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ASM-1 Rocksim Design File

Contributed by Marlin Meyer

Comments: ASM-1 (TYPE 80) AIR-to-GROUND MISSILE (JAPAN) The Japanese ASM-1 Missile is designed primarily as an air-launched coastal defense weapon. In practice, it could be used against a variety of surface targets, including ships, truck convoys, light armored vehicles, buildings and bridges. With the addition of a solid-fuel booster stage, this missile is also used as part of the ground-launched SSM-1 system. Painted half red, half yellow. Grey nose cone

Designer: Marlin Meyer September, 2010

Download scratch_asm-1bt-80.rkt

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CG: 16.2758 inches from front
CP: 20.7779 inches from front
Margin: 1.71

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