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How to Make Scale Decals

This technique shows a simple way to make correctly sized decals for downscaled/upscaled rockets. The first step is to obtain a scan of the original rocket's decals. Once they are obtained, open it in a picture editor. A common editor like Paint will work fine. In this case, the decal will be resized to fit a BT-5 downscale of the Estes M-104 Patriot. Now the scale factor must be obtained. A simple way to find out what it is: take the diameter of the downscaled/upscaled rocket and divide it by the diameter of the original rocket. Convert it into a percent. In Paint, go to Image and then Resize/Skew.


In the resizing section, enter the percent obtained earlier (make sure the percent is rounded to the nearest integer – Paint will not accept decimals) in both Horizontal and Vertical.


Now, click OK. The resizing is now successful and now can be printed and applied the rocket.

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Contributed by Josh Joung

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