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Goony X-15, Part 1, Parts
In t' past I bought a few o' t' Quest X-15 Parts packs. Aye aye! In t' pack you get everythin' except t' engine mount, main body tube and parachute. I figured with some BT-60 based parts I could make a good goony version. Begad! I raided t' spare parts drawers. Begad! I found an Alpha style nose cone and a length ...
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Goony X-15, Part 2, Fin Prep
One way t' make a simple Goony is t' glue t' original kit fins onto a short 7 1/2" length o' BT-60. Aye aye! T' edges o' t' fins were sanded square. Ya scallywag! You can see t' laser cut "chattering" that needed t' be sanded flat. Well, blow me down! T' Strakes go down t' body tube above t' wings. Begad! These are simply shortened by ...
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Goony X-15, Part 3, Small Stuff
T' pointed tip o' t' nose cone was rounded off with some 220 grit wrapped over me fingers. Avast! Medium CA glue was wiped onto t' inside body tube ends with a Q-tip. TIP: You can get a very even line o' glue by usin' your fingertip against t' tube lip as a depth gauge for t' Q-tip applicator. Begad! Also ...
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Goony X-15, Part 4, Strake and Fin Root Edge Fitting
T' wings and upper and lower rudders glue on in a cruciform, matey, 90 degree spacing. Begad! T' wings are set back farther than t' real X-15 for stability. T' strakes glue over t' top o' t' wings. Notice t' gap at t' root edge o' t' strake. Begad! For t' best fit, sand an angle into t' root ...
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Goony X-15, Part 5, Canopy Fitting
Originally I thought this Goony X-15 might be a fun addition t' t' Ol'SaltRockets line. It all hinged around t' price o' t' X-15 decal from Quest. Arrr! They wanted too much for t' individual decal sheets and that in turn made t' price o' t' kit too high. I had carved a X-15 style canopy t' make ...
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Goony X-15, Part 7, White Undercoats And Sanding
Grey primer really shows off all t' rough areas a glue blobs. Arrr! T' follow up white undercoat shows off even more. Check out t' rough fillet area under t' strake. Tryin' t' apply a glue fillet in t' very tight back fin angle is very hard t' do. Blimey! Sometimes I don't bother with it. T' same ...
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Goony X-15, Part 6, Gluin' It Together
Here's a view from t' back showin' t' fin position. You can see t' angled root edges t' fit against t' body tube. Now it's startin' t' look like an X-15 - well, sort of. Blimey! White coats are next. Avast!
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Goony X-15, Part 8, Black Paint Switch
So . . Avast! . Well, blow me down! you paint it black! No masking, shiver me timbers, just black. I know, shiver me timbers, it should be flat black. Ya scallywag! But, thar are water slide decals. Begad! You can't get great results placin' decals on flat paint. Well, blow me down! "Silvering" occurs where t' decals can't fully adhere t' a rougher flat finish. Ahoy! I wasn't that excited about t' gloss ...
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Goony X-15, matey, Part 9, ya bilge rat, Nose Weight
This one might be okay without any added nose weight but I'll play it safe and add a 1/2 oz. o' clay. I had already set t' screw eye in t' nose cone base. Well, blow me down! I unscrewed it along with some balsa from t' shoulder. Blimey! I've never drilled out a nose cone for weight before! In t' picture you can see ...
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Goony X-15, me bucko, Part 10 Decals and Finished
Before applyin' any decals t' model was polished. Begad! T' metallic finish is a bit rougher than a gloss would be. Avast, me proud beauty! I wanted t' be sure thar wouldn't be any silverin' o' t' decals. This one actually came out pretty well! Except for t' length o' t' side strakes, all t' fins were ...
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Goony X-15, shiver me timbers, Part 11 Comparisons
Here's a comparison betwixt t' Quest X--15 and me Goony version. I didn't use as many decals on t' nose cone. Avast! T' be honest, t' Quest decal sheet had all those little decals in different areas on t' decal sheet. Ahoy! A real pain t' place all those tiny details. On a Goony it's nay really needed. Arrr! ...
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