket. I used Estes C-6-3 engines. The last launch in the video was actually my first test flight using an Estes B engine. ...
Model rocketry fumgalaxian Chuck2014-01-182012-11-23
A fun day in the park Deer Park NJ.
Model RocketsBucannan12011-06-232009-02-23
My brother's rocket
Model Rockets 2JumpstyleCAPcadet2011-06-282010-11-21
Collection of 3 model rockets
Modellraketenstart und Absturzoecfk2011-05-292010-09-11
Modified Estes Mean Machine Model Rocket Launchjfabbre2011-07-132011-07-10
We modified the Mean Machine to make it quite a bit lighter by removing the center plastic piece and ditching one of the card board tubes. This video captures the first two launches on a perfect ...
Motorhead's Madcow Little John @ MMRGkrustyclown422011-06-282008-02-16
Motorhead's Madcow Little John flying on an Aerotech SU E30-4 at a recent Melbourne Metro Rocketery Group launch day
My "Marauding Manatee" RocketMaraudingManatee2011-05-292008-05-28
I flew this at a Tripoli Minnesota research launch on G79-4W to about 450 feet. The rocket is made out of 7 oatmeal bins,3 wrapping paper tubes, a speaking trumpet, a golf ball center and some more ...
October Rocketsmicroraver2011-07-052009-10-13
After getting the Oracle as a gift I decided why not give this rocketry thing a try. Launch Day had perfect cloudless blue skies with a whisper of wind. Working my way up in size I tested the launch ...
Odd'l Rockets PIPELINE Spinning Model Rocketjadebox2011-09-282010-04-02
The Odd'l Rockets PIPELINE is a unique model rocket with canted tube fins.
outlaw estes model rocket launchinkdmn6662011-05-292008-08-28
bradleighs first rocket launch
Part 1 Scale Model Rocket Building & LaunchingKUTProductionz2013-03-112012-04-30
This is a 3 part video series showing how I build rockets from scratch. I've built many rockets over the years of and on. I have my Level 1 high Power Certification. But I enjoy flying the small and ...
Photon Model Rocket Test (P-111)TheMastersScience2011-06-032010-05-20
Early test of a Photon model rocket. Parachute did not deploy.
Playing with model rocketsRobert Brown2014-01-182013-08-12
This summer on the last Sunday I had before going back to full time employment (at the college).
Porta-Potty rocketBORGrocketry2011-06-172009-05-21
Porta-Potty model launched at OROC event in Brothers on May 16th, 2009
PVC - RocketMrBourkey2011-06-202009-09-30
Launching a Scratch Built PVC rocket on c6-5 estes motor
Quest Vortex Rocket Setbphobbies2011-06-242011-06-13
Jim tried out the Vortex Rocket Set from Quest. It has everything you need to get into the great hobby of model rocketry. As you can see by the video, you do not need a great big field. Kids LOVE ...
Random Rocket clipsjust1ofgod2011-07-092008-03-28
just some random rocket launches i put up for friends
RMS E motor in hand made rocket - easy flightAzoghlin2011-09-202010-07-17
Rocket in the airTheRatto932012-02-172011-12-27
Rocket Launchalexsalazar222011-07-132010-08-17
Rocket Type: Mid-Power Hobby Rocket Diameter: 3 in. Weight: 1.043 kg Length: 44 in (Airframe + Payload) Motor: Aerotech Composite Model Rocket Motor G40-4W, single stage, 29 mm, 125 grams. Maximum ...
Rocket Launchcaptainschneiderman2011-08-172011-08-14
Estes twister (2008 model) rocket launch
Rocket launchbearcat778992011-08-282011-01-03
Launching Estes model rockets up to 500 feet.
Rocket Launch 1zzefiris2011-06-242011-05-29
The first (and last) launch of my rocket. It was the "Atomic" model from the Custom Rocketry Company using a B4-4 motor with a total impulse of 5 Ns.
Rocket Launch Day 1CAPNDigital2011-06-262009-01-27
This is video of our first Rocket Launch day - Jan. 25, 2009. It included 4 Estes model rockets - including a payload rocket which transported a passenger on it's second launch of the day. Each ...
Rocket Madnesswarderseeker2011-07-082010-09-20
Ever since I brought out that first Port-0-potty rocket a while ago, Kamikaze field and Anarchy have gone rocket mad LOL. We have had all shapes and sizes of starter rockets, some cool ones like the ...
ROCKET MANMrStellerrc2011-06-272010-03-10
Rocket building 101 G80 and triple F Engine rockets.
Rocket Videocdmdjd20072011-05-312009-01-15
Model rocket launches.
Rocket Videoscdmdjd20072011-05-312009-01-24
Model rocket launches.
Rocketry at East High School, Cleveland Ohiomajrivers2012-01-112011-05-24
East High School Air Force JROTC was fortunate to have the Air Force, private investors and the two Air Force Instructors fund its' rocketry program. Although funding is important it would have been ...
Rockets 2008cdmdjd20072011-07-052008-12-06
A series of model rocket launches in 2008.
Rockets in Georgia!brookslens2011-07-132011-07-10
John's first rocket launch
Science club - launching rocketsmanslayer2222011-11-242011-11-08
This is awesome and it's real
Semroc "Trident" Maiden FlightWVEagle812011-05-292010-04-11
Taken at the "Field of Dreams" Ultralight Airpark in San Antonio, TX on 8 April 2010.
Semroc Tau Zeropeter798132011-08-212009-05-25
First three flights, B6-4,A8-3,A8-3
ShockWave model rocket on a C11-3jonrev2011-07-092006-09-20
In 2004 I custom-built a model rocket out of parts to repair two other rockets. The rocket was called ShockWave, after the defunct roller coaster at Six Flags Great America. This flight took place ...
My scratchbuilt Slipstream's maiden flight. Flying on a 29mm Aerotech G53 Fast Jack reloadable motor. Love the black smoke! The Slipstream is 79" long by 3" ...
Spain Rocket Quest motor C6-3AlcoyOscar12011-10-092009-12-20
primer lanzamiento con motores combustible solido
Suburban Rocketry - Bigger balls69RocketBones2011-06-272008-02-23
Launch of Bigger Balls on a E9-6
Sunday afternoon rocket launch1tgg2011-06-262007-09-08
Various rockets launched on a Sunday afternoon. Excuse some of the shakes, I was running out of steam near the end.
Sunspot Acceleration Rocket Test Using My Rocketblake143212011-05-292008-08-19
Rocket designed, made and fired by me. It was designed to house an accelerometer (Sunspot device) to be able to obtain data from a rocket take off. Rocket name: SS Sarah Location: School oval ...
Super Big Disco Berthaguytogo752011-08-072011-05-23
This is an awesome flight of a super awesome rocket. This scratch-built upscale Big Bertha had a great flight on an E20. The flight was almost as rockin' as the paintjob!
Swampfox Rocketry vid 8 Quest Falcon 810 mph launch to 6000 ftverlaly12011-07-132010-03-21
Modified Quest Falcon with G-80-13t motor very fast rocket went through the clouds before motor even burned out, never seen agian
The Rocketeerscamerastan2011-06-272008-05-11
Various shots and slo mo's of rocket launches
Thomas's B6-4 Model Rocket Launch.chrismwpcs2011-11-192011-08-12
Titan Rocket Build & Launch - Over 8 ft. tall!tlgrimmy2011-07-022011-04-17
This is my largest rocket so far. It flies on Aerotech 29mm reloadable motors. This video shows how I built it as well as the inaugural launch on an F40-4W motor.
TRF "Fly the Logo" contest submissionabongdotcom2012-09-192012-06-30
This custom rocket is designed around the rocketryforum.com logo. It is constructed of balsa and tissue over lite ply formers, and is powered by an Aerotech D10-5W composite motor. It features two ...
Tripoli "Oktoberfest" My launch # 1 - E9-4 MotorAtomTrayC2011-12-072011-10-24
This is my first launch of the day, my first launch of an E motor (E9-4), and the first time I am using a Thumb Camera in the payload clear tube. The chute pulled or burned off on this launch. This ...
Tripoli Rocket Launch - Pretty Pink Starshipmboldisc2011-05-292009-07-12
Tonya's pink rocket with glitter and stars taking off.
V2 Fin Model Rocket Physics 11 HomemadeSASJACOB2011-07-092010-12-31
Jacob Trombley & Carol Lam's Model Rocket for Physics 11 Class
Viking Rocket Launchsteller91382011-07-092008-01-21
estes viking rocket launch on a c6-7
Vintage Red Max returns to flight ~30 years latercthenrys2012-09-192009-06-06
Estes Red Max built by me and my Dad a Looooong time ago. The rocket survived many moves and I Decided to return it to flight status with outstanding results. This time I got to launch it with my ...
WATCH IT GO {LOST FOREVER}MrStellerrc2011-06-232010-03-09
First and last launch for the new g80 powered rocket from steller designs.
Wombat's Hustler & the Kiss of Deathkrustyclown422011-05-292009-12-06
Wombat flying his Semroc Hustler with a Pen Cam and Parrot Altimeter as a test payload. Due to the late ejection, the payload bay tore free and ended up landing in the lake at the Dandenong ...
Yeah that mine!mattieshoes2011-09-222010-06-03
The next generation of rocketeers
Estes Mean Machinecdondanville2012-01-242012-01-20
AeroTech F30 FJ
2013-12-07 December ROCK LaunchRoger Smith2013-12-092013-12-08
Video from the December ROCK launch in Oviedo, FL.
Estes Laviathanzhaddock2012-06-102012-04-28
Estes Leviathan maiden flight
Estes Metallizer on an A8-3paulsavia2011-12-062009-12-26
X-mas 2009 launch
estes model rocketsallo4212011-09-202010-07-17
estes skywrighter, speed freak, baby beartha, and blackbird take off.
Estes MongoosePsyicman2011-09-182010-08-03
The first launch went smooth. Uses a B6-0 and an A8-3. The bottom fins got melted some how. The second stage kind of got scorched to. Watch the next launch of this rocket to see me say good bye to ...
Model Rocket - Hi-Jinks Launch 8 (9/14/2010)MMPVideo19812011-10-092010-12-31
First high powered C launch of Hi-Jinks. No wind at all and perfectly clear skies allowed the test. Perfect launch, perfect parachute deploy. Rocket drifted about 300 yards northwest. Daniel caught ...
3 G-motor Launchesmcl7682011-06-242009-01-04
In This Video we launch a home built G size Model Rocket
Apogee Aspire Rocket Sonic Boom!jb06ix2011-06-272008-04-26
Apogee Aspire on an Aerotech G motor
Awesome Third Falcon V LaunchCMStudios72011-06-222008-01-27
This is one of my custom built rockets called the Falcon V. This rocket has two stages and the booster stage has four motor. Here it reached about 800ft and flew over a mile over a hill, a field, ...
big model rocketR0ckzor2011-06-262008-03-15
launching home made model rocket with parachute
Big Orange Rocket Launchshawnmiller20002011-05-292007-04-17
Watch a homemade scratch-built rocket that is over 7 feet tall soar into sky. Launched in Houston, Texas at Rushing Park.
Big Rocketdeadzorz2011-06-232007-05-31
flew ok
Cart's Initiatorcha05cat2011-08-162009-01-14
CC Express First Launchhysbyswr2011-06-222007-03-17
The September 10, 2006 launch of my CC Express model rocket. FLIGHT NUMBER: C0013 ROCKET NUMBER: T0006 ROCKET NAME: CC Express PRODUCT: Estes 1302 LAUNCH DATE: 09/10/2006 LAUNCH TIME: 2:00 pm ...
Dusk Rocket Launchzice392011-06-172007-09-17
Visible flame from an Estes Big Bertha with a C6-5 engine. The paint scheme is a loose homage to the Apollo Saturn 1B.
ESL 80 Suspicion of Extreme Ignorance-pad camVooDooRocketry2011-06-032006-07-03
SOEI didn't hang around on the pad very long, just the way we like it.
Estes "Patriot" model rocket launches - "Holy cow!"sethpnc2011-06-272008-08-15
This was our first time launching model rockets, and all four of our launches were successful. Our first launch wasn't filmed, but that engine was a B4-4 or something and didn't go as high. I then ...
Estes Big Bertha model rocket launchhomerflintstone2011-06-222007-05-27
Estes Big Bertha launches on a C6-5.
Estes Big Daddy Rocket Launch Triple Chute Recoveryapcud72011-06-032008-02-12
Launching The Estes Big Daddy With Alma Colors. Triple Parachute Recovery and D9-6 Motor. The stand was not held down properly and slid during launch. Then the shockcord burned through as well. Alma ...
ESTES ELIMINATOR ROCKETwd3402011-06-162008-04-28
Estes Patriarch Model Rocket - Part 1JollyPandaImports2011-06-262007-09-17
The estes patriarch model rocket - straight out of the box! A demonstration video for assembling the rocket for its maiden voyage. Part 1 focuses on the assembly. Later in part 2, we will attempt ...
Estes Patriot Model Rocket LaunchesSusan402011-06-172008-09-07
My very first model rocket launch using a B64 model rocket motor
Estes Phoenix Model Rocket - Nine Flightshudemaj2011-06-172006-09-22
One mighty fine rocket! This used a "D" size motor. This puppy was always my favourite! Filmed in 1987 and 1988.
First Aerotech Strong Arm Model Rocket Launch At MAM Fieldrktman562014-01-172011-09-12
For my first model rocket launch at the Minot Aircraft Modelers (MAM) Flying Field I will be using the Aerotech Strong Arm. This model rocket features molded...
G Superroc Test flight - March 2007georgegassaway2011-06-222007-08-05
Southern Neutron Team* test flight. 14.75 foot tall all-BT-60 model, powered by a cluster of one F10 and two E6's. This apparently was the first max-length G Superroc to fly successfully. If the ...
High country rocket launch1tgg2011-06-252007-09-08
This is a 6 foot tall 2 1/2 inch diamter rocket launched on an Aerotech F24-7. Approximate altitude was 1000 feet (calculated from a simulator). The launch pad was at about 8500 feet above ...
Lake Ridge Rocketry Club Launch08milluz2011-06-282007-07-03
Nice launch until the rocket went into the tree!
Large Model Rocket Launchtjthev2011-06-032007-06-04
This rocket is made from BT-60 tubing and was custom built from scratch. It was launched using an Estes D engine. This made for a nice flight and recovery.
Mean Machine Model Rocket Launch 1.2rocketbuilder2702011-06-172008-05-11
Mean Machine Model Rocket Launch in high quality! Using d12-3 rocket engine!!!!
Model Rocket Aerotech Mirageflyemhighrockets2011-06-202007-12-29
Model rocket aerotech mirage great flight
MODEL ROCKET LAUNCHCONGA642011-06-282008-03-14
The launch of a 7ft model rocket "Mirage". Ignition was done a little too close. "Man that's LOUD"
Model Rocketsitsnotatumor682011-06-232007-01-12
The first rocket is a single engine, The second is a 5 engine rocket.They said it couldnt be done but I did it. According to the estes corp the second rocket went over 700mph. both were approx 6ft ...
Moel Rocket Launching Off Of A Railflyemhighrockets2011-07-022007-12-29
Great model rocket flight from a rocket being launched from a rail
NASA Backyard Rockets Widescreenleokimvideo2011-05-292009-09-02
Some rocket history via two very different space programs, now presented in High Quality Widescreen and a extra hidden feature space shuttle launch from my personal collection. Between 1986 to 1996 ...
Pad Cam - Estes Super Neon - KARS Aug 2008 Launchkarsnh2011-07-022008-11-15
Slow motion video of ignition and liftoff on a cool tube-finned rocket
Paper Rocket Challenge with Estes Rocket Engines!htmlbandit2011-06-032008-06-17
Build a launch ready rocket using only household items - paper, drinking straws, tape, glue, etc - and estes model rocket engines. Video tape what you have built and make a video response to this ...
