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Bell X-1 (1/20) Glamorous Glennis Rocksim Design File

Comments: Changes to the original include: Plywood on top and bottom of balsa core for wings Half-round hardwood leading edge for wings CyA impregnated vertical and horizontal stabilizers to increase stiffness Colour scheme is early 6063 NACA 'X'-plane bright, flat white with yellow band with black border and black old NACA logo on top quarter of vertical stabilizer, black NACA letters on starboard wing top, USAF marking on port top, alterante for bottom, three balck 'X' markings on each side of fuselage (two for of wing and one aft each side), USAF logo on rear fuselage each side (75% scale of USAF wing logos), NOTE: hoizontal stabilizer will be placed through vertical stabilizer on flying model and not through fuselage as depicted in RockSIM 8. This will affect flight dynamics somewhat by pushing the model to the hoizontal over time as CP moves off-central roll axis and up the vertical stabilizer.

Designer: Larry Brand - 09/07/06

Download scratch_bell_x_1_v2.rkt

To use the design file above, you need a copy of Rocksim, a rocket design and simulation program.

Kit Name: Scratch - Bell X-1 (1/20) Glamorous Glennis {Scratch}

CG: 8.0000 inches from front
CP: 11.3210 inches from front
Margin: 1.28

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