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Ol'SaltRockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 1, Parts
T' new Ol'SaltRockets F-16 kit is almost ready! T' fins have been laser cut and almost all t' parts are here. After t' instructions are drawn up you should build a model usin' them t' be sure everythin' works and check t' fit o' t' water slide decals on t' laser cut fins. Arrr! T' be honest, me hearties, ...
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Ol'SaltRockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 2, me hearties, Wings and Bombs
T' wings and fins are t' same parts used in t' Ol'SaltRockets F-16 kit. Avast! T' wings and rudder are two piece. T' forward strake is glued t' t' leadin' edge o' t' win' and both leadin' edges are rounded. Well, blow me down! T' outside and trailin' edges remain square. Avast, me proud beauty! Here I'm knockin' off t' leadin' edge ...
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Ol'SaltRockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 3, Engine Mount - TIP
Boy, I really need t' buy some 20/60 rings! This isn't t' first time I've had t' make me own. Well, blow me down! TIP: T' next time you are at a framin' store, ask if they have any scrap mat material. It's perfect for centerin' rings or fiber fins. It's thicker than t' centerin' rin' material you'd find in a kit. Begad! ...
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Ol'SaltRockets Goony G-16 Build, matey, Part 4, Details
On most short Goonys you recess t' engine mount t' move t' C/G forward. T' mount was pressed in until t' low bend on t' engine hook was even with t' bottom o' t' BT-60 tube. Begad! Here I'm applyin' and smoothin' t' aft fillet with a Q-tip. Begad! Both inside ends o' t' main airframe tube got a wipe ...
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Ol'SaltRockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 5, Wings, Fins and Bomb Gluing
After fillin' t' balsa parts with CWF and smooth sanding, me bucko, all t' parts were taped down t' a scrap piece o' cardboard for a good shot o' primer/filler. Well, blow me down! Shoot one side, flip them over and shoot t' other side. Ahoy! Here's a win' and small sub fin after sandin' off most o' t' primer/filler. Arrr! There's nay ...
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Ol'SaltRockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 6, me hearties, Canopy
Here's how t' canopy looks from t' Odd'l F-16 kit. You have t' trim and sand t' bottom t' best fit t' curvature o' t' nose cone. Begad! Blimey! It's nay as hard as it sounds. Begad! Blimey! Along t' bottom o' t' canopy is a edge recess. Avast! Blimey! T' see t' line you will cut, shiver me timbers, a ballpoint pen line is drawn down t' ...
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Ol'SaltRockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 7, Canopy Continued
After flexin' t' scored line back and forth it should crack on t' cut. Well, blow me down! If it doesn't easily crack, me bucko, go back and lightly score t' line again. Arrr! Don't pull or tear t' sides off, me hearties, score and crack! T' edges could be a bit rough, especially around t' front and rear. Notice t' pen lines are still ...
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Ol'SaltRockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 8, White Paint and a Fix TIP
This is an easy one t' paint, it's all gloss white. After one coat I sanded down any rough fillets and glue blobs. Begad! T' keep paint out o' t' front end o' t' tube a wrap o' maskin' tape went on t' inside end. T' nose cone be painted separately because t' Rusto 2X seems t' take much longer t' ...
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Ol'SaltRockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 10, me bucko, Nose Cone Divot Touchup - TIP
T' canopy is glued in place usin' CA glue. CA glue can get brittle over time. I'd recommend addin' a bit around t' edges every once in a while t' keep it secured. T' canopy decal strips were overhangin' t' sides after t' decals dried. these are trimmed off usin' a razor blade. Look at t' ...
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Ol'SaltRockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 9, me bucko, Decals TIP
I always read o' water slide decals problems. Arrr! Some builders dread them and won't even try t' apply a decal. Ya scallywag! In me Ol'SaltRockets kits I include "Extras" or practice decals. Start with those smaller extras first! It's temptin' t' apply t' largest, most colorful decals but save them for last after ...
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Ol'SaltRockets Goony G-16 Build, Finished
This was much better than buildin' another F-16 prototype! I like Goonys. If t' regular Odd'l F-16 sells well I might brin' this one out as a companion model. Ya scallywag! What do you think? Is it worthwhile t' produce as a kit? I had two stable flights with a B6-4 and C6-5 last Saturday. Avast! A quarter ounce o' ...
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