Random Rocket VideoPyroGeeks2011-08-282010-12-24
makes me want to launch more rockets, funn
Rocket CatchDaxmontana2011-06-282009-10-28
The Georgia Bloggers et al meet at Shovel Stock 2009. Saturday afternoon was filled with model rocket launches, drinking and conversation. Just Damn!
Rocket Launch - Ferretpakrat9612011-07-022006-08-23
Second launch of my scratch-built model rocket, Ferret. LaunchStats- Length: 9 ft Diameter: 4.5 inches Weight: 4.4 lbs Propellant: Cluster of four Aerotech G80-10T motors Max altitude: 2200 ft Max ...
Rocket launch and assembly - Big Berthaepicfantasy2011-08-312010-03-19
I show you the launch and assembly of the Estes Big Bertha rocket. This is a good introduction to the hobby of model rocketry. It is a very big rocket (Biggest skill level 1 that estes makes. It is ...
Rocket Launch of the LOC Nuke Pro Maxxapogeerockets2011-06-222011-03-31
This model rocket is the Loc Nuke Pro Maxx kit. It is being flown on a Cesaroni G55 rocket engine. 
Some of my 2006 rocketsIanCalton2011-06-282007-02-02
Some of my 2006 rockets
Spudnik LaunchRocketTCoyote2011-06-282009-10-27
A little foam ball with dowel rod antenna representing the Soviet Sputnik is lofted at the Alpena MI CRTC during the week of the GLR CAP Summer Encampment 2009. The cheapest model rocket out there, ...
Star Wars Rocket and Semroc Hustlercdmdjd20072011-05-312008-09-24
This is a launch of the Estes Star Wars Star Destroyer model rocket followed by the Semroc Hustler.
Suburban Rocketry - Big Balls69RocketBones2011-05-292007-03-18
Scratch built 24mm D engine rocket. Maiden launch.
Supersonic Model RocketsCalvertfilm2014-01-182007-09-17
Various launches of modified Estes kits by Laurie Calvert. These flew on Aerotech Ammonium Perchloride motors such as an E25-7 for the converted 18mm Zinger ...
The first public 29mm Sky Ripper hybrid motor launchVooDooRocketry2011-06-222007-01-18
The 29mm Sky Ripper Systems 29mm hybrid motor debuted at LDRS 23. The cool little nitrous oxide powered rocket worked out to about a G 63.
the Rockets of JBlancsJHBlancs2011-06-222011-04-15
my family has a TON of rockets. Here's a small sample.
Willzyx's Trip to the Moonvoges52011-07-042006-11-26
Video of model rocket launch (with killer whale chained to it) inspired by the "South Park" episode "Free Willzyx" in which the boys launch a killer whale to the moon to rescue it from capivity.
Estes Big Bertha Model Rocket LaunchGenzod702011-08-212011-06-12
Estes Mini Max at Maltby Fieldnortran112012-05-232012-04-11
Fight flight of Estes Mini Max on 1/2A3-4T at Maltby Field in Bothell. Great flight, about 200 feet...landed within 20 feet of the pad. Great little small field rocket!
Estes Outlaw LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-09-202010-07-29
The Astron Outlaw is an E2X (Easy to Assemble) rocket that is easy to build and can be ready in about an hour. With a chromed fin set and nose cone, the Outlaw is really easy to spot on the launch ...
Estes Patriot Rocket Launchcarlinvieri2012-02-202012-02-19
Launching an Estes Patriot at Moffett Field (hosted by Lunar) on Feb 18, 2012 with the Las Lomitas Rocket Club. First launch, on a B engine.
Estes Python Launchpaulsavia2011-12-292009-07-12
Python Launch
11 Launches in 30 seconds69RocketBones2011-06-172006-11-23
11 model rockets launched to the legendary rock of Cold Chisel, "Standing on the Outside".
A few model rocket launchesMarkFromHawaii2011-06-172007-06-07
My son's Estes Patriot and my Blue Ninja. We almost lost the Patriot about 3 times and the Ninja flew just once. We thought the field was big enough for its maiden voyage but the big blue ended up ...
Aerotech Arreaux First Flightstealthfixr2011-05-292009-02-14
Flew on an AT F52-8T reload at the Tripoli ICBM Orangeburg SC launch, 8 Feb 09. Winds were about 10-15 mph. The rocket is stock, save for an extra long, tubular nylon recovery harness.
Alpha 3 Rocket LaunchTheMastersScience2011-09-242010-05-20
First launch of my Estes Alpha 3. Complete success!!! All systems worked normally. sites.google.com for info
Arrow 2 on C6-5DTHRocket2011-07-052008-08-26
I don't fly quite as much low-power model rockets anymore, but the day was just so nice, and none of my G-motor rockets were ready to go (one is at the MN State Fair), so I launched one of my old ...
Birthday Rockets 2007 - Video Rocket FlightDavidianAndFriends2011-06-282007-03-28
First test flight of eyeRocket II with an onboard camera - big rocket goes up and goes boom. An egg flies with only 3 inches of pool noodle for protection.
Delta IV HeavyDeltaIV2011-05-292007-03-31
Delta IV Heavy Scale Model Launch at NEFAR - March 10, 2007
Der Big Red Max LaunchJason Orosco2012-09-192007-08-05
Launch Video of Der Big Red Max I built from scratch.
ESTES Alpha III® Rocket TestflexxxHD™2014-01-172012-11-12
My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/flexxxHD Alpha III is the very first E2X - Easy to Assemble rocket. The one piece fin unit makes it easy to build fo...
Estes Astro Vision Rocket Launchtodntes2011-06-172007-11-24
Estes Astro Vision Camera Rocket Launch in Auburn Washington with kick A@@ tunes.
Estes Patriarch Model Rocket - Part 2JollyPandaImports2011-06-262007-12-30
The estes patriarch model rocket - straight out of the box! Here in part 2, we demonstrate multiple launches.
Estes Rocket- Athena Launch27soccerchic2014-01-172013-04-07
This is my first rocket launch! It was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. The rocket went over 1000 ft into the air and traveled about a m...
Fiesta Island DART Rocket Launching!skarule142011-07-132008-11-22
DART (Diego Area Rocketry Team) hosts numerous rocket launching events. This shows that even a failed rocket can be entertaining!
Flight of the ThunderbirdCMStudios72012-07-182008-05-28
This is an awesome video of my Thunderbird custom built rocket. I built it in one hour from a bunch of spare parts. It's five feet tall and ran off a Aerotech F-22. It reached over 2000 feet. Please ...
Hi-Flier Rocket Launchbostonnole2011-06-152007-10-14
Our first attempt to build and launch a model rocket.
HOMEMADE MODEL ROCKET PROJECT AWESOME!!!!! G-79phantomjr82011-07-042009-02-27
This is a model rocket that I designed and built for my college physics class. It is made entirely of common materials not manufactured for model rocketry. It is powered by an Aerotech G-79 motor ...
How to make the Estes Amazon Model Rocketepicfantasy2011-06-262008-01-30
A look at the Plastic model rocket by Estes called the "Amazon". It's an easy to make rocket that is 36 inches tall and comes in the Tandem X Kit.
Lanzamiento de un Cohete de Modelismo - Model Rocket LaunchKajhuna2011-07-022009-12-21
Lanzamiento de un cohete amateur, en Chihuahua, 20 de Dic 2009.
LUNAR rocket launch Feb 21, 2009jazzgeorge2011-06-242009-02-23
A video of my first model rocket launch. The rocket is a Madcow Momba with a F42 motor. The launch is at Moffett Field at Nasa Ames.
Model Rocket Collection #5: Estes 220 SWIFTDireR/C2014-01-182010-01-18
Slideshow of the Estes 220 SWIFT. VERY SMALL model rocket. It takes a smaller size of an engine than average size rockets. Very easy to build. Don\'t forget t...
Model Rocket LaunchDrood1232011-06-172007-07-16
We launched a Estes Outlaw up to 600 ft (200 m) (70 story building).
Model Rocket Launchphocksden2011-07-092006-04-28
Blue, Halen, CJ, and myself, church parking lot near our home. Launching both stealth bombers and a f12 fighter
Model Rocket Launch from R/C Boat -- crashes and burnsRapidnadion2011-06-192007-08-03
This scratchbuilt recoverable rocket fires from the deck of the 40-inch RC destroyer "702" -- and has a problem. Rocket almost crashes into cameraman, who catches a few frames of the engine smoking ...
model rocket part 1-ready to launchawesomemohawk2011-12-082007-04-29
getting ready to launch an Apogee Aspire rocket with Aerotech G80 composite model rocket motor, supersonic, 850 mph. see the blast off in the part 2 video
Model Rocketscdmdjd20072011-07-052009-02-27
Model rocket launches.
Model rockets rock.MFPOD2011-05-312008-05-15
One of my first launches after getting back into model rocketry after 20 years. Grandma, Grandpa and 3 year-old Charlie provide the launch countdown.
Multiple Model Rocket Launches - E Engine Mean Machineauburntaco2011-06-282008-04-04
We spent some time down on the Curry Farm and launched several rockets. We lost a Mean Machine to a tree and launched a couple at the same time. We got most of our rockets back, so it was a good ...
Launching 4 inch model rockets. Replayed at 1/10th normal speed.
rockets 1cyrus9879872011-07-042007-11-20
vids of rockets that i have built
Semroc Aero-Dart Econojet F23-7FJ SUkitmastercentral2011-05-312006-11-06
Semroc Aero-Dart launched on an Aerotech F23-7FJ single use motor.
Semroc Tau Zerokrustyclown422011-12-292009-12-06
Textbook flight of the Semroc Tau Zero on an Estes B6 motor. Recovery via parachute
Sweet Awesome Estes Rocketsnydertherider2011-06-172007-05-24
Upscale Der Red MaxJason Orosco2012-09-192008-04-27
Did a upscale of the Estes Der Red Max 1.59. Good flight tore two of parachute lines lose no damage to the rocket.
Winter Ice RocketsDavidianAndFriends2011-06-282007-03-29
December launches while my buddy is in town. Spin stabilised tube launched two engine cluster rocket and the flying clarinet - "rockinet".
Estes PCM F-106 Delta Dart launchzaphodbebleebrox2011-12-042011-06-14
Estes PCM F-106 Delta Dart launch
Hercules 2 model rocket launchFinnrocketman2011-08-082011-07-31
This is the final launch of Hercules 2, which is a one stage payloader. Kronos 2 is partially based off it. I constructed this rocket in december, shortly after I retired Hercules 1 in november. ...
Mean Machineqquake2k2012-08-092012-02-06
Kit's pink Mean Machine. He thinks it was a C11-3, not t D12-3. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12.
Model Rocket Launch - FireHawkcjsinclair2011-06-262010-09-06
Launching the Estes FireHawk, (0804), Model Rocket, (from Dundas Valley Hobby), with a single stage Estes A10-3T engine, on a windy and chilly September afternoon. The rocket had too much wadding in ...
Stealth Jr. Aerotech G80sddds132014-01-172010-04-12
First launch of my level 1 cert rocket, altitude was about 1400 feet. Temp was 65 degrees, wind slight 2-4 mph breeze, beautiful day. Rocket landed about 75 yards from launch tower. DIAMETER : 2.6 ...
'I LOVE TOKYO'michianarocketry2011-10-082011-01-30
My scratch built "Who's Your Daddy?", an upscale Big Daddy. 4" diameter, 34"tall. First flight, on a G53 Black Jack reload. A little squirrely off the pad, but otherwise a good flight. SARG Launch, ...
My good old Executioner on an E11-3J reload. It got a little squirrely off the pad due to the wind. SARG Launch, March 10, 2012.
Estes QCC Explorer on an E9-6. Nice flight. That is one sweet flying rocket! SARG Launch, January 14, 2012.
My scratch built Step It Up, flying on a G53 Fast Jack motor. Maiden voyage, I used one of my homemade igniters. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011
My modified (1/8" plywood TTW fins, ejection baffle, zipperless design) Estes Vagabond on an E9-6 motor. SARG Launch, 03-16-13.
My scratch built Blood Sucker (an upscale Mosquito) on an E9-6. SARG launch, 12/10/11.
The bottom section of Ion Disruptor falling free. It suffered a broken fin on landing. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12.
The wind was so strong it was dragging the Executioner on the ground. SARG Launch, March 10, 2012.
My scratch built upscale EAC Viper XL. Maiden flight on a G64 White Lightning. Awesome flight! LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, March 3, 2012.
Blood Sucker landing on its homemade chute. SARG launch, 12/10/11.
QCC Explorer landing on its plastic chute. SARG Launch, January 14, 2012.
Step It Up landing. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011
My Estes Vector Force's maiden flight, on a B6-4. SARG Launch, March 12, 2011.
The first launch of Kit's Big Pink. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011
The Bloodsucker on an E9-6. The delay was a little long, and I didn't have enough dog barf in it so the chute melted a little. But otherwise a good flight. Love those long burning E9's! SARG Launch, ...
My scratch built Stairway To Heaven, on a G53 Blackjack reload. 9-1/2 feet tall, 2.6" diameter. SARG launch, 12/10/11.
Big Bad Burt's first flight on a G53 Fast Jack reload. I drilled the delay to 6 seconds, which was a little too long. But otherwise a great flight. Love those smoky motors! SARG Launch, January 14, ...
Kit's Squat on an H165 Redline, I believe. SARG Launch, 02/16/13.
Kit's upscale Baby Bertha. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
Burt landing on his 36" neon green nylon parachute. SARG Launch, January 14, 2012.
My Estes Executioner on an E11-3 reload. SARG Launch, March 12, 2011.
Tank Girl returning to Earth. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, March 3, 2012.
My scratch built Triumvirate on an E28 reload with one of my homemade igniters. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
Wes' scratch built Big Red, on a G53 Black Jack. Great flight, Wes! LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, March 3, 2012.
My scratch built Bloodsucker on a D12-5. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12.
Triumvirate landing on its homemade chute. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
Bloodsucker landing. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12.
Another of Kit's finned rockets. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
1-16-10 Closeupjschubz2011-07-132010-01-22
Our home made rocket. Made of wrapping paper tube with paper fins made from enlarged FlisKit plans. Internally glued paper nosecone. 1st flight was a heads up with an A8-3, small for safety...
100 303795kodiac2012-02-112011-01-16
Kit's rocket returning on its chute. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
My scratch built Blood Sucker, an upscale Mosquito, on a D12-5. It's always a fun flyer. The chute got tangled, but opened at the last minute. It landed right next to the pad. Poor man's dual ...
Kit's Big Pink on a G76, I believe. He used one of my homemade igniters. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011
A two motor cluster Dueces Wild. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
My scratch built Soothsayer's first flight, on a 38mm G61 White Lightning reload, drilled to 6 seconds. I lost sight of it in the haze, so didn't get video of the deployment. Very nice flight, I was ...
One of Kit's rockets. SARG Launch, March 12, 2011.
Soothsayer landing on its 36" nylon chute. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 04/07/12.
My Super Alpha on a C6-5. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
My Super Alpha landing with its chute tangled. Thankfully, no damage. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
My scratchbuilt Step It Up on a G53 reload. SARG Launch, March 12, 2011.
1994 - Jonathan - Model RocketsJon Herr2014-01-182009-12-01
1994 - Jonathan - Model Rockets.
2"mailer tube model rocketlandingtheeagle12012-02-202012-01-30
This is my 2"mailer tube scratch built..flew great on a D12-5.Was thinking about a E18 reload...yikes
2009-04-12 - Aerotech Astrobee D Flight 008 - G64W-7 - Ground View - FC100 - FH20bguffer2012-04-172009-04-14
2009-04-12 - Aerotech Astrobee D Flight 008 - G64W-7 - Ground View Casio FC100 on the left. Casio FH20 on the right.
