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Nike Goon Build, Part 1, Background and Parts
Goony conversions are somewhat based on the Estes Goonybirds from 1973. They were short, goofy BT-60 based models that flew on 13mm "T" engines. Excelsior Rockets brought out new 18mm plan kits that included instructions and decals. These new Goonys weren't flying brooms and fish but were based on ...
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Nike Goon Build, Part 2, Scaling to a BT-60
I found this picture at, from a build and review by Matthew Bond. This is the Goony version designed and produced by Excelsior Rocketry. I didn't have the Excelsior plan/decal set and I'm not trying to make an exact copy of the Excelsior model. There are a few Baby Bertha kits in ...
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Nike Goon Build, Part 3, Fins
I wasn't able to fit the low, larger fins onto the kit balsa sheet. The Nike Goon fin pattern was traced on the Baby Bertha fins. The excess was cut off and glued onto the larger piece. Look close to see how the fin was pencil traced onto the pieced together wood. Here's one of the four fin sets ...
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Nike Goon Build, Part 5, Engine Mount
On the Goony models the engine mount is set in farther up in the body tube. This puts the center of gravity forward and makes for better stability. The bottom bend of the engine hook is even with the bottom of the BT-60 tube. It'd be too hard to tie the Kevlar line around the back end of the ...
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Nike Goon Build, Part 4, Centering Rings
These rings must have come from an older kit, these were die-cut, not laser cut. Before punching out the centering rings they were marked for replaceable Kevlar. Pencil marks were made on opposite sides of the rings. Test holes were punched to check the diameter fit of the Q-tip straw. Here's how ...
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Nike Goon Build, Part 6, Same Kit Differences
The two Nike Goons under construction were made from two different Baby Bertha kits. Both had the same face card but they were obviously from two different runs. At first the nose cones looked the same. The cone on the left had very little molding seam, if any. The cone on the right had seam ...
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Nike Goon Build, Part 7, Fin Gluing (Lots Of Fins)
I tend to sand off most of the primer/filler before things are glued together. Here I'm scraping the glue areas for a better bond. The fin root scraped area is a little wider than the 3/32" thick fins so the fillet will also stick well. On some Goons the fins overhand the back of the body tube. On ...
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Nike Goon Build, Part 8, Black Trim
Home print black decals are a bit translucent on white paint. After transfer they sometimes look like a very dark gray. I decided to hand cut the pieces from Contact Blackboard Covering material. To see it online, CLICK HERE I've used it many times before, a single roll goes a long way. Its very ...
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Nike Goon Build, Part 9, Black Trim
Here's the smaller fins. A strip was set between the two fin triangles to keep the cuts in line. Interesting thing about the trim. Down the root edge there is a thin white line. The squares set on the body tube are separate pieces. You don't have to worry about tucking the vinyl into the root ...
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Nike Goon Build, Part 10, Added Paint Weight?
I'm a sport flyer and don't pay much attention to the weight of paint. Daniel Petrie (The Rocket N00b) did some great articles about paint and how the weight can effect performance. To visit his blog and those write-ups: http: ...
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Nike Goon, Finished
This was a fun build. I didn't know if the complicated trim vinyl would work. There are still some water slide decals to go on, a vertical red U.S. GOONY on the upper body and maybe a NIKE G on two lower fins. I won't use up a full sheet for something this small. The Goonys are great small field ...
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Nike Goon Follow-Up With Decals
Did you ever finish a model and wish you had done a few things differently? As I usually do, I made two of the Nike Goons. One to fly, the other to sell on Ebay. On the left is the first try using the black trim. This is the model I've flown twice already, I'm keeping this one. On the right is the ...
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