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Paint Design Effect Finish (Stars)

Here is a simple way of adding an effect onto a rocket that is easy to do, but looks quite good.

I’ve just finished building a Khufu’s Pyramid, and after its maiden flight it got a bit dirty, high winds dragged the pyramid when it landed over earth for a bit.

The paint finish was plain - all yellow, so I thought I’d spray paint it a new design.

Most rockets rely on decal to give colour, and these can chip or flake with time. Painting in a design is time consuming, and you are usually limited to straight lines etc from the masking tape.

Here’s what I did.

  1. Take the bare model and spray it what ever colour you want.
  2. Add some children’s stickers to the model – in this case stars.
  3. Mask off any area you don’t want spraying.
  4. Spray over the sticker.
  5. When dry remove the stickers with a blade.
  6. The stickers can then be reapplied to another surface if needed for contrast.

Stickers Stickers


Painted Painted



Contributed by Matt Gillard

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