2009-04-12 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 010 - G76G-4 - Ground View - FH20bguffer2012-04-172009-04-14
2009-04-12 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 010 - G76G-4 - Ground View - FH20
2010 08 21 Flying model rockets at Fentress with SEVRAdlucy672011-06-192010-08-22
Ethan and Joshua Hall nd Morgan and Rowan Ash fly model rockets at Fentress air field.
2011 11 19 Jean Lake Launch #1 Ground viewAtomTrayC2011-12-072011-11-28
F motor launch #1 at the Tripoli monthly launch - Jean Lake Nevada.
2011 11 19 Jean Lake Launch #2 Ground viewAtomTrayC2011-12-072011-11-28
F motor launch #2 at the Tripoli monthly launch - Jean Lake Nevada.
2011-04-30 Boris Katan flight, CMASS Amesburydave92f12012-01-112011-07-15
2011-07-16 CMASS Aerotech G350dave92f12012-02-112011-07-16
Howard Greenblatt's Black Brant on an Aerotech J350
20110924 CIA HIGHFLYERXL E9 6Grimracer12011-12-012011-09-25
3, 2, 1.....blast offbhcbailey2011-08-272011-01-04
Model rocketry
3FNC MiniMontyProductionsInc2011-11-052010-06-20
Part of the astre launch
3rd flight of Proto card clone of Centuri ThunderfighterAXE313692011-08-272010-05-20
4th Launchtimgeek2011-07-022008-07-08
Estes Big Bertha model rocket launched in Alexandria, VA near the Braddock Road Metro Station. C engine.
6ft rocket launch comparisonLERvideo2011-06-272009-03-03
League of Extraordinary Rocketeers challenge VI (taller than 72") side by side comparison of launch and apogee.
8-19 5' tall rocket launchibmman852011-05-292011-05-10
This is from my other camera. Aerotech blackmax G.
A perfect launchprashantrashmi2011-08-072011-08-04
A launch of the Estes rocket "Mean Machine," a six foot seven inch rocket.
A Rocket Called StumpyRockaeologist2011-08-192011-08-15
A damaged rocket my friend created a longggg time ago.
a typical model rocket launch. / Der Red Maxpotatothorn2012-09-192012-07-24
Launching a Red Max model rocket at The Grange, a small park in Sayville, NY. as per usual, the first countdown ends in a spectacular silence/ i got it to go eventually/ The igniters (you push a ...
A-7 Corsair II @ CMASS Launch, Amesbury, MA 10-23-10dlazarus66602011-10-132010-11-09
AAW Dragonfly B2-5rocketreviews2011-05-292008-05-22
Launch Video for a Review: www.rocketreviews.com
Aerotech Arcas LaunchEeeebeeeE2011-05-292011-05-15
First Midpower rocket I launched. Used a G64-7W, and the rocket roared off the pad. Great flight. Event happened right at apogee, and it landed between two huge puddles in a field. No damage...but ...
Aerotech ARCAS on an Aerotech G40-7 Motor - CRMRCDWM2312011-06-032010-12-20
Launched at a monthly club launch of the Champlain Region Model Rocket Club (CRMRC) on June 12, 2010 from the St. Albans launch site. The 7 second delay turned out to be more like 3 seconds, but no ...
Aerotech Arreaux 29mm Rocket F-powered High Altitude Launchwainzwhirled2011-08-082011-08-02
Rocket: Aerotech Arreaux Engine: F40 White Lightning Apogee: 1975 feet Max Speed: 282 mph
Aerotech Arreaux G64 10bukowskiredsox2012-04-052011-03-15
Aerotech G-Force Rocket Kittbgiambruno2011-12-312011-12-31
Lucerne dry lake bed, G rocket motor launch.
AeroTech Initiator Model Rocket Launch #1smpltechnologies2012-03-152012-02-07
Aerotech Initiator with F26-FJBrentHamm2011-06-252010-10-10
I got a little excited thinking the chute was not deploying...
Aerotech Mirage on a 29mm Aerotech G53FJ "Black Max" motorsschnege2011-05-312011-01-23
After 3 failed attempts to ignite an Aerotech G76G "Green Mojave" motor ($6 down the tubes just for igniters) on this rocket, I switched to a different motor: a G53 Fast Jack "Black Max" smokey ...
AeroTech Phoenix boosting on F50 motorparkysjc2012-02-172011-09-12
This is an external view of the same Phoenix flight as the onboard video. It shows how fast it was really going!
Aerotech Tomahawkepic272011-06-262008-09-29
Aerotech ISQY Tomahawk w/ a f20-7w engine, maiden and last flight. Couldn't find over two hours of searching. Give me a break, it's been about 11 years since i flew a model rocket, and never one ...
Aerotech Wart Hog Rocket G Powereddrvonhoss2011-07-312011-07-21
Video worth watching ends at :15
AIDS Model Rocket Launch 2010 Physics 11SASJACOB2011-07-132010-12-31
Nathan & Jacobs Rocket
Airpower (model rockets)Calvertfilm2014-01-172008-12-08
H.A.R.T. Hornchurch Airfield Rocket Team (UK) flying model rockets in the late nineties. See an Aerotech E-25 powered supersonic Merlin (converted Zinger) re...
Alex Launches a Rocket "Little Rascal"launcheverything2011-12-312011-04-10
Congratulations dude!
Alien8 rocket launchmicahnorris252011-07-132011-06-13
Josh's alien8 fliskit rocket launch on June 12 2011
Alpha Rocket launch 12-11-11dlazarus66602012-03-242011-12-11
Alpha Rocket launched on Sunday afternoon on 12-11-11. Most likely the last launch of the year 2011.
Amazon and Crossfire rocketsPsyonicwombat2011-07-052010-03-02
Launching rockets in a nearby park
Annual Rocket launch Mulholland Party Aerotech MirageKoffee872011-08-082011-07-13
AJ pulls the switch? Aunt Joan races home minutes before launch LOL Troy built this one
Anthony's Orange Rocket, first flight of two, hand held cameraIdRocketeer2011-08-192011-04-11
Anthony flew this rocket twice today. This is the first of the two launches.
Anthony's Orange Rocket, second flightIdRocketeer2011-08-192011-04-10
Anthony flew this rocket twice today. This is the second of the two launches.
Apogee Aspire on Apogee F10jfsullyjfsully2012-07-152012-05-06
Minimum diameter 29mm rocket does a disappearing act on a long-burn motor.
Apogee Aspire on F26JTimtheycallme2011-11-202011-11-06
My Aspire again, my first rocket, on an Aerotech F26J. I fiberglassed the fins on, other than that stock build.
Apogee Aspire on F40WTimtheycallme2011-11-202011-11-06
My first foray into rocketry, second flight. Apogee Aspire kit, no electronics (because of high risk of loss of rocket due to extreme altitude and small size). Aerotech F40W; est. altitude=3800ft, ...
Arcas groundTIRrocketry2011-12-292010-04-11
My Aerotech HV Arcas on a G64-7
ARK 1 - the club model rocket kitballtip2011-06-192007-10-06
This is a test flight of a model rocket that will be sold as a kit by our rocket club. The design is our own, and we will sell it with instructions written in Swedish. The name "ARK 1" comes from ...
Artemis X2 mission ALS-033 : "Garfield" launching to test new "anti-zipper" modification.CPGAerospace2011-07-132011-07-09
Artemis X2 rocket "Garfield" taking to the sky again after nearly a year to test out new anti-zippering modifications.
Ashley's Blackbird Scratch buildcha05cat2011-07-222009-01-11
Ashley's Estes Patriotcha05cat2011-07-132009-01-11
Quest Astra III on an Estes C6-3. Streamer recovery.
Astron Outlaw Estes Rockets (feat. Fluke 73III Multimeter)GMSamuelRhine2011-06-282009-07-26
My Astron Outlaw made by Estes Rockets. Unfortunately this rockets hasn't kissed the sky yet. ive tryed to launch it a few times but it suffered ignition and engine failure. i stuck the igniter in ...
Astronaut Barbie Fliesscsager2011-12-292010-08-02
The second launch of Astronaut Barbie is a success.
AT Initiator Oct Fun Flydennisjzim2011-06-252010-10-10
Aerotech Initiator on F40 Whitelightning
Aurora X5 "Firefly" Maiden FlightCPGAerospace2011-07-132011-01-18
What a flight! The maiden voyage of the Aurora X5 "Firefly". She flew remarkably well. Enjoy!
Aurora X5 Omnia - flight 4 October 23, 2010CPGAerospace2011-07-052010-10-23
My last launch of the day during the MTMA October 23, 2010 meet. Got ground footage with the iPhone, and onboard video from the rocket.... Flown on an Estes E9-4. Ejection was a bit short as the ...
Autumn RocketryMrTridmiy2014-01-172011-10-24
Двигатель - МРД 5. ------------------------------ rocketry discount rocketry wildman rocketry estes rockets rocketry online how rockets work model rocketry m...
B6-4 MysticDgardei2011-07-132010-10-24
I launch my unpainted Fliskits Mystic with a Quest B6-4. Launched Oct 23rd, 2010, Amesbury, MA
Bedknobs and a Broomstick at Snow Ranch - Dec 3, 2011.movammPilot2011-12-312011-12-05
Bedknobs and a Broomstick, launched at LUNAR's Snow Ranch launch, December 3, 2011. She flew on an Aerotech G64-4W; this was the first flight follow repairs to the body of the rocket. A friend ...
Beedrill on an A8-3paulsavia2011-12-062009-12-26
A kit-bashed Cosmic Cobra
Ben launches an Estes Rocketsmachuga2014-01-182012-03-11
Ben launches an Estes Rocket.
Ben's First Model Rocket Launchdaveheimdrums2011-07-022008-11-18
Ben's first rocket launch. Launched at the NIRA (Northern Illinois Rocketry Association) Club launch - November, 2008. Estes Speed Freak with B6-4 engine.
Best rocket launch of the daysegorov2011-07-312011-07-05
Best rocket launch of the day 
Better Quality Video of Titan Rocket Launch - 8ft. 9in. Rockettlgrimmy2011-06-032011-04-29
The picture-in-picture version in my other video somehow degraded the quality of the initial videos, so I thought I'd upload the original for kicks. Hope you enjoy!
Big Aerotech G-Force Rocket Launch with G80 Blue Thunder Enginewainzwhirled2011-08-082011-08-02
Carson Valley Rocket Festival Date: July 24, 2011 Rocket: Aerotech G-Force Length: 60 inches Diameter: 4 inches Weight: 2 lbs Engine: Aerotech G-80 Blue Thunder (most powerful engine not requiring ...
Big Baby Bertha on D12-5, January 14, 2012o1ddude2012-01-202012-01-18
This is an upscale version of the Estes "Baby Bertha" that I built. It flies rather nicely. Rocket Science - Making everything else look simple since 1958!
Big Baby Bertha on Estes D12-5 at LUNAR launch Snow Ranch Mar 3, 2012o1ddude2012-03-092012-03-05
This is my scratch built upscale of the Estes Baby Bertha which I call "Big Baby Bertha". All did not go well on this launch. On the first go round, the igniter shorted out due to the traffic on ...
Big Balls Rocketstuntkunt2011-06-272008-07-21
Model rocket launch and retrieval
Big Bertha rocket at CMASS launch 11-5-11dlazarus66602012-03-242011-11-06
Big Bertha rocket at CMASS launch 11-5-11
big daddymattieshoes2011-09-222010-06-03
Video of dad's Big Daddy
Big Daddy Estes Rocketartamous2011-06-272006-09-05
Launch Big Daddy Estes Rocket
Big Daddy Launch at Moffett Fieldcarlinvieri2012-02-202012-02-19
Launching an Estes Big Daddy on an E engine at Moffett Field (hosted by Lunar) on Feb 18, 2012 with the Las Lomitas Rocket Club.
Big Daddy Rocket Launchrocketbuilder2702011-06-032008-05-11
Watch the Big Daddy Model Rocket Launch! This rocket is using a C11-3 Engine!
Big Daddy's RocketMrNiceGuy9632011-06-272010-08-16
"Big Daddy" Model Rocket from Estes. I built this rocket and detonator box for my boy (The one playing in dirt). He liked watching the Discovery Channel's LDRS show so I thought he would enjoy this. ...
Big Lincoln 1 - Rocket Launch Video (2/2)spydermanrick2011-07-312011-05-03
This video shows two launches, (1) the first launch of a single G40-powered rocket and, (2) the second and final launch of the "Big Lincoln 1" rocket. The Big Lincoln 1 is single stage high powered ...
Big Pink II on G76-5 at LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch Mar 3, 2012o1ddude2012-03-092012-03-05
March 2012 LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch: This is my tube fin rocket "Big Pink II" going up on an Aerotech G76-5. Yes, I had to drill out the delay to accommodate the extra weight of this big beast. ...
Wesley's scratch built Big Red. First flight on an F52 reload. Great flight, Wes!
My smiley face Big Daddy rocket on a C11-3 at Snow Ranch.
Binder Design Excel Junior E16-Wchemistian2011-06-282008-12-23
My Binder Design Excel Junior rocket going off on an Aerotech E16-7W on August 24, 2008. The ejection charge came out early. The clouds came in later in the day.
Blast Off!d65fitzer2012-09-192010-06-14
Model Rocket launch played in slow motion.
Blue Ninja Launch 0001DCNutz2011-10-202009-01-18
Blue Ninja Rocketwainzwhirled2011-08-242011-01-26
Sorry for the poor grade cell phone video quality. Estes has been thoughful enough to include a BIG "D" engine rocket in their EZ to build lineup that you can build even while lying injured in bed. ...
Blue Thunder Interceptor Ewainzwhirled2011-08-072011-08-02
Winner of the First Annual Carson Valley Rocket Festival Make: Estes Model: Inteceptor E Length: 39" (99.06 cm) Diameter: 2.0" (50.8 mm) Motor Mount Size: 24mm diameter Weight (without motor): 11.6 ...
Bottle Bat 3.0 (tube fin rocket) on G76-7G at Snow Ranch Feb 2, 2012o1ddude2012-03-012012-02-06
This was the first flight of this tube fin rocket. I used a G76-7G motor with delay shortened to 5 seconds. Turned out to be a good choice and the chute deployed just after apogee. The Jolly Logice ...
Building Semroc Centurianrocketreviews2011-06-232007-07-19
Building Semron Centurian: www.rocketreviews.com
Bulletproof Estes Guardian model rocket launchAdamJBurgett2011-08-162011-03-02
Fiberglassed and heavily modified Estes Guardian kit, flying on a D12-7. Inspired by an article in Sport Rocketry magazine. Featuring Sarah on the red button.
Busy Little Bees rocket 7-30-11diaperlord2011-08-072011-07-30
Quest Big Betty in the colors of Emory & Henry College's Busy Little Bees on an Estes B4-4.
C6 TartarDgardei2011-07-132011-04-13
My Fliskits Tartar takes off with an Estes C6-3. Red Glare X - Filmed by Sean Lucey
C6-3 Asteroid HunterDgardei2012-04-172012-04-14
I launch my Estes Asteroid Hunter with another C6-3. I believe the wobbly flight is due to whiplash. Maybe the C6 doesn't have enough oomph. Parachute tangled and the rocket landed hard on the ...
C6-3 Astroid HunterDgardei2012-04-172012-04-11
My beautifully finished Estes Asteroid Hunter takes off with an Estes C6-3 motor. I replaced its dual 12" parachutes with a single 18" parachute.
C6-5 powered model rocketgod240zilla2011-06-172009-05-25
Mile High Mayhem rocket shoot at Pawnee National Grasslands in Colorado
CAP Cadet's Cosmic CobraRocketTCoyote2011-06-272011-01-10
Cadet Capt. Johnny Johnson flies his Estes Cosmic Cobra for the WEYI News team during the first-ever Michigan Wing Model Rocketry Challenge. The event was held near Frankenmuth, MI in August 2010.
