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Mini Higgs build, part 1
I dug into the build at the very best place to start - at the very beginning, which in this case is the motor mount. This is not so different than any other LPR mount. It includes rings (squares in this case), a motor clip, motor block, etc. The mount also has two normal round rings to hold the ...
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Mini Higgs build, part 2
The fin units have tabs that fit into precut slots. I put them on with the Trim and Molding glue, No fuss no muss. The standoff for the upper launch lug also mounts this way. The nose cone consists of eight interlocking pieces and also is easy to assemble. Once the glue is dry, the ends of both ...
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Mini Higgs build, part 3
This morning, I completed the nose cone assembly. This consisted of attaching the top, bottom and tip pieces, sanding & filling, sanding the shoulder to fit, and then attaching said shoulder. I found my Fill'n'Finish had dried out. The lid seemed tight but it was old and mostly used up. My ...
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Mini Higgs Build, part 4
The build is complete except for the last piece of the recovery harness. The kit comes with a thin tubular elastic cord that connects the nose cone to the Kevlar cord. I'm contemplating adding a thicker and longer elastic strap. I also went ahead and added a 3/16" lug. The 1/8" square lugs probably ...
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