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Entac Rocksim Design File

Contributed by Kevin McQuown

Modeled from


Entac US Army name


Basic Data
Mission anti-tank missile
Developed by France
Deployed by Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Indo, Indonesia, Morroco, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, USA
Service French Army
Development Year early 1950s
Deployment Year 1957
Targets armored vehicles(tanks)
Platform man-portable, M151 jeep(US Army)
Launcher simple box-like launcher
Number manufactured 140,000
Design French government: DTAT(Direction Techniqu des Armaments Terrestres)
Manufacturer Nord Aviation, Paris
Specification / Performance
Length 82cm
Body Diameter 15.2cm
Wing/Fin span 37.5cm
Launch Weight 12.2kg, 37.5kg(with launcher)
Range 400-2,000m
Speed 85m/sec

Propulsion solid propellant
Warhead 4.1kg HE shaped charge(penetrate up to 65cm of armor
Guidance wire-guided via joystick

(scale shows 1 meter)


Download Entac.rkt

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CG: 10.7878 inches from front
CP: 11.6903 inches from front
Margin: 0.28 Marginal

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