CAPSTONE Rocket John HatfieldHoldingSorriah2011-12-312011-12-12
Ground video of the launch of my custom built high powered rocket
Catching a Model RocketCalvertfilm2011-08-212007-09-17
Cameraman - Laurie Calvert - actually catches a Big Bertha rocket whilst filming it.
Centuri F-4 Fighter Fleet Rocket launched on a Estes C6-5dlazarus66602012-06-292011-09-18
Centuri F-4 Fighter Fleet Rocket launched on a Estes C6-5 North Berwick,Maine 9/17/11
Centuri Razorqquake2k2011-10-052010-02-14
Centuri Razor tube finned rocket. On a C6-5. Wild flight! LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, 021310.
cheetah G77bukowskiredsox2011-06-242010-11-18
Aerotech Cheetah with a big engine
Chris Valinth's PML Phobos with G64 motorMikeBar20042011-07-312011-02-13
A 57-inch long, 2-inch diameter rocket capable of flying on a J350 motor. Luckily, Chris selected a G64 for our model rocket launch and had two successful flights.
Christmas Day launch 002.AVIAXE313692011-12-292009-12-25
2009 Holiday Bell flying model rocket launched using an Estes B6-4- Bunny (Val) is so happy!
Christmas Day launch 004.AVIAXE313692011-12-292009-12-25
2009 Holiday Flying Model Rocket launched using an Estes C6-3. The reovery system deployed properly, even though the engine itself spit out the back! Christmas Miracle/help? :)
Code Red Model Rocket LaunchKerbalStyle2014-01-172013-10-01
Small rocket with a B engine in it. Not amazing but still pretty cool!
Corona Without Booster.AVIFrankenvideo12011-12-012011-11-24
Fliskits Corona, without booster, on an Estes C6-3. Some coning seen.
Corrugated Cardboard Model Rocket Prototype (Test Launch)encece2011-07-132011-07-08
Rushing to beat the thunderstorm, we forgot the launch plate. Tested with an A motor/engine. I think I had too big of a parachute in the rocket, stuffed in too tight. It shot the motor out instead ...
Cosmik Debris flightWallyum2011-12-062007-03-13
First flight of my Cosmik Debris rocket. It would become debris on the second flight. Sorry about the big donkey braying throughout he flight. Next time I'll bring a sock to put in my mouth.
CRMRC Aerotech Sumo August 17th 2011jsargevt2011-09-212011-09-18
Crossfire launchfaultedperfection2012-03-242010-06-25
Estes Crossfire ISX maiden flight and recovery
CTI G84 Green3 Hotel ExpressDgardei2011-07-132010-11-07
My Hotel Express takes off with a CTI G84 Green3 motor. This motor uses the Pro24 6G case. No ejection and the rocket was destroyed. Launched Nov 6th, 2010, Amesbury, MA
Custom Serval launch.AVIWallyum2011-12-112011-06-02
Kind of a crackhead look at the first flight of the evening. I have no idea what I was doing for the bulk of this clip, but I did manage to catch the all important recovery.
D13 BullseyeDgardei2011-07-132011-04-13
My Fliskits Bullseye lifts off with an OLD D13-4W. I got distracted by helping out another rocketeer so the wrong flight card was read. The initial chuff is the hot igniter used to start the motor. ...
D24 Asteroid HunterDgardei2012-04-172012-04-14
I launch my Estes Asteroid Hunter with an Aerotech D24-4T motor. Very nice flight. I put in less bp, which resulted in a perfect recovery. The rocket landed in top of a cherry tree but we used ...
D5-6 streamer.mpgmic1brown2012-04-032012-03-13
LPR launch video slow D5-6
Darrin's rockettheeatonskbunk2012-05-102012-04-02
Launch at Maine Missile Math & Science Club meet, Berwick Maine
Death StarTitusalne2011-05-292011-05-25
Semi-successful launch of Estes Death Star model rocket. Death Star 'explodes' but parachute did not deploy. In spite of this the main rocket suffered only minor damage, a snapped-off fin.
Der Blue MaxFrankenvideo12011-11-042010-11-06
Der Blue Max downscale to BT56 of basic Der Red Max. Launched on a B4-4. Streamer recovery. The high spin that happened during descent resulted in a torn fin/body tube joint on landing. Wood glue ...
Der Green Max Aerotech D21 4TFrankenvideo12011-12-262011-11-24
Der Red Maxrocketman3482011-06-222010-09-20
Hi, so, this is me and my bro Jeremy flying Rockets, Here are the rockets used: ESTES Der Red Max ESTES Maxi Alpha III (which truth be told does not look/resemble an Alpha III) ESTES Patriarch So, ...
Der Red Maxmdmax132012-09-192012-02-25
Estes Der Red Max, 30 some years since my first Red Max launch,BAR modeler.
Der Red Maxalucard08222012-09-192012-06-20
Launch and recovery of my Der Red Max rocket using a C6-4, with onboard video.
Der Red Max rocket b6-4alucard08222012-09-192012-06-19
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Der Red Maxxensberfield2012-04-172010-06-01
The Der Red Max drag race at FITS 2010
Desert Heat 2009 Saturn 1BRoborocketry2011-06-252009-05-18
Maiden flight of RoboRocketry's Semroc Saturn 1B. All four C6-3 motors ignited for an awesome launch and ended with a perfect recovery without a scratch.
Break Away Recovery Rocket. Launches as one piece, recovers as 5. Launch was on A8-3 in light winds. Parts scattered over about 50 yards.
DEVICE Rocket Launch Fall 20102012lalala2011-08-082011-07-19
model rocket launch by UMBC DEVICE engineering club!
DON'T DEBATE THISmep07162011-10-222011-10-02
Inspired by, quote: "My view on this is of a more simple way. The rules of equilibrium constant. The world likes to be ballanced. If preassure is applying on a force to such a rate the changes in ...
Double Trouble 1-9-2011 v2AgainHandeman2011-09-162011-02-12
Doug Gardei's Fliskits Nantucket Red Glare X - Day1nerys712011-07-132011-04-08
Doug Gardei's Fliskits Nantucket on an Aerotech E13-3 Taking off at Full Speed 720p - Red Glare X - Day 1
Dragon Fly, Flight #5IdRocketeer2011-05-292011-05-16
Launch of my Aerotech Arreaux, "Dragon Fly", on its 5th flight. The motor was an Aerotech G76-10. The rocket flew to 2775' AGL and landed approximately 3/4 mile down range in winds of 15-20mph.
Dragon Fly. Flight #5. slowed to 1/20th normal sppedIdRocketeer2011-05-292011-05-16
Launch of my Aerotech Arreaux, "Dragon Fly", on its 5th flight. The motor was an Aerotech G76-10. The rocket flew to 2775' AGL and landed approximately 3/4 mile down range in winds of 15-20mph.
Dragon Fly. Flight 4, Attempt 3 (Slow Motion)IdRocketeer2011-09-042010-11-09
Launch of "Dragon Fly" on Flight #4 in slow motion (about 3% normal speed).
First flight of my scratch built Blood Sucker, an upscale Mosquito. Flew it on a C11-3. Thrustcurve estimated 154ft, but I'm not sure it made it that high. Landed maybe two meters from the pad. All ...
Second launch of my scatch built Blood Sucker, this time on a D12-3. It landed in the paved parking lot, but suffered no damage other than a few paint chips and the nose weight inside the nose cone ...
DynaStar LexxJet Maiden FlightWVEagle812011-12-062010-08-16
This is the first launch of this rocket. I've been trying to get this one in the air for months but always end up breaking a fin beforehand. I did so again today, but glued it back on and it dried ...
E9-8 powered Estes CC Express Rocketzaphodbebleebrox2011-08-282011-01-22
Ed's 10" Experimental Rocket Launch #1jcapzz2011-07-052010-10-14
7.5' 10" diameter rocket with F42-4 engine. Onboard camera. Parachute failed to deploy nose damaged upon impact. Rocket is a DIY design and built using Dupont .25" foam exterior siding insulation.
Emily launching the model rockettackettsmillfarm2011-08-072011-07-30
Emily launching the new model rocket
EMiR's Alien AT-G64W - First Flight - Ground viewEMiRsrockets2011-06-262010-02-23
First Launch of Alien on an Aerotech G64W
EP rocketry Riptide and Xray rocket launch tests - 20th May '09EProcketry2011-07-052009-05-20
EP rocketry - launching our two rockets for the first time...
Estes "Amazon" Launchninfreak272011-11-192011-05-07
Estes "Magician" launching on D12-5ninfreak272011-10-222011-06-05
This is my first attempt to launch the Estes "Magician" rocket on a D12-5 engine. This rocket will also take the larger E9-6 engine, but as you can tell from the video, the smaller D12-5 gives it ...
Estes Alpha C6 7 Rocket Launch March 2 2009CantorNikolaos2011-07-022009-03-03
This is one of many similiar rockets that were used for a science event at Travelers Rest High School in the 1990s. Many of them were discarded by thier former owners who didn't care about rocketry. ...
Estes Amazon on E9-6 ShenanigansRockaeologist2011-08-172011-08-15
We decided to modify the engine casing of an Estes Amazon E2X rocket to accomodate an E engine and ballasted the nosecone with pebbles to compensate for the balance change, the thing HAULED ASS into ...
Estes Amazon Rocket First FlightCMGvsMTB2011-08-082011-06-26
Estes Amazon Rocket Launch #1 (SEE DESCRIPTION)zeldasonicfan2014-01-172012-09-26
First of all, my mom was the one with my camera (since I was the one launching the rocket), second of all, this was like our fifth try to ignite the rocket (...
Estes Big Bertha2toxiczebra172011-08-132011-08-13
Big Bertha on a B6-4. Maiden launch. Some strange lady seemed very excited by that rocket.
Estes Blue Ninja C6-7pittsburghprojectdsm2011-07-022010-05-15
Estes Blue Ninja model rocket on a c6-7 engine motor
Estes Code Red Model Rocket Launch (HD)Jacob Clark2014-01-172013-06-06
Estes Code Red Model Rocket Launch with class B6-4 engines.
Estes Converter LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-09-202010-07-29
The Converter is not only a flexible rocket design that allows for experimentation, it is also a sky-high performance rocket that can easily reach altitudes over 750 feet (229 m), returning on a ...
Estes D-Region Tomahawk LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-09-202010-07-29
This authentic rocket is a 1/5 scale of NASA's sounding rocket. Launched only one time in 1968, this rocket was designed to take measurements of the D-layer of the ionosphere - thus its name. Our ...
Estes Der Red Maxtoxiczebra172012-09-192011-08-13
An estes der red max on a B6-4. Almost lost it there, thankfully the wind pushed to safety.
estes der red maxollienashley2012-09-192012-04-08
Estes Der Red Max Launchpswallace2012-09-192010-11-29
Janice Filmed this clip for us :-) Her & I took the kids to the park and fired the Red Max a few times. In this video, we thought we were going to lose it because the chute opened so late and ...
Estes Der Red Max Rocket Kit D-ES0651HobbyStores HS2012-09-192012-08-07
Estes Der Red Max Rocket Kit D-ES0651
Estes Der V-3 Damon #1970 Rocket Launch On A D12-3Pheenomx2012-09-192012-01-02
Here is my Estes Der V-3 Damon #1970 Rocket Launch On A D12-3. I built this years ago and it flies beautifully and straight. Very realistic launches. The shock cord broke from age, but nothing broke ...
Estes Dude flightsjeffreyandkatherine2011-12-062009-01-05
Two flights of an Estes Dude rocket in the thorny desert of Arizona.
Estes Executioner on E9-4RocketmanNX012011-10-202009-12-14
Launched on Saturday October 3rd 2009. One day before the 52nd anniversry of the worlds first artificial satellite. Pretty good launch, but a bit windy, but returned safely to Cape Lathrop.
Estes Gemini DC on C6-5Rockaeologist2011-08-172011-08-15
Exciting flight of an old Gemini DC middle school project rocket with a suspenseful parachute deployment.
Estes HeliCat model rocket launchJohn Hagan2014-01-172013-04-28
Launching an Estes HeliCat with a full ground crew. The nose cone pops off and spirals to the ground helicopter style but it's hard to see on the video. The ...
Estes Hornetmrgneissguy2011-12-262011-12-10
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Estes Huge Executioner E engine Rocket Windy Launchwainzwhirled2011-08-232011-01-30
This is the Estes "Executioner", a huge "E" engine rocket. The rocket was not finished by launch day. It only had a coat of primer. It was very windy with gusts up to 15 mph. We decided to give it a ...
Estes Model Rocket Launch early snowy morningRoland Nog2014-01-172013-01-07
Launching one of my rockets on a nice snowy morning.
Estes Model Rocket Launches lego man Out of SightRocketLaunchh2014-01-172014-01-06
Fun Sunday afternoon with the family, It was a very windy day to launch rockets in our neighborhood, but we did it anyways. In-turn this made it really hard ...
Estes Model Rockets in Slow MotionNatalie Vanessa2014-01-172013-12-09
Estes Model Rockets in Slow-Motion...MufasaZX2014-01-172013-01-05
A fun afternoon with Estes Model Rockets & a GoPro Hero 3 for wide angle & slow-motion...
Estes Oracle RocketNick Cornaglia2014-01-182011-07-01
Bought this rocket because it has a camera built in. Unfortunately, I have not been able to have a WIndows nor Mac machine recognize the camera to pull image...
estes red max launchcplhritz2012-09-192010-04-21
Estes Red Max launch = FAIL!! .m4v34crewboat2012-09-192012-02-21
Parachute failed to deploy. Rocket was not damaged
Estes Red Max launch take 234crewboat2012-09-192012-02-21
Successful launch and recovery. C-6-5 motor
Estes Renegade DCMGvsMTB2011-08-132011-06-26
Estes RocketRANGERliam2011-07-132011-07-08
First launch
Estes Rocket Launchmrtomzappa2011-08-192011-08-18
Me and my dad launching an Estes rocket. The engine was Estes C6-7, very, very powerful it went extremely high. We lost the first one on a cliff. Strong wind blew it about 200 - 300 metres away from ...
Estes rocket launchAaron A2014-01-172013-08-08
Bleu launches an Estes model rocket, then makes an awesome catch after the parachute fails to open. Engine is a C6-5.
Estes rocket launchJARandall1232014-01-182013-11-03
Estes rocket Flash with B4 motor.
Estes Rocket LaunchesswashbladeRC2011-06-262010-12-28
Monday, December 27, 2010 - Launching two models with three succesful flights, First up is the Estes Sky Dart, Then the Estes Farside,
Estes Rocketscshelden32011-11-052011-10-25
Introduced the kids to the science of rockets. Both helped build their own, launch and recover. First was shot with Canon 50d, video shot with Droid X phone.
Estes Rockets, Sunday 8-4-13 IVADub TT2014-01-182013-08-06
Estes Rockets, Sunday 8-4-13 VADub TT2014-01-182013-08-06
Estes Rockets, Sunday 8-4-13 VIADub TT2014-01-182013-08-06
Estes Rockets, Sunday 8-4-13 VIIADub TT2014-01-182013-08-06
Estes S.W.A.T. successful maiden launch on an E9-4.Sessholvlaru2011-11-192011-11-07
My modified Estes S.W.A.T. goes up for the first time. I upgraded it from an 18mm motor mount to a 24mm mount. It also has customized decals courtesy of Photoshop and Testors water transfer decal ...
Estes Satellite IntorceptorPsyicman2011-09-192010-08-03
Everyone I saw painted their rocket white so I decided to do a blue to be different. Almost got tangled up on its way down but managed to undo be for it landed.
Estes Scamp upscale 168%orosco832011-06-262011-02-21
This is upscale of the OPP Estes Scamp flying on a Estes C5-3
Estes Scamp upscale 168% 2nd flightorosco832011-06-262011-02-24
This is the second flight zoomed in.
