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MPC X2 Invader Build, Background
Why another MPC branded model? I needed some ST-7 tubing and are the only vendor left that carries it. The MPC kits are on clearance at $5.00. The box still proclaims: "Flys up to 260 feet!" Every different model design in the MPC lineup says the same thing. My MPC Red Giant ...
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MPC X2 Invader Build, Part 1, Parts
The parts were actually pretty good. The tube one the left is flipped upside down, Marvin Martian should be at the bottom. I was glad to see the NAR Membership Application included. Those tiny black nozzles would be easy to misplace. The main body tube feels like its made of convolute ...
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MPC X2 Invader Build, Part 2, Engine Mount
I replaced the engine hook with one of my own. The kit didn't include an engine block. I added a 5/20 centering ring for an engine block. The engine hook end was slipped through a slot cut into the tube end. Just enough Scotch tape was pressed over the hook to hold it into place. Too much tape ...
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MPC X2 Invader Build, Part 3, Fin Can
An elastic shock cord was tied to the Kevlar. The entire shock cord was rolled up and stuffed into the engine mount tube. Before gluing the fin can into the tube, line up the pre-printed tube graphics so the Marvin art and rocket name are positioned between two fin slots. In the right side ...
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MPC X2 Invader Build, Part 4, Ends and Edges
The blow molded nose cone did have some seams. I did my best to smooth them out but didn't do any seam filling. Heck, it's only a five dollar rocket. I'm not going that crazy with this one. I don't know why this picture came out orange. The attachment hole needed to be cleared for tying ...
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MPC X2 Invader Build, Part 5, Stickers! I Hate Stickers
These kits were designed for a young builder so stick-on decor is supplied. I never understood why kit vendors assume kids can't apply water-slide decals. I was building plastic models when I was five and using water slides. They may not have been set down straight but they weren't impossible ...
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MPC X2 Invader Build, Finished
Here's another strange one from MPC, Round 2 models. A quick build, taking a bit longer than the "Build and Fly in One Hour!" claim on the box. The questionable recommended engines and altitude predictions make you wonder who was doing the flight testing. Still a great value at $5.00 why they ...
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