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Scratch - Zoom Broom from Baby Bertha {Scratch}

Contributed by Steve Lindeman

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Published: 2014-01-07
Manufacturer: Scratch
Style: Goonybird


Zoom Broom was the 1st of my Goonybird clones modified for 18mm motors as a result of being kit bashed from a Baby Bertha.


Starting with a Baby Bertha kit (EST 1261) that I purchaced at my local Hobby Lobby, all components except the balsa wood and decals were used to make this build. While at hobby Lobby I also purchaced a 3/32"x4"x36" sheet of balsa for cutting the new fins for the Zoom Broom and the next three Goonies that I had planed to build (Cloud Hopper, Missle Toe, and Sky Shriek in that order). 


Before the actuall construction began I went to and download the plans. I then printed out the decals on plain printer paper so I could get an idea on how long the BT-60 tube was supposed to be. I read somewhere that all the goonies were approx. 8" long so after measuring the NC I cut the BT-60 tube down to 5 1/2". I then checked the decals against the BT and the picture in the plans and they looked about right. From there I then used the fin patterens to cut new fins. After they were cut out and paper coated I then followed the Estes plans for the Zoom Broom with the exception of the MM which was replaced with the 18mm Baby Bertha mount.


Finishing was done with entire rocket getting two coates of Rust-0leum 2x white primmer with sanding between coats. NC was then removed and given two coats of Krylon Gloss Red while the rest of the rocket got two coats of Krylon Gloss White. Decal sheet was then sprayed with two coats of Krylon Clear and everthing was then left to air dry overnight. The following day all decals were trimmed from paper and glued on with a glue stick. After allowing glue to set for a couple of hours entire rocket got two more coats of Dupli-Color Clear EFFEX and then set outside to dry.

Zoom Broom Glamour Shot

Construction Score: 5


Maiden flight was on 09/09/2007 at a J.M.R.C. club launch at M.I.S.(Michigan International Speedway for those of you who are not from Michigan) on a B6-4 and was text book perfect. Remaining flights have been on B6-4's or B4-4's. Haven't had the nerve to try it on a C6-7 as it gets high enough on the B's.

 Zoom Broom on a B6-4

Maiden Flight on a B6-4. Man it's fast off the pad!


While there is not a lot of room for a paracute and dog barf in this little flier it can be done. Recovery is accomplished by standard Estes parachute that comes with the Baby Bertha kit.

Flight Rating: 5


Pros: Its a Goony Bird. Most people either love 'em or hate 'em. Me, I got bit bad and forsaw a whole fleet of different Goonies.

Cons: Its a Goony Bird.

Overall Rating: 5
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