Estes Screaming EaglePsyicman2011-09-182010-08-03
This rocket scared the heck out of me. It went over head and nearly plunged into the ground. The chute popped out only feet from the ground saving it. It landed hard still and one of the missal ...
Estes Screaming Eagle Model Rocket KiteHobbies2011-08-192011-08-18
This is the Estes Screaming Eagle Model Rocket Kit, part #2117
Estes Speed-Freak Model Rocket First Launchpsjdstu2011-08-272011-07-05
Estes SR-71 Blackbirdpaulsavia2011-12-292009-07-12
Estes SR-71 Blackbird
Estes super alpha D powercelemonster2011-09-042010-09-19
Estes Super Big Bertha dual-deploy on a 29mm F40WBalsaBob2011-12-312008-02-02
Estes Super Big Bertha dual-deploy on a 29mm F40W
Estes Taser LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-06-172010-07-29
The Taser is another great kit from our E2X (Easy to Assemble) Series. Launched on standard engines, amazing heights of 1000 feet can be reached! Spend a little time building and a lot of time ...
Estes Taser Twin Rocketfritnurdle2011-06-202011-04-08
A quick look at my estes Taser Twin.
Estes Twister (Classic Series) Model RocketeHobbies2011-08-192011-08-18
This is the Estes Twister (Classic Series) Model Rocket Kit, part #3033.
Estes Ventris Rocket G-57 classicJason Sargent2014-01-182012-11-11
Ventris on CTI g-54 classic motor to about 1700 feet.
Estes: US Patriot Model Rocket Launchrko59912011-09-182010-08-05
Estes US Patriot Model Rocket Launch with C6-5 Engines
Excel Jr. Rocket Launch 11-6-11RaftingWatkins2011-11-202011-11-07
Launch of my Excel Jr. at the CRASH Denver club site on an Aerotech F24-4T engine.
My Executioner on an E11-3 reload. Love that long burn! SARG launch, February 12, 2011.
F Motor Jean Lake Launch #1AtomTrayC2011-12-072011-11-28
My launch of an Aerotech F32-6T motor at Jean Lake at the Tripoli monthly launch
F-3 Model Rocket Flight 7-9-11evildave42a2011-07-132011-07-10
This is my F-3 model rocket, I think this may have been only it's second launch ever. I fired it with a B4-4 and it went great. I noticed later that the parachute had been singed a little but was ...
Farside First Flight.wmvCMGvsMTB2011-08-132011-05-25
First Flight of an Estes Farside. This is an excellent flier and perfect for the small schoolyard within a minute's walk from my home. The parachute deployment was sketchy, as one of the strings was ...
"My Feminine Side" scratch built rocket. Black with pink polka dots. First flight, Estes D11-3 motor. Streamer recovery, one fin broken on landing.
Festival of Rocketry 2011 clip 02havenacoustics2011-08-182011-08-13
"Persistant itch" launch with an Aerotech "chuff" start and very close to ground deployment.
Festival of Rocketry 2011 clip 07havenacoustics2011-08-182011-08-13
Low power amateur rocket launch at the 2011 Festival of Rocketry.
First Flight of my FlisKits Decaffinator on D12-3Rockaeologist2011-08-082011-08-09
First launch of the DeCaffinator Model Rocket by FlisKits on a D12-3 engine. To my great surprise and enjoyment the thing actually flew GREAT and landed without a scratch on it! The "Oh you gotta be ...
First flight of scratch built rocketswillie2011-06-262011-06-02
Based on old plans for the Estes Honest John. BT60 size, started with an old cone I had which is not the correct shape so I just made I guess an upscale inspired by the original. Was really fun to ...
First flight of Taser model rocketTrueNewfie2011-08-072011-08-01
First launch of Estes Taser model rocket with B6-4. These things are awesome!!!
First SOAR model rocket launch.SOARrockets2011-06-242011-06-19
This was the first model rocket launch of SOAR, the Society Of Aeronautical Rocketry. The cameraman lost track of the rocket during the ascent. The chute deployed, but the shock cord disattached.
Fliskits "Frick N Frack" Maiden FlightWVEagle812011-06-172010-04-11
Taken at the "Field of Dreams" Ultralight Airpark in San Antonio, TX on 8 April 2010.
Fliskits "Pheord X150"WVEagle812011-07-132010-04-11
This is a great little "front yard" rocket. Lands pretty close to the pad no matter what engine you put in it. Taken at the "Field of Dreams" Ultralight Airpark on 12 Sept 2009.
Fliskits Cheetah A8-0 and A8-3Dgardei2011-06-172008-09-21
My Fliskits Cheetah flies with an old A8-0 staged to an A8-5.
Fliskits Lil' GuyDgardei2011-07-132010-10-24
My unpainted Fliskits Lil' Guy takes off with a Quest B6-4 motor. Launched Oct 23rd, 2010, Amesbury, MA
Fliskits Mystic with a Quest C6-5Dgardei2011-07-132010-11-07
I just love the way my Fliskits Mystic flies with a Quest long burn C6-5 motor. Nice straight up flight with a slow roll. Launched Nov 6th, 2010, Amesbury, MA
Fliskits Tartarï with a C6-3nerys712011-07-132011-04-14
Fliskits Tartar with a C6-3 at Red Glare X
Fliskits Triskelion KARS Sept. 2008 Launchkarsnh2011-06-172008-10-02
With a Close-up of our club's Launch Controller
Fliskits Triskelion launchDogman0229082011-06-172009-06-21
This is the maiden voyage of the USS Triskelion, on June 21, 2009, in Sudbury, MA . This is a Fliskits product and it was fun to build and launch. I used an A8-3 engine.
french rocket launchalecmuffett2011-08-192011-08-19
FRT 001 & 002.aviFalaRocketTeam2011-06-282010-03-27
Early Saturday morning FTR 001 Taser rocket powered by Estes B6-4 engines was sucessfully launched by Commander Thomas and Engineer DAD. After parachute deployment was completed the light easterly ...
Full Whopper ChoRocketRadiologist2011-12-012011-10-30
G-FORCE Final Flightneond72014-01-182012-12-03
A sticky body tube coupler doomed my trusty G-Force rocket to a lake stake in a retention pond. I recovered everything but the nose cone, which is buried in ...
G-Force recoveryguytogo752012-04-172011-03-27
Due to my lack of editing knowledge, wait, There it is!
G-Force Rocketneond72012-03-092012-02-19
Aerotech G-Force Rocket. Two launches from 2/18/2012, with video from both ground and on board flight cams. Enjoy!
G-Force Rocket Launchrdeeming2011-08-082011-07-18
AeroTech G-Force G64-4w.
G160 WonderTomB06672011-10-132010-01-23
G69 Skidmark StingrayDgardei2011-07-132010-05-21
I launch my upscale Stingray with an CTI G69 Skidmark motor. This was the first rocket I launched at the troop 111 cubscout launch. May 20th, 2010
G75 Upscale StingrayDgardei2011-06-172008-04-23
My upscale Fliskits Stingray flies with an Aerotech G75-6J. Thanks to Boris Katan for taking this video
Giant Leap Liberty 4 Flight 2mikecron12011-07-132010-06-29
Second flight of my Giant Leap Liberty 4. The chute fails to deploy properly (it got fouled in the lines, too long of a delay charge) but landed without damage and flew again!
Gizmo XL at CMASSHOSSinNH2011-11-062011-10-23
Gizmo XL at CMASS
Golden Glorysoccerman14342011-06-272010-01-25
The first rocket of the Rocketeers, lasted eight flights. Engines used: B-6-4. B-6-6, C-6-5
Good Sam model rocketTnMe722014-01-172012-03-24
homemade model rocket launch.I lost it!
Griffen Launches his 2 stage 4 engine MIRV Rocket0timthetoolman02011-08-072011-08-05
We had a good time building this rocket. It was the Estes MIRV. It has one booster engine (c-6-0) that then ignite three individual (1/2a103t) engines. As the first stage boosts the second, the ...
Groove Tube G64-7nws062232011-06-202009-04-19
2.9 x upscale Centuri Groove Tube on an Aerotech G64-7 white lightning at MDRA Red Glare VI, 4-17-09
Harbinger maiden voyagemrgneissguy2011-10-192011-09-16
hi flyer failkhsharp12011-06-232011-06-13
Pueblo Launch June 2011
Hi Jinx Rocket LaunchFredrick7032011-05-292011-04-03
Darth Vader on board
Hi-Flier Catastrophe.wmvvdotmatrix2012-06-292010-08-07
rocket possibly over powered
High Power Rocketsharks631282011-06-282007-01-09
The launch where my rocket was stolen.
High power rocketry compared to estes "D" size rocketrickrules0072011-06-192010-07-18
This is an Estes "D" size rocket launched the same day as my first high power launch. Great comparison for the difference in power.
High speed model rocketsbreheny2011-11-242011-10-11
From back in 2000, this is my friend Anish and I trying to break Mach 1.0 with a model rocket (class G engine - under the limit for special permits). We did not succeed, but it did reach ap ...
Mercury Engineering Highjacker rocket. First slight, F20-4W Aerotech motor. 25 mph sustained winds at the launch site.
Hornet- G79W- flight #3Mysticlambo2011-06-242010-11-14
Aerotech G79w in hornet. My scratch built 29mm min dia.
Hot Needle of Inquiry First Flight on D12-3Frankenvideo12011-08-312011-05-24
HV Video.MOV95kodiac2011-12-062010-07-12
Inflight Sonic Shark (C6-7)rocketreviews2011-05-292008-08-04
Flight video for Inflight Sonic Shark review on www.rocketreviews.com
Interceptor E 1st flightkevinj732011-12-072008-07-20
Forst flight of my Interceptor E on an E9-4 motor. Shot with my Nokia E70.
Interceptor E First FlightSDM19752012-10-302012-07-21
Estes Interceptor E modified to an interchangeable 24-29mm motor mount. Fins have been replaced with 1/8" plywood and the rocket has been modified to dual deployment with a GPS tracker in nose cone.
IO launch on Aerotech F40 reloadninfreak272011-10-222011-09-03
After a few failed attempts, we finally send the IO on it's maiden launch with an F40 reload shot. It was pretty satisfying to see my hard work pay off (it's the first one I built %100 by myself).
IQSY Tomahawk on an E20-4WMarcusGoodwyn2013-04-042012-09-28
My venerable Aerotech IQSY Tomahawk boosting on an E20-4W. Look closely after launch and you'll see that the vehicle takes the igniter leads with it for abou...
IRIS model rocket, BT70balltip2012-06-292007-07-31
This is actually one of my first videos ever. (Or maybe that can be seen on my very shaky handling of the camera? LOL!) It is a clip showing my newest model rocket as it stands on it's display ...
Jacob's Model Rocket - Flight 2!Aimee Wolfe2014-01-172012-12-30
The rocket goes for another flight!
Jared's 2nd launchrvfulltime2011-05-312008-03-30
Jared's 2nd launch of a Semroc Squire on a C6-5
Jungfernflug Astra3 ModellraketeBo83xxx2011-12-062010-09-05
Start meiner ersten Modellrakete. Zuerst mit B4-4 Motor und dann mit C6-3 Motor.
Jupiter 2 rocketmckickflip2011-12-062008-11-04
A flying rocket model of the Jupiter 2 from lost in space flying on an Estes A10pt motor
Kai's First Rocket Launch "Malcolm 1"keikolopez2011-07-132008-09-13
Kai made a rocket using late Malcolm Weaver's rocket parts. August 31, 2008 at Fiesta Island San Diego with DART Rocket club.
KCAR Rocket Launch as yet unnamed rocket flying naked!Nekogdastolichnaya2011-09-092010-08-29
KCAR Rocket Launch kcrockets.org
King Kraken Cesaroni G115 White Thunderbandman4442011-08-272011-03-13
Kingsborough Community College Rocket Launch Failure, May 10, 2011Kingsboroughsd102011-06-262011-05-16
Failure of a launch of the Estes Mean Machine, May 10, 2011
Kingsborough SD-10 Rocket Launch, May 10, 2011Kingsboroughsd102011-06-262011-05-16
Kingsborough Community College students launched an Estes Mean Machine Rocket with a C11-3 Engine. They had written their dreams for the future on the side, to watch those dreams take flight. The ...
Kiss my darkstar!TIRrocketry2011-09-162011-02-27
Kit's E-Pod on an F30qquake2k2011-12-062011-02-06
Kit's E-Pod on an F30. Don't blink! LUNAR Snow Ranch Launch, February 5, 2011.
Kit's Steppin' Razorqquake2k2012-03-052012-02-06
Kit's Steppin' Razor on a G76 reload. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12.
Kit's tuberqquake2k2012-03-052012-02-06
Kit's tuber. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12.
Kronos 2 rocket testFinnrocketman2011-08-082011-07-29
The Kronos 2 rocket was made to replace Kronos 1 (a two stage rocket) and Hercules 2 (a one-stage payloader) to create a much more refined multistage payloader combination, which will be able to fly ...
Kyle's Saturn VI Rocket Launchkanderson0112011-06-032008-08-31
Finally! The liftoff of the Saturn VI Rocket!
Lacy & Luke's Paint Splattered RocketIdRocketeer2011-08-192011-04-11
This Aerotech Barracuda was finished with a splattered paint effect and flown by a proud little boy and his dad.
Lancio del Mini Pirate di Sofia Bianco in slow motionGoldmanjet2012-09-192010-07-17
Lancio del modello Mini Pirate con motore G-71-R di Sofia Bianco alla manifestazione internazionale MIR 2010 tenutasi a Fiorentina di Medicina (BO) il 9/10/11 luglio
Lansare Rachetarachetomodele2011-10-162011-07-07
Lanzamiento 2 U de Concetintin27udec2011-05-312008-11-20
mas o menos no más... sólo lo que se ve.
Lanzamiento del Der Red Max desde Alfarajoseboschbailach2011-06-242009-12-22
Lanzamiento del cohete Der Red Max con motor C6-5.
Large Model Rocket LaunchDTHRocket2012-06-292008-05-06
Here, the still unnamed rocket built by DTH Rocket Endeavors (a.k.a "me") soars into the sky, and drifts off over the horizon to lodge in a tree a half-mile from the launch pad.
launch #3 7-16-2010.wmvmrgneissguy2011-12-292010-07-17
Launch 10 10 11dbmccann92011-10-222011-10-11
Launch Flight of a E9 Engine Estes Der Red Maxzaphodbebleebrox2011-08-272011-03-31
Launch of "JEMI" rocket with Aerotech F 27-4 R rocket motor on MIR 2010IvanBonic1232011-07-132010-09-14
"MIR 2010" in Italy, 10.07.2010., "JEMI" rocket, L=102cm, D=67mm, m=730g, Aerotech RMS F 27-4 R motor, total impulse 50Ns, apogee = 283m
Launch Of Ares I Model Rocket - 18 March 2009NewOceanRocketry2011-06-192010-12-20
Launch of Tim's 1/148 semi-scale, scratchbuilt Ares I rocket, from Virginia's "Tenbuck Spaceport" on 18 March 2009. Powered by a single Estes D12 motor, the bird attained about 1000' at apo ...
Launch of Estes Screaming Eaglejpurcha2011-06-202010-04-21
Relaunch of Estes Screaming Eagle Rocket. The original launch tube got stuck on the wire on the pad. C6-4 Engine (burned 4th flight).
Launch of the re-done rocket with spring loaded finsKelfam482302012-06-292009-09-13
Launch of the re-done rocket with spring loaded fins. It launched with a G76 green motor. next up: The I110 moon burner...
Launch of Zoe's hand built rocketAzoghlin2011-09-202010-07-17
Launch Pad PAC-3 SAM with Aerotech F24-7 reload motorninfreak272011-10-222011-08-31
Me launching my PAC-3 SAM on a Aerotech F24-7 reload motor using homemade portable launch pad and 12V/6V launch system.
