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Blast FromThe Past

MPC Lunar Patrol Clone Part 1
Way back in 1974, during the fledgling days of my model rocket career, I placed an order with Model Products Corporation for some rocket kits and engines. The order included the Flatcat, a Flare Patriot, a Theta-Cajun, and a Lunar Patrol. The latter intrigued me because of the pair of delta-wing ...
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MPC Lunar Patrol, Part 2
To start off this build, I must get ahold of a set of Lunar Patrol plans. Since there is a proliferation of this sort of thing on the Wonderful World Wide Web, this part of the build was easy. Looking at the copy of this kit instruction sheet really brought back some memories from 1974! Wing, fin, ...
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MPC Lunar Patrol, Part 5
Today's post covers some progress on three different sections of the model. 1. Gliders - The wing elevators have now been attached to give the gliders a little negative incidence. As soon as the joints are cleaned up and smoothed out, the wings will get a final overall finish sanding. 2. A small ...
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