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John R, Brandon III

Location: Lampasas, Texas, USA

Favorite Rockets: My Estes Interceptors...the standard and the E


  I cannot be called a BAR, since that means I came back after an absence from the hobby! I just turned 53 and I built my first two model rockets when I was 11. I'm still building, flying, learning, and teaching the rocketry know-how I have.

  In the last five years I have expanded to include rocket motors burning APCP instead of black gunpowder; my APCP fleet now consists of an Aerotech Warthog, an Aerotech Arreaux, and a 200% upscale of the Estes Orbital Transport which will fly on an F-impulse motor.

  I may or may not go's a budget issue and I can learn everything I could learn doing Level 1 and 2 (possibly 3) high-power with G-impulse motors or smaller. This decision is subject to change,

  My particular interest is in futuristic rockets, with a strong minor in scale models. I have a vintage Estes Saturn V I'm waiting for an auspicious moment to launch (the anniversary of a real Apollo mission) on an Aerotech D-case APCP reloadable motor.

Favorite Quote:

  If it won't move, add a bigger motor! If it STILL won't move...CLUSTER! Pages:


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DJI Phantom 4 Pro-All-in-one Professional Aerial Filmmaking.