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Steve Shade's Doppler Shift

Giant Leap's NEW Doppler Shift.

A 2.6 inch Magna Frame, 54mm Motor, Near minimum diameter ACME Fin Canister Rocket.

With "Fin-ders" They are machined wood Stringers that fit over the fins to minimize fin fillets,

They give it a Unique streamlined look.

The Fin Can is completely inside the airframe! Infact the Fin Can acts as the rear centering ring!

Dual Deploy, 18" Drogue & 48" Main chutes. (Included in Kit)

Slimline, AV-Bay with Sled & All the hardware needed.

Detailed Instruction Manual!

Everything included in the kit to really make it "Almost Ready to Fly"!

Build in a few hours & fly 24hours later! (JB Weld needs to cure for at least 24 hours)

Doppler Shift Rocksim Design File

Download NamOwecereima

To use the design file above, you need Rocksim which is avaliable from Apogee's website.

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