LAUNCH VIDEO for Sponge Bob Square Pantslauncheverything2011-12-312011-04-10
Sponge Bob flies, and flies well! The announcer from ROC was too much, a very funny guy. Anyway, the E9 motor worked out great for this rocket- thanks rocketry forum guys!
Launching "Jeremy's Rocket" [11-04-10]DaKimanator2011-06-282010-11-05
Launching an Estes Amazon Rockettallen7022011-05-312010-01-06
This video is my first launch of a model rocket ever. I fired off an Estes Amazon single-stage rocket with a C6-5 motor. It reached an altitude of approximately 400' even though it has a max ...
Launching Estes Patriot at Moffett Fieldcarlinvieri2012-02-202012-02-19
Launching an Estes Patriot on a C6 engine, at Moffett Field (hosted by Lunar) on Feb 18, 2012 with the Las Lomitas Rocket Club.
Launching LOC IsisRocketmanNX012011-10-022010-03-16
Launching Miss Swedenballtip2011-06-282007-09-09
I had a visitor from the US, David Chance, and he actually had gone through the trouble bringing a rocket with him. The rockets name is "Miss Sweden" (he is married to a Swedish)and he flew it on a ...
Launching Model RocketsAndy Limoncelli2014-01-182014-01-18
Lots of casualties that windy day.
Launching Model RocketsDavid White2014-01-182013-09-29
Launching Model Rockets II 1-3-2010BlessingFamCellars2014-01-182010-01-03
Launching Model Rockets 1-3-2010.
Launching model rockets with the boysTom Kuczek2014-01-182012-07-18
Spent some time building & painting this one & it flys great, kids love this stuff!
Launching model rockets.Michael Anglin2014-01-182012-05-25
Launching the "Merric"!DaKimanator2011-06-282010-11-05
This rocket ran on an Aerotech F42-4T engine!
Launching the Companion [11-12-11]DaKimanator2011-11-242011-11-12
This is a rocket that was made/painted to be the faithful companion cube from Portal (it even has hearts on it)! Now we just need that Aperture Science handheld portal device (also known as a portal ...
Launching The Estes MongooseEstesRocketLauncher2011-08-082011-08-07
Me and my dad launching our new Estes rocket the mongoose it's a two stage rocket
Launching The Estes Sky LofterEstesRocketLauncher2011-08-072011-08-06
Me and my dad launch my new model rocket the Estes sky lofter our first attempt failed our second was good we used c-65 engines.
Lauren's Dragonfly mid-power rocket takes flight!stealthfixr2011-05-292009-07-12
My daughter built this Christmas present rocket and flew it yesterday at the Tripoli Orangeburg ICBM monthly launch. This first flight was on an Aerotech F20-7W single use motor. Two subsequent ...
Lauren's rocket goes bye byeninjabortion2011-07-132011-07-07
She spent so long making this thing... Stupid wind.
LDRS 1 - The Launchsuzyjazz2011-06-242010-08-08
Justin finally flew the rocket he built. He was soooooooo stoked. Congrats Justin on your successful flight! And what's even better is that he made it a travel bug and had over 400 people sign it ...
LDRS 1 - The Retrivalsuzyjazz2011-06-242010-08-08
Look how far they had to go to retrieve the rocket. Good launch!!
LDRS 1- The burnsuzyjazz2011-06-242010-08-08
Justin showing the burn on the launch pad from the rocket.
Second to last flight of the Estes Leviathan. The next flight landed in a pond :( Engine: AT G80-7
Lil Husler Micro HybridRatiko2011-08-192011-08-14
This launch took place on the 13/08/2011 The motor used is a Micro Hybrid rocket motor purchased from eclipserocketry.co.uk The rocket is a Semroc kit available from Modelrockets.co.uk called the ...
LJP1 Rocket LaunchSPP19672011-06-242010-11-09
First time launching a mid-power rocket. First time building and launching Aerotech RMS motors and reloadable motors of any type.Location: Bong Recreation Area between Kenosha and Burlington, WI, ...
LOC Isis launch G71RocketmanNX012011-10-022010-03-16
LOC IVqquake2k2011-09-162011-04-10
Loc OnyxKHamel19582012-06-292010-09-19
LOC Onyx F24 Onboardhouseholdrocketry2012-05-102012-04-09
David's Onyx flies on yet another F24! This time it is at MMMSClub in Berwick on April 7th, 2012. The flight was perfect, but the delay was just a bit too long.
LOC Precision Forte G53-7FJRocketmanNX012011-10-052010-03-14
LOC Precision Marvin's Wild Ridejb06ix2011-07-052008-04-26
LOC Precision Marvin's Wild Ride on an Aerotech G80.
LOLL Supersonic Model RocketsCalvertfilm2011-06-282008-12-08
Using E-25-7 Aerotech ammonium perchlorate core burning motors, single-use. In a light weight rocket, with plastic wings (ali metal was too heavy) and epoxy joints, the impulse of an E-25 can just ...
Lost ProtertyLunaRendezvous2011-11-192011-11-14
38mm model rocket, flying on an AT F40-10W, drogue-less dual deployment with a 24" main parachute, deployment controlled by an Adept-22 altimeter. GLOW 585g Altitude 1556' Notes: Reload was dated ...
LowBotomy 3rdFlightFinalCharles Kuehne2013-06-192013-03-12
LowBotomy 3rd Flight. F39-3.5, 10 mph Winds. At video end -- Slow Motion -- you can see her weather cock into the wind as the motor burns out, that's what 10 mph winds gets you :-)
Mad Cow Mozzie Launchteamwiebe2011-06-262011-02-21
Mad Cow Mozzie launch on 2-20-11 at Santa Fe Dam in Southern California using an Aerotech F20-4W. First launch of this rocket. Successful.
Madcow Scooter on F23rocketreviews2011-06-222008-08-25
A video of the 2nd flight of the Scooter at NARAM-50. See the review at www.rocketreviews.com
Magician D12 5 GroundFrankenvideo12011-10-132011-10-09
Maiden Launch of The Amazonfaultedperfection2012-04-172010-06-11
My first model rocket launch, all goes well tell we realize we will never be launching it again.
Mark launching a c6 engined rocket...drewwa12011-08-072011-08-07
Space camp 2011 at the University of Canterbury
Mason Kroepel launching his first model rocketZachary Kroepel2013-12-102013-11-04
May 1, 2011CanberraRocketry2012-02-122011-05-07
Mutant Daddy on a black powder E motor
Mean Green F39mic1brown2011-12-292010-05-02
Flight #1 of Mean green
Mean Machine on D12-3 at Snow Ranch Feb 4, 2012o1ddude2012-02-272012-02-06
This is my Not So Mean Machine on an anemic D12-3 motor that quits on the way up. Fortunately I selected a short delay and descend under the chute. Unfortunately, the chute is a bit too small and a ...
Mean Machine on E20-4 Single Use Motor Feb18, 2012o1ddude2012-02-272012-02-19
This is my Estes Mean Machine rocket that turned out a little heavier than the manufacturer predicted. That being the case, I used a bigger motor. MORE POWER!! Next time I'll go even bigger. Rocket ...
Mean Machine on a D12-3 at Snow Ranch.
Meat Grinderqquake2k2011-12-012011-11-13
My scratch built Meat Grinder. It has six fins, three upswept and three down. Its first flight on a 38mm G67 Redline reload. It suffered some damage on landing, one broken fin. It's repairable, ...
Meat Grinderqquake2k2011-12-012011-11-13
Meat Grinder landing on its homemade 32" chute. I should have used a 36" instead.
Meatgrinder qquake2k2012-03-052012-02-05
Meatgrinder landing on its homemade plastic parachute. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12.
Meatgrinder qquake2k2012-03-052012-02-05
My scratch built Meatgrinder on a 38mm G67 Redline reload. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12.
Mega Der Pink Max flightjasduffy2013-06-192013-02-02
Campbell's Mega Der Pink Max rocket flew at the Austin Area Rocketry Group launch held at Hutto, Texas on February 2, 2013. The rocket was built from the Estes Mega Der Red Max kit and modified with ...
Mid power rocket GONE...... 3k, no parachute deploymentAzoghlin2011-09-202010-08-01
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
MIG-25 Foxbat Rocket at CMASS Launch11-5-11dlazarus66602011-12-042011-11-06
Foxbat rocket at CMASS Launch11-5-11
Mighty Missle Model Rockettlgrimmy2012-02-072012-01-30
This is one of my favorite homemade model rockets. Simple, sturdy, big, but not so big you can't launch it at the park;).
mini maggduck1098hyper2011-09-162011-09-09
mini mini magg - maiden voyageEProcketry2011-06-302009-09-08
First launch for Mr F using a D-motor. First launch of the scratch-built "mini mini magg". Flight was very good until recovery deployment. Ejection charge seared the chute and one fin was badly ...
Minimum diameter rocket on a G79WAksrockets2011-12-262011-09-20
Flown at Uroc's September sport launch
Minnie Magg Launchqquake2k2011-10-162011-03-06
Missile Command Launch69RocketBones2011-07-022008-05-05
Launch of my scratch built rocket Missile Command on an Aerotech F20-7. Launched at the NSWRA club launch 3/5/2008.
Missilefits 2004: The Eggkeaggy2011-06-192006-09-18
From the 2004 Missilefits Model Rocketry Club launch. Jeff's egg carrier crashes.
Mission Control: Patterson Park Space Center 03.11foglemans2011-07-022011-03-05
Annabel launches several model rockets over the course of several days in March.
MMA carderd Skywriterflight-backyardAXE313692011-12-292010-07-13
Available as a pdf download in the cardstock rocketry section on The Rocketry Forum. http://www.rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?t=13281 7th post. I made a paper nosecone variant for this model, it ...
MMMS Launch 3-24-12 012.AVIdlazarus66602012-04-152012-03-25
Paper Icarus launched on a B6-4 and streamer recovery. Minor damage to fin/wing tip.
Model Rocketharmsworth12011-06-192010-09-23
Estes Monarch flying on a B6-4. Maiden voyage. I tried to Launch and film at the same time....not such a great idea. I was limited as to how far I could be from the rocket (by the length of the ...
Model Rocketbigdbez2011-07-132011-07-10
C6-5 engine and a 1/4 mile walk later we found it!!!!!
Model rocketinfsoldier0242014-01-172011-03-17
Model rocketTnMe722014-01-172012-01-24
Homemade model rocket.
Model RocketScouterRobin1382014-01-172011-05-18
model rocket launched by the Cubs.
model rocketshawn o2014-01-172013-08-22
4, 3, 2, 1.
model rocketgwoger2014-01-172007-07-29
just launching a model rocket.
Model rocketshootmojak2014-01-182013-09-01
Estes big Bertha c-5 engine 9-1-13.
Model rocketshaulk22014-01-182012-03-26
After visiting the space center in Huntsville, we built some Estes model rockets.
Model Rocket - Phoenix 2 Launch 5 (2/26/2011)MMPVideo19812011-07-052011-02-27
Cold (22). Wind was calm, though picked up a bit as the rocket was prepped (no measurement; the wind meter didn't work). Took 2x to launch and several seconds to ignite engine. Good flight. Landed ...
Model rocket - Rob BCanberraRocketry2012-02-122011-07-15
Launch 3 July 2011
Model Rocket - Rocket Cam 1 Launch 2 (6/7/2010)MMPVideo19812011-07-132010-12-28
High powered flight. Parachute did not deploy. Camera did not record flight. Rocket damaged beyond repair. Camera damaged.
Model Rocket - Rocket Launches (6/5/2010)MMPVideo19812011-07-132010-12-28
Short flight with B engine to gauge wind. Landed on roof of school, but someone helped get it down. "ERR" when measuring speed and height. High powered launch. Landed in a backyard. Rocket body ...
Model Rocket - Skyhawker Launch 4 (9/14/2010)MMPVideo19812011-07-132010-12-31
First high powered C launch of Skyhawker. Launched with light, but did not turn on (as it was still very bright out).
Model Rocket Blast - Bluebdolph21122014-01-172012-08-17
Model rocket blast.
Model Rocket Blast Off!TheSnikx2014-01-172013-11-17
Ever wondered what a model rocket looked like while it was blasting off? well here you go!
Model Rocket Build with my 4 year old - Time LapseDingoDog2262013-12-102013-10-26
This is a time lapse of my four year old daughter and I building the Estes Cosmic Cobra model rocket kit. It is skill level EX2 (easy to assemble). She loved...
Model Rocket Contest in Goddard Space Fight CenterChris Min-ho Kim2014-01-172013-07-14
Model Rocket Firing - Rocket & Space 2010royalgunpowdermills12011-07-132010-08-02
Firing a model rocket at the Royal Gunpowder Mills Rocket and Space Event, 10 July 2010.
Model Rocket Flight - Canberra Rocketry GroupCanberraRocketry2011-07-022011-04-10
Estes 'Big Daddy' on an Aerotech E18-4W RMS
Model Rocket Flight - Canberra Rocketry GroupCanberraRocketry2011-06-272011-04-10
Estes C6 - high flight!
Model Rocket GreenTheMemlock2014-01-172009-10-18
Model Rocket Launchgillonsrules2011-08-082011-08-08
Estes Model rocket launch..... but the parachute didn't deploy!!!!!!!!!!
Model Rocket Launchgillonsrules2011-08-162011-08-16
Estes model rocket launch.
Model rocket launchcereal_0002014-01-172012-04-25
Model rocket.
Model Rocket LaunchChad Baron2014-01-172013-07-05
Set the gopro up next to the launch pad and filmed the launch on the 4th of July.
Model Rocket LaunchCutetunes1012014-01-172013-05-09
Launching model rockets ^_^ so much fun.
Model Rocket Launchrogopdp7c2014-01-182009-07-09
Model rocket launch1dirtysanchez25802014-01-182013-07-23
Model Rocket LaunchJoe Mackie2014-01-182009-06-12
Model rocket launch and recovery. Middle part boring, but watch to the end. I almost catch the rocket as it comes down.
Model Rocket LaunchFiresource512014-01-182011-04-10
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Model Rocket LaunchAlex Laird2014-01-182013-07-06
Model Rocket Launch 2robertsagar2011-06-242011-06-18
We launch each rocket (3) two times each. Charlie's "Amazon," Clarissa's "Crossfire" and Garrett's "John Deere" over Easter, 2011.
Model Rocket Launch 24 March 13KDWoozleable2014-01-182013-03-28
My First Project.
Model Rocket Launch 3robertsagar2011-06-242011-06-19
We shoot off Clarissa and Charlies rockets - Amazon and Crossfire - after an afternoon of flying kites. A bit windy, but success all around!
Model Rocket Launch 3Matthew Michalke2014-01-182012-11-29
Model Rocket Launch 4robertsagar2011-06-242011-06-19
This was the first flight of the Storm Chaser - a custom made, mid-powered model rocket. The launch and flight were awesome, but the recovery system failed to deploy. It flew straight and true, and ...
Model Rocket Launch 4Chris Falcon2014-01-172013-11-26
This is the fourth of five launches we accomplished. We had to design and launch a model rocket for my Intro to Aerospace class at Georgia Tech. The objectiv...
Model Rocket Launch 5Chris Falcon2014-01-172013-11-26
This is the fifth of five launches we accomplished. We had to design and launch a model rocket for my Intro to Aerospace class at Georgia Tech. The objective...
Model Rocket Launch CollectionTheRocksRocketGuys2011-06-262009-09-15
This is a collection of the rockets we've launched in the past. Mostly small stuff on black powder motors, but a cool launch of an Estes Fat Boy on an Aerotech D21-7.
Model Rocket Launch High Qualityhybrid324942011-06-032011-04-21
Model Rocket LaunchesOneLayer2011-09-102010-08-18
Launch of 2 Estes model rockets
Model Rocket Lift Off!Gaga4Gaga122011-06-242011-06-18
Launching Model Rockets in science camp at school on Friday.
