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Wayne Hubbard

Location: Placerville, CA

Certification Level: L2 NAR

Club Memberships: NAR ROCKONN

Favorite Rockets: Rocketry Warehouse Mad Dog 6


I am a Level 2 rocketeer, president and founder of the Rocketry Organization of Northern Nevada (ROCKONN).  Although I no longer live in Nevada, I still go there to conduct launches at Artesia Salt Flat.  My wife, Janie Carpender, is a Kindergarten teacher and each year I put on a rocket science presentation to the kindergartners which includes building and launching their own rockets.  I have about a dozen rockets; my biggest one is a Rocketry Warehouse Broken Arrow 4 (8') and my smallest is an Estes Quark (5").  My highest flight as of 9/1/2016 is 5898 feet.  My goal is to obtain my Level 3 NAR certification.  I enjoy building ROCKSIM design files.

Favorite Quote:

I yam what I yam (Popeye the Sailor-man)

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