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Location: Albuquerque, NM

Certification Level: L3CC NAR, L3 TAP Tripoli

Club Memberships: ARS,NAR,Tripoli

Favorite Rockets: Any V-2 and most scale rockets

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Estes Mk-109


Great flight but the shock cord broke during the recovery. All parts were recovered but the shock cord is about 20 years old and needs to be replaced since it is a little brittle. No damage to the rocket. - B6-4 - NCR [More]

Public Enemy V-2 Special Display


Great flight and recovery. The rocket weather cocked a little and upon landing cracked a few of the fin fillets but still structurally sound. Used a Sperachute 48" parachute and could possibly use a little larger one. - I200-M - NCR [More]

Corporal E


Great flight and recovery. Landed about 100 yards away from the launch pad. Perfect dual deployment. - L851 - NCR [More]

V-2 #47


Great flight and recovery. A little breezy day and rocket weather cocked a little. - E9-4 - NCR [More]

Quest Aerobee-Hi


Great flight and recovery - A8-3 - NCR [More]

LOC/Precision V2 (3.9


Great flight. A little early on the delay but I had to drill out the ejection charge and probably went a little too much. The delay grain was for 7 seconds but I was closer to 4 seconds. The recovery still went well with no noticeable damage. - G64-7 - NCR [More]

Public Missiles D-Region Tomahawk


Great flight but definitely needs a much more powerful motor. Dual parachute deployment worked great. I did crack one of the fins on landing due to the breezy conditions. Easily fixed and will fly again. - H210-ALTIM - NCR [More]

Estes Silver Comet


Weather cocked a lot due to breezy conditions and had a high speed recovery. The shock cord broke and the booster crashed and broke apart. Pretty much a total loss of the booster. The nosecone and stripped parachute were recovered. One good thing is that the tail cone can be used to build another ... [More]

Atlantic Rockets - V2 (ARCRK)


Great flight and recovery! Rocket weather cocked a little due to the breezy conditions. The motor took three ignitors to get off the pad. The first one was a copper head which is always a hit or miss. The next two tried where the QuickBurst Twiggy motor starters of which the first one popped out ... [More]


Estes V2


Great flight and recovery! - D12-3 - CRASH [More]


Scratch Interceptor L (Scratch)


( Contributed - by William Beggs - 11/24/08) Brief: What do you get when you combine an Aveeno lotion bottle and an Estes Interceptor rocket kit? Well, you get my entry for the "Design this Spaceship" contest. The name I am giving my design is "Interceptor L" with ... [More]


Aerospace Speciality Products Corporal (24mm) (Kit)


Brief : The Corporal is one of Aerospace Speciality Products (ASP) scale rocket kits. I have built all of ASP’s V-2’s and found this kit to be just as enjoyable to build. This particular kit is the 24mm motor tube version and is a 1:22.5 scale version of the U.S. Army’s ... [More]


Scratch Hermes A-3A Missile (Scratch)


( Contributed - by William Beggs - 03/10/08) Brief: My "Scale" project is going to be the Hermes A-3A Missile. Most people have never seen this rocket which makes it a perfect candidate for this particular contest. The original Hermes A-3 project called for a liquid-fue ... [More]


Scratch ASP-1 (Scratch)


( Contributed - by William Beggs- 02/17/08) Brief: My upscale project is the ASP sounding rocket. Modeled after the Model Products Corporation (MPC) ASP-1, which has a body diameter of 0.591" and is offered by FlisKits. My project has a diameter of 1.315" which makes it ... [More]


Scratch Pringles Recycled Rocket Project (PRRP) (Scratch)


I have wanted to build a rocket out of a Pringles can for a long time now and I finally got the opportunity with this recycle contest. Materials: Pringles can for body tube Pringles lid and snow cone paper cup for nose cone Garcia & Vega plastic cigar case for the body tube ... [More]


Scratch Avenger (Scratch)


Brief: This is my attempt at designing and building a retro Spaceship that closely resembles one of the displays that CoolRockets has. The one I decided to replicate was the “Streamliner”. Since this is my first time attempting this I figured this design was fairly basic. The name I ... [More]


Giant Leap Rocketry Elipse (Kit)


Brief: This is Giant Leap Rocketry's entry into the “sport kit” class of rockets. It's touted as the most advanced kit in rocketry. The Elipse is a 3” diameter rocket that stands 78” tall and is not a design you are use to seeing at a regular club launch. Its fins ... [More]

William Beggs


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