Model Rocket Mix 2005John Hauck2014-01-182012-05-03
Model Rocket Mix.
Model rocket test 1Christian Pillsburyu2014-01-172012-03-03
A awesome model rocket launches 1550.
Model Rocket, First LaunchBrian Miller2014-01-172012-01-29
Hudson Paul Miller Alex Brian Miller.
Model Rocket-Launch #1nanessa611242011-06-242011-06-19
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Model Rocket.AVIHintsfordads2014-01-172011-11-06
This is a model rocket launch that gained lots of altitude and the kids had a good run to find it.
model rocketry competetionnikhil30022011-06-172009-01-26
Its strange that I upload it after two years it has actually happened. Well, we got second in the competition.
Model Rocketry in Miamiagbueno2011-08-232011-02-06
Our second launch of the day with a Helicat model rocket from Estes. Both launches were perfect using C6-5 engines.
Model rocketry launch 2012Pine Forest High Afjrotc2014-01-182013-04-18
Launch of estes rocket 2012.
Model Rocketry Launch Day Civil Air Patroljmlarios13792011-06-242011-06-12
Cool video of a harpoon style model rocket launched in Massachusetts. As you can see it went very far away so we didn't bother to look for it. It was AWESOME!!!!.
Model Rocketsakencampment2014-01-172012-01-10
Model rocketsChris Moore2014-01-172010-07-11
Model rockets at pqo offside.
Model RocketsLauren Bomke2014-01-182013-09-16
Model Rocketstoobukume2014-01-182013-09-12
Model Rocketsevaristesylvester2014-01-182011-10-10
Part 2.
Model rocketsJoshua Pajak2014-01-182010-09-19
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Model rocketsriofrio992014-01-182010-08-31
Rocket test launch.
Model RocketsBeth Kohn2014-01-182012-07-29
Rocket Launch 7/28/12.
Model rocketsEpicNoobKings2014-01-182013-08-28
Here is some model rockets I have Sorry for cutoff at end.
Model rocketsSteve Wirtz2014-01-182013-05-18
model rockets 004TheFishie1232014-01-182010-12-31
Model Rockets I've Built Star Wars Buck Rogers Battlestar Galactica Star Trek Estes Questhoochrocks2014-01-172013-02-18
I've built many rockets, and I archived them for my enjoyment, and hopefully someone else likes them too. I do not own the copyright to the music.
Model rockets in the park part Deuxkillinchy2014-01-182012-05-21
Model rockets in the park part Deux.
Model Rockets!David Couch2014-01-182013-08-17
Adam's first model rocket launch!
Model Rockets-Dr Zooch Space Shuttle, Saturn 1B, and Odd\'l Cyclonesandkids2002014-01-182013-08-13
The Dr Zooch space shuttle had a much better launch on a C6-3 than on a B6-4. On a C6-5 the ejection happened too late and the rocket broke apart. The Odd\'l ...
Moffett Fieldbgardella2011-11-202011-10-23
Arcus Aerotech Rocket with F42-8T and F20-4W motors
Moonraker Shuttle Launch - Model Rocket Kit - Model RocketryBluewise012011-05-312010-08-19
Here is a video of my 1/100th scale Moonraker shuttle. These shuttles are detailed true to scale gliding shuttles.
MR7V2 1montaro4x42011-09-272011-09-19
MVI 2562DoctorDesmoDave2011-05-312009-09-15
First Model Rocket Launch - Estes TASER
Estes Cosmic Cobra. Parachute and helicopter recovery. C6-5 motor. LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, 021310.
Estes Blue Ninja on a D12-5. LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, 021310.
Estes Big Daddy, on an E9-6. My first E motor. LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, 021310.
Final flight of small Blue Bird Zero. Chaotic flight due to crimped body tube likely failure plus weight of keycam. Landed in unrecoverable area of thick trees.
My First EVER Model Rocket LaunchTrinitrotoluene1012011-05-292009-05-22
This was really fun!!! Can't wait to see the Tripoli, MN launch Sunday May 24th @ 10:00 AM I'll Make sure to Record that one!!! The test is apparently a research rocket but will hit an approximate ...
My model rocket'sjarred papworth2014-01-172012-10-25
This is most of my model rockets please like subscribe and coommmennt what you guys think i am new to youtube and have lots more videos to come so give us so...
Mystic First Flight.AVIFrankenvideo12011-09-162011-09-09
NCR Lance Beta G71 7RRocketmanNX012011-08-192011-03-14
NCR Patriot G53-7FJ.MP4RocketmanNX012011-10-052010-03-14
Nicolas & Francesco Launch A Rocketdancicero2011-07-052010-11-16
Nicolas and Francesco launch an Estes AstroCam in Newark, IL on Saturday, 13 November 2010. Thanks to Dennis and Don from Prairie State Rocketry for all their help! This was the third launch of the ...
NITRO-X Beta Tester Video Hotrod RocketsHotrodRocket12011-06-262008-07-13
NITRO-X Beta Tester Video Very pretty Rocket
No pressurepricey1302011-07-052010-11-07
This is a model rocket called no pressure
Nordic Meanie 60th Flightrocketreviews2011-05-292008-09-23
Wow! 10 years of flying and it has reached its 60th flight! www.rocketreviews.com
Not So Mean Machine on an E20qquake2k2012-02-272012-02-19
Kit's Not So Mean Machine on an E20. I didn't get much video, but it was a nice flight. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
Not So Mean Machine on an E20qquake2k2012-02-272012-02-19
Kit's Not So Mean Machine landing on its pink chute. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
NSA Estes Rocketostravan2011-07-132011-07-09
Official Launch DayTruthDespiteLies2011-05-292010-03-31
THE BIG DAY!!!! Our official launch day with a local NAR member attending.
Oh Yes....jsargevt2011-10-222011-08-15
Estes Phoenix on e11-5j at CMASS 08.13.2011
One Bad Pig 11-6-2010jfields11132011-09-282010-11-07
One of Kit's tube finned rocketsqquake2k2011-08-192011-04-10
One of Kit's tube finned rockets on a G76. Nice flight! SARG launch, 040911.
First Flight. F23-4FJ. My buddy Tim on the countdown and video.
Oracle model rocket launch with D12-3 motorcrosshairjunky2014-01-182013-12-29
Estes Oracle model rocket launch with D12-3 rocket motor with slight wind from the north. Pretty launch with pristine landing, best video of the 3 flight for...
ORION 1 MODEL ROCKET LAUNCH!Brian Baxter2013-04-042012-09-23
This was the first test flight of my ORION 1 rocket (made from an Estes Mongoose). I used a small A8-3 rocket engine to achieve an altitude of 149.5 feet and an average speed of 66.1 MPH Rocket was ...
Orion LASSaganClassSC052011-10-082009-07-16
Owen's Rocket Launch 1/22/2012 with Southern Arizona Rocketry Association SARAixworks2012-02-072012-01-23
Owen's Rocket Launch 1/22/2012 with Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA). SARA + Tucson + Rockets = fun!
My scratch built "Stairway To Heaven", 9-1/2 feet tall. Its first flight, on a G53J. SARG launch, 11/12/11.
My Estes Executioner, flying on my first reloadable motor. An Aerotech RMS 24/40, with an E18-7W reload.
The Redneck scratch built rocket. 5-1/2 feet tall, flying on an E20-4.
PAC-3 misfire!!ninfreak272011-10-222011-09-03
My PAC-3 blasting off on TEST CURRENT!! Needless to say this shook me up a little bit, but that's what happens when you run a 12V test on a 6V ignition set-up.
Pathfinder Maiden Launch: Dual deploy rocketry in a BT-60 diameter rocket!CPGAerospace2011-10-132011-10-10
patriot movie95kodiac2012-03-052011-05-26
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
phoenix big daddydbmccann92011-10-162011-07-10
Photon Distruptor Aerotech D10 5WFrankenvideo12011-12-262011-11-24
pig berthaguytogo752011-10-192011-01-09
Pipe Dream on F52qquake2k2011-09-052010-10-18
My scratch built Pipe Dream's first launch on an F52 reload. Low and slow, but nice flight. This was at the TCC October Skies launch near Fresno, CA. October 16, 2010
Plumber's Helpermrgneissguy2011-12-262011-12-10
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Fliskits Praetor with minor modifications going up... and down! on a B6-4. Three of the four fins broke off in the crash landing due to insufficient time for the chute to deploy fully.
Psyco-X project: Rail testHotrodRocket12011-06-262010-07-29
Psyco-X project: Rail test. Testing the launch rail and the attachment "T" that will be used to hold and stabilize the Parasite rockets to the mother ship.
Pubic Missiles Explorer on an Aerotech G40-10Wninfreak272011-10-222011-09-03
My dad's Public Missiles Explorer fire on an Aerotech G40-10W single use. This was the maiden launch and it turned out perfect
Public Missiles Explorer on G64-10W reloadninfreak272011-10-222011-10-09
The Public Missiles Explorer kit fired on a G64-10W reload.
Purple Haze95kodiac2011-12-272011-07-17
My Estes QCC Explorer. First flight on a D12-3. Should have used a D12-5 instead. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 12/03/11.
QCC Explorermic1brown2012-09-272011-06-06
QCC Explorer landing. LUNAR Snow Ranch Launch, 12/03/11.
QRS - AT-K550 Launch - Ground ViewEMiRsrockets2011-06-262010-04-25
Aerotech K550 Launch 04_2010
Quest Astron IIIMopower712011-12-272011-06-01
Nice straight flight. My first Quest model.
Quest Planet Probe LaunchRocketTCoyote2011-05-292011-05-20
Another model rocket with no moving parts and a great smoke trail. Guaranteed not to drift off the field. Goes 200 feet up on a B6-0 motor. High drag recovery. An aeroshell type model that recalls ...
Quest SuperBird model rocket launch Estes C6-5Evandiego162011-07-132011-07-07
After launching the 'Bird on 4 successful B6-4 motors, I thought I'd give a C6-5 (2x as much power as a B motor) a try. Thrust is longer and flies higher. It was a bit windy out so I pointed the ...
Ram Jet LaunchMontyProductionsInc2011-12-012010-04-15
Recovery of Aereaux.1tgg2011-06-262009-03-07
After a nice flight on F54 white lightning
Recovery of Gizmo XLr1dermon2011-11-062011-10-23
Red Glare XI Chuck's rocketsmooresculpture2011-12-012011-11-26
Hey, its Chuck's rocket!
Red Glare XI King Krakensmooresculpture2011-12-012011-11-26
Pemb Tech King Kraken on a G185, don't blink
Red Glare XI Pac-3 Patriotsmooresculpture2011-12-012011-11-26
2.6" Pac 3 on an F50, listen for the whistle. The rocket was lost on sunday, drifting eastward. If found please contact MDRA. Thank you.
Red Glare XI Pink Flamingosmooresculpture2011-12-012011-11-26
Pink Estes Big Daddy on Aerotech F25W
Red Rocket On F23WKeirAero2011-06-282009-02-01
09-2008 Short Red Rocket - F23W SRB - helpful hint: do not use velcro inside the body tube to connect important rocket parts together, even if the velcro is covered by heat resistant material! As ...
Red Solo Cup RocketGuppiesGoneWild2012-04-172012-01-15
Red Solo Cup Rocket. I call it the Nike Solo.
relaunching LOC ForteRocketmanNX012011-10-052010-03-16
Rex-roc 003.MP4jschubz2011-11-052010-07-21
Rick's "Blunt Scrambler"IdRocketeer2011-08-192011-06-05
I have no idea what a "blunt" is or why you'd want to scramble one, but Rick has a rocket to do the job! :-)
Riptide 26\" Estes Model Rocket LaunchLukeskyyywalkaa2014-01-182013-07-15
I Did this about two years ago and I apologize for not having sound but I didn\'t talk loud enough.
Rising Star on an E18-7WCanberraRocketry2012-02-122011-07-11
Ground view of the 'Rising Star' with on-board video.
Just me. Launching my rocket.
Rocket blast offMattster94362011-08-192011-08-19
Fast blasting
Rocket blast off #2Mattster94362011-08-192011-08-19
Rocket Club LaunchDavidCSchwartz2011-12-062011-11-27
Trial launch with B engine.
Rocket club launch #2DavidCSchwartz2011-12-062011-11-29
B engine
Rocket Club launch #4DavidCSchwartz2011-12-062011-11-28
B6-4 engine
Rocket Days Part 12 - Brianna's brilliant rocketjpinard2011-08-132011-08-10
This launch was amazing. Not only did this huge rocket perform flawlessly, but it had a custom parachute. We fashioned the parachute out of a pillowcase and used floss for the strings. Brianna also ...
Rocket LaunchSetteStudio2011-08-082011-07-19
Poch family lauches their rockets for their pathfinder honor in model rocketry! July 2011.
Rocket Launchrte13152011-08-162011-08-15
A rocket launch with the Estes Quark and Alpha III Rocket Models. I painted the Quark rocket lime green, black, and silver. After launching the Quark, I was unable to find it; however, the Alpha III ...
Rocket launchrichalex20102011-11-192011-09-17
At CATO 177
Rocket launchJon Neely2014-01-182013-12-23
Rocket Launch 7 17 10Rutrag2011-08-282010-07-18
rocket launch in shakopee number 2timgilmore88882011-06-232009-08-26
"Tripoli" rocketeer launches rocket
ROCKET LAUNCH TEST 2MrMALDO7282011-09-202010-08-02
Rocket Launch- e. coli expresslauncheverything2011-08-192011-04-10
The "e. coli express" lifted off, but the motor was too weak (A10-3). I'm working on an upscale version to run on a c6-5. The announcer was hillarious, but the winds drown him out. I'll post the ...
Rocket LaunchingTony190101012011-08-172011-08-17
Rocket Launching (Estes Model Rockets)Andy Limoncelli2014-01-172014-01-03
Today we launched the ESTES "Taser" the "Skywriter" and the "Crossfire"
Rocket Launching at Moffett Fieldcarlinvieri2012-02-202012-02-19
Launching an Estes Big Daddy on an E engine, and an Estes Patriot on a C6 engine, at Moffett Field (hosted by Lunar) on Feb 18, 2012 with the Las Lomitas Rocket Club.
Rocket Launching CZ/ Start 1.WasabiCZ2011-08-072011-08-07
Rocket Launching CZ/ Start 2.WasabiCZ2011-08-072011-08-07
Rocket Launching CZ/ Start 3WasabiCZ2011-08-072011-08-07
Rocket Sundaybozthx2011-07-022011-03-27
March 27 2011, Rockets flying all over Flower Hill, Gaithersburg MD. Sara scaled a 30 ft. tree to retrieve it once. After the 3rd flight, the rocket crashed onto a roof when the 'chute didn't fully ...
Rocketman rocket launch - Father's DayErocko112011-06-242011-06-18
We got my dad a model rocket for Father's day and launched it a good one! Booya!
Three of my model rockets getting launched, apgoee aspire, dynastar, aerotech HV Arcas moded for high power on a G79W-7
Rockets 2010 Part 1JimBassham2011-07-132010-11-29
My Rocket adventures from 2010. This is part one.
The Estes rocket 'Chrome Dome' in action!
Rogue flies again!grreeknick2012-04-032012-03-09
Flight of QModeling Rogue on an Estes E9-4. Even though I had repaired the broken fin from my previous flight, the repaired bird flew as true as it did before my clumsiness wrecked the fin. I notice ...
RTC's Out To LaunchRocketTCoyote2011-10-052011-06-01
Sam's Rocket - Rotated, Trimmed, & StabilizedIdRocketeer2012-02-202011-10-09
First flight of Sam's Wildman Dark Star Mini on a CTI 84-G88-11A
Sarah's Ready to fly rocketMopower712011-12-042011-06-01
Needed to make the shock cord longer, as it mashed the tube over
Saturn Apollo model Rocket Launch Sport EstesRoland Nog2014-01-172013-01-07
This is a model rocket launch on the morning of 1/6/13. Great morning to take out the rockets.
