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Cody Smith

AKA: codysmith

Location: Rumney, NH

Certification Level: Jr. L1 NAR, TMP TRA

Club Memberships: MMMSC, KARS

Favorite Rockets: LOC IV


Hi all, I started getting involved in rocketry in 2009 when my 6th grade science teacher introduced me to estes kits. I flew those for many years until I discovered the idea of high power rocketry in 2013. In fall of 2013 I got my first HPR kit, the LOC IV, and built it over the winter. In April of 2014, I flew my LOC IV on a H123-7 to an altitude of ~1,300 ft. Now I am in the process of building other rockets and getting more involved.

Favorite Quote:

"Dude!!! You better be careful with those rockets before you blow yourself up" -my step-dad's friend as he saw me prepping an A8-3 :)

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