Saturn V at CMASS Launch 11-5-11dlazarus66602011-12-042011-11-06
Saturn V at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 Belonging to TonyPV.
Saucer rocket 29mmcrapsack10002011-05-312011-01-27
Home made saucer rocket on an Aerotech G 76 motor.
Science class rocket launchdomenick462011-05-292011-05-25
We made rockets in science and mr.B let me record us launching it
Science Club Rocket LaunchCjwhite662011-11-242011-11-16
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Scouts model rocket launch - Woomera July 2011lnernut2011-08-082011-07-21
Model Rocket launched during the scout camp help at Woomera.
Scratch build MPR Rocket, Aerotech G79-7W Launch with HARA, Manchester TN 2012brandonppr2012-03-152012-03-11
Body: posterboard Centering Rings and fins: plywood Build Thread: http://www.rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?t=28786
Scratch built rocketpstick2011-06-242010-11-16
this is a scratch built 29mm rocket flying on a Aerotech G77R. Estimated Altitude is 4k feet
Scratch-Built "Skybreaker" Maiden FlightWVEagle812011-11-192010-04-11
This is a 2x upscale of the Sunward Skybender. Taken at the "Field of Dreams" Ultralight Airpark in San Antonio, TX on 8 April 2010.
Screaming MimiFrankenvideo12011-11-042010-11-06
Screaming Mimi on a D12-5. Shock cord attachment (kevlar) broke during descent, shortly after successful parachute deployment. Probably should have used a D12-3; probably the rocket was heading down ...
Second and last C6 engine flightjquiring632011-06-272011-01-27
The launch site was re-established half a footy field north east of the original to prevent the rocket from going near houses. Unfortunately the nose cone was found near the original rocket ...
See Gail Run, Mustang Model Rocket Launchred5marauder2011-06-262009-10-13
Aerotech Mustang rocket launch. I needed a car battery to ignite the motor, and the roar of the rocket was much louder than the little Estes rockets we had been launching. The sound sent poor Gail ...
Semroc "Hydra VII" Maiden FlightWVEagle812011-09-222010-04-11
Launched on only one engine (C6-3) because I didn't have enough power to light more! Didn't go up very far, but was still a spectacular flight. Taken at the "Field of Dreams" Ultralight Airpark in ...
Semroc Centurion flying on an E9-6qquake2k2011-05-292010-05-02
Wes' Semroc Centurion flying on an E9-6.
Semroc hawk failed launchpaulsavia2011-12-292009-07-12
Semroc hawk failed launch
Semroc Magnum Hornetpeter798132011-06-252009-05-25
First three flights, B6-4,B6-4,A8-3
Semroc SLS Hustler E23-5Tnws062232011-06-252009-03-01
Recorded on March 1, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
Semroc SLS Scorpionslamminhotep2011-05-292010-07-20
Semroc SLS Scorpion on an E9-6.
Senior Prank Rocketrocketreviews2011-05-292008-06-05
Video for Scratch Article: www.rocketreviews.com
SJP Engineering Club Rocket Launch Pt.1SpriggsRules2011-08-132011-05-13
This is the first rocket launch by �the SJP engineering club. This rocket was built from a kit and was launched with a type A engine. The rest of the videos are on my channel.
SJP Engineering Club Rocket Launch Pt.3SpriggsRules2011-08-132011-05-14
This was supposed to be our third launch. The rocket was a large plastic one from a kit and was fitted with a type C motor. The launch was not successful at first due to a faulty igniter.
SKS1 : Final Launch - May, 15th 2011MonkVidz2011-08-182011-05-15
The third successful launch of my SKS1 Rocket. Yes, it flew into a neighborhood. There must have been some horrid winds up there. We will never launch this close to civilization EVER AGAIN.
Sky Lofter Rocket FailEstesRocketLauncher2011-08-072011-08-05
Me an my dad attempted to launch my new rocket the sky lofter as you can see it didn't work out to well.
Sky Spikemrgneissguy2011-12-262011-12-10
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Sky Trak. Rocketwainzwhirled2011-08-242011-01-26
This is a cool looking "C" engine rocket from Estes. It comes pre-built. Take it out of the box, plug it into your launch system and fire it off all within a few minutes. Can't beat that!
My scratchbuilt Slipstream on an Aerotech D76 Mojave Green reload at Snow Ranch.
My workhorse rocket, the scratch built Slipstream on a G53 Blackjack. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 04/02/11
Slow motion Estes "Flash" model rocket launchSunshineHobbies2014-01-172013-08-09
Taken with the slow-motion video capture mode on an HTC One. This is an Estes "Flash" model rocket, running a C6-5 motor. Estimates between 950ft and 1100ft ...
Slow Motion Model Rocket Launch Kopernik ObservatoryRoy Williams2014-01-172011-12-02
Slow motion rocket launch from kopernikobservatory.
Slow ignition of a 24mm Aerotech reload. Only went up about half as high as it should have.
SPARROW MK1 TEST FLIGHT.movrolphenstien2012-05-232012-04-15
This is the video of the test flight of the Sparrow mk1 3d printed rocket. as you can see, the initial flight was a success though it sustained damage to several sections due to the heat, several ...
SPONGEBOB ARCAS PANTS 5-1-2010-1/1jfields11132011-12-292010-05-04
Movie uploaded from Samsung Intelli-studio
spongebob flight grissom 10-17_0001.wmvjfields11132011-09-162010-10-18
Sprint auf G64isunk2011-05-312011-01-24
Start meiner BSD Sprint auf Aerotech G64 am 18. September 2004 beim ALRS V in Neuchatel/Schweiz.
Sputnik 1 "giggles"Zetoyoc2011-10-022011-09-19
SS Barracudamic1brown2011-11-022011-05-30
Star Strykermdmax132012-09-192012-04-30
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Starship Vega 2.mp4Frankenvideo12012-06-102012-05-06
Clone of Estes Starship Vega on an Estes B6-4 engine
Start der Estes "Der Red Max"77mysterious2012-09-192012-09-16
Start der Estes "Der Red Max" bei strahlendem Sonnenschein und fast keinem Wind ;)
Steppin Razor on G76 at LUNAR Snow Ranch Mar 3, 2012o1ddude2012-03-092012-03-05
More money going up in smoke! My tube fin rocket "Steppin' Razor" boosting on an Aerotech G76-7 reload. Although it descended slowly under the 30" parachute and landed in a cow pie, it still managed ...
Steppin' Razor (tube fin rocket) on G76-7G Feb 2, 2012o1ddude2012-03-052012-02-06
This is my tube fin rocket "Steppin' Razor" boosting on a G76-7G motor. Nice green exhaust flame, innit? Rocket Science: Making everything else look simple since 1958!
Stiletto-C Failed Launchzcshiner2011-07-022011-06-05
Launch of the Stiletto-C Rocket built from plans of the National Rocketry Association (NAR). nar.org The launch failed due to the wings breaking off.
Stretched 8-foot 3-inch Aerotech Mirage on Cessaroni G80/G88 motorssschnege2011-05-312011-01-31
Successful launches of the stretched Mirage (8' 3" with payload bay). Still shots are from the second launch on a Cessaroni G88 "Skidmark" sparky motor, and the video portion is from the first ...
Successful Model Rocket Launchdadicks2011-07-132010-12-14
Max's first-ever successful launch as a member of LUNAR Launched on 11/11/10 at Snow Ranch, near Farmington, Calif.
Sunward Interplanetary Shuttle Simulationrocketreviews2011-06-232008-08-28
Simulation for review on EMRR www.rocketreviews.com
Super Alphaon D24mic1brown2011-09-042010-09-19
Super Neon XL on E20-7 Jan 14, 2012o1ddude2012-01-202012-01-18
This is my Estes Super Neon XL boosting on an Aerotech E20-7 single use motor. The "up" part went great but the parachute failed to deploy so the "down" part was sub-optimal resulting in a ...
Super Slow Motion Model Rocket BlastoffHarmlessKittyWithUzi2011-12-312011-12-27
The blastoff of a model rocket in super slow motion. Optional Extra Tags: Funny model rocket fail filming estes rockets sickest crash coolest disaster epic rocketry exploding explosion german ...
TAMU AERO 201 Estes Rocket, Spring 2013Stephen Walther2014-01-182013-05-01
TAMU AERO 201 rocket project launch - 5/1/13 Logan Fleming Mitchell mcdonald Lucas Mussina Trevor Robinson Nathan Spositi Patricia Suzuki Stephen Walther.
The Black Knightmrgneissguy2012-04-042012-02-19
On a G38
The Boltqquake2k2011-12-012011-11-13
My scratch built minimum diameter "The Bolt". Its first flight, on a C11-7. SARG launch, 11/12/11.
The Dudeguytogo752012-09-192011-11-06
This is fun stuff, I don't care who you are!
The Jammer Rocketcjb7612011-05-292010-11-29
This is the second launch of the Jammer rocket.
The Mean MachineDreyrden2011-10-052010-03-15
This is Panpi's First Commercial Rocket launch, The Mean Machine. Taking a break from our experimental rocketry, we decided to take a "brief" foray into standard model rocketry, and in the future, ...
The Orange Arrow Rockettlgrimmy2012-03-152012-01-31
Super simple rocket (my very first homemade one). Thought I'd share this to inspire some rocket building from junk lying around the house.
The Rocket!thewizardofrhythm2011-11-042010-09-07
Launching a Semroc OSO on a C6-5 motor. It reached about 1000 feet then deployed the parachute, we found it about 300 meters away stuck on a low branch!
TJ Rocket.mp4ohiomoore12011-08-082011-07-31
TJ & Poppie attend the National Amateur Rocketry Association meet in Lebanon, Ohio July 23, 2011.
To infinity and beyond......jhernandez792011-05-292011-05-19
Estes Model Rocket Launch
Toilet Paper RocketMontyProductionsInc2011-08-272010-04-18
Tom's Big Daddy launchjohnp9942011-06-202010-07-12
Tom's Big Daddy launch at North Devon Rocket Club launch in May
Tony PV TRIFID Rocket at CMASS 11-5-11dlazarus66602012-06-292011-11-06
Tony PV TRIFID Rocket at CMASS 11 5 11 This rocket was featured in Sport Rocketry magazine.
trf_croc - Copyqquake2k2014-01-172012-11-11
The Rocketry Forum Traveling Rocket, the TRF Croc, flying on an Aerotech G53-7J Fast Jack reload. Gave it a nice ride to 2900ft! SARG launch, Rocklin CA, 11/10/12.
Tripoli "Oktoberfest" My launch # 2 - E9-4 MotorAtomTrayC2011-12-072011-10-24
This is my 2nd launch after putting on a new parachute. This is the view from the ground. To see the view from the Thumb Camera, look at my other video. The wind help carry this to land 627 steps ...
Tripoli Rocket Launch 4-18-2009tbuiler2011-05-292009-04-20
Tripoli Rocket launch on 4-18-2009. Kit: NCR Eliminator Motor: Aerotech G75
Trois Duex Crash.avipantherjon12011-11-192010-01-12
Trois Duex flight..Nice up, bad down part. :(
Tube fin E-Pod on E30o1ddude2011-12-042011-11-30
This is my clone of Larry Brand's E-Pod tube fin rocket. Boosting on an E30 single use motor. Rocket Science - Making everything else look simple since 1958!
Two Mars Lander launchesmjaxinnovation2011-06-262010-01-18
This video shows the same Estes Mars Lander rocket launched twice on two different engines. The first launch is launched on an Estes C6 engine. The second on a Aerotech D13 white lightning engine.
Underdog Rocket at CMASS 10-22-11 Launchdlazarus66602012-06-292011-10-25
ScottyDogs Underdog Rocket launching at CMASS on 10-22-2011
Underdog test flightmrgneissguy2011-08-312011-07-13
Unknown Estes rocket1tgg2011-06-262009-03-07
On C6-5
Upscale Estes Asteroid ExplorerVumbleBee2012-03-242012-01-17
Upscale Estes Asteriod Explorer on an Aerotech F21.
Upscale Estes GyrocVumbleBee2011-06-262009-09-04
Upscale Estes Gyroc
Upscale Estes Streak mid-power rocketrbeard22012-03-092012-01-31
Scratch built upscale will fly on "D" through "G" impulse motors. This flight to aprox. 2300 ft.
Upscale of Estes SCRAM at 60 Acres, Redmond WAnortran112012-03-092011-09-13
This is a BT-60 upscale of the classic Estes "SCRAM" rocket. It's 23.5 inches long, uses a 24mm motor (Black powder "D"s only....composite motors would put this thing into orbit.) This is it's ...
V 23 Flight 1 10 15 MPH Windsdarkuboot2011-10-132009-10-24
V2 Mojave Greennootnam2011-10-052009-02-02
Vagabond Aerotech E15 4W and goneFrankenvideo12011-12-262011-11-24
Vagabond Core SampleFrankenvideo12011-09-162011-09-10
Violent AgreementAdrianat4DVdotnet2011-08-302009-08-02
Watch 100 times and STILL laugh! LOLaustinsdream1232011-08-162011-08-15
We flew an estes rocket today and it went horribly wrong and landed in the trees! LOL ''Keep on laughing'' Austin Davert USA :)
Who's Your Daddyqquake2k2012-06-292012-02-19
Who's Your Daddy landing on his homemade 32" chute. Even got a thumbs up from Kit at the end! SARG Launch, February 18, 2012.
wildchild rocket launch F40-7wKAhobbies1112011-11-202011-10-21
My Wildman rocketry wildchild flying on an aerotech F40-7w. I should have used a shorter delay.
estes farsideCMGvsMTB2011-08-082011-06-26
Estes Interceptor RocketCMGvsMTB2011-08-082011-06-26
Estes Maxi Alpha 3 First FlightCMGvsMTB2011-08-132011-06-26
Estes Photon Disrupter II and Red River Rocketry Redstar Model Rocket launchEpicConspiracy2011-06-262011-05-01
Launching The Estes Shuttle ExpressEstesRocketLauncher2011-08-182011-07-25
Me and my dad launching our new Estes rocket the shuttle express.
6 inch Flying Saucerartvanapple2011-07-042008-05-01
Art Applewhite Rockets 6 inch Original Flying Saucer with an Aerotech D13W motor. www.artapplewhite.com
Awesome Launch of the PatriotCMStudios72011-06-262008-05-28
This is the launch of the six foot long Patriot. (Was originally seven foot but it crashed. Running off a G-48 it reached 600 ft.
Estes 2178 Hi-Flier Flying Model Rocket Kitmonika gong2014-01-172012-07-10
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006N6NDY/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=ipipapipacip3-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0006N6NDY Estes...
Estes D-Squared1tgg2011-07-132009-03-07
Only one D12 ignited. Still made good landing.
Launch Of Delta 16 Model RocketNewFrontierRocketry2011-06-192007-06-14
Launch of semi-scale model of the Boeing Delta rocket.
Frank G flying a MADCOW rocket kit
Model Rocket Alititude Trackerapogeerockets2011-08-302010-12-14
ow to track a model rocket to find out how high it flew. This video will show you how to optically track a rocket's flight, and how to figure out from angular measurement the peak altitude. It is a ...
Physics experiment - Rocket launch analysis4nticipate2011-05-312009-12-01
The video isn't very precise in detail. Mainly for the general idea and I wanted to upload a video lol. It includes engine thrust profile recording and launch itself.
Semroc Hawkpaulsavia2011-05-312009-07-12
Estes SR-71 Blackbird
Wart-Hog LaunchDaveHein2011-07-042007-08-18
Launch of an Aerotech Wart-Hog at the AARG lauch site at Hutto, Texas on August 18